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Wonderful DIY Butterfly Footprint Artwork

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Doing butterfly footprint creation is a fun experience. It becomes all the more pleasurable if you involve your babies or kids in this simple canvass work. Anyone who loves to bring homemade gifts to someone celebrating a special occasion will certainly go for this unique artistry.

Materials to be used include rainbow stamp pad, card stock, marker, and picture frame. Of course, remember you also need the wiggly feet of your baby or kid. The rainbow stamp pad is non-toxic which makes it generally safe to use in babies.

Make sure that your baby or kid is in a very good mood so your butterfly footprint won’t result in a very messy colour combination. Once you have stamped those chubby feet, just hold them still before pressing the colour marks slowly on the card stock.

When the footprints are beautifully stamped, you can use your creativity to put antennas and maybe the name of your baby if you decide to keep it. Otherwise, you can choose to write the name of the person who will receive this awesome gift.

To make it appear like it’s done professionally, put your beautiful creation inside a picture frame. This way, the butterfly footprint artwork can be placed on top of the shelf or can also be installed on the wall.VIEW IN GALLERYButterfly Footprint Artwork