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15 Plush and Cute DIY Throw Pillows Ideas

When it comes to home décor, some people we know prefer a very streamlined, modern effect throughout their home. We find that, while absolutely stunning and always impressive, these rooms don’t always involve many soft surfaces. We’re the complete opposite! In our home, you’ll find a soft surface just about anywhere because we’re so obsessed with throw pillows. Besides how cute the designs can look and how comfortable they usually are, we love throw pillows because we can make them ourselves, and you know we’re always excited about a good crafting opportunity.

Just in case you share our throw pillow enthusiasm but you could use a hand when it comes to design ideas, check out this list of 15 awesome DIY throw pillows that will make sure your place stays looking cozy and welcoming!

1. Burlap pillow with fabric flowers


Before we saw this tutorial, we’d never thought of making a pillow out of burlap before. The burlap we’d experienced was always very rough, like the unprocessed material you’d find a potato sack made out of. Craftionary taught us, however, that much softer burlap can be found and even though it definitely still has texture, it’s also so awesome for a rustic chic décor scheme that it’s completely worth working with. We adore the way this tutorial shows you how to add wonderful red blossoms all over the front of the pillow to give the burlap a bit of a glam contrast.

2. Felt butterfly pillows


Making a pillow out of plain felt is nice, soft, and rather simple, but it might not make for the most interesting looking décor when you’re all finished. That’s why we loved how Ruffles & Stuff added these adorable little cut out felt butterflies all across the front as well! We quite enjoy the way they chose a few different colours to stick out amongst the white butterflies that match the background, but you could also easily do all of your elements here in different colours for a wilder look.

3. Freezer paper photo pillow


Have you always loved the special look of those photo memory pillows and blankets people often give their family members as nostalgic Christmas presents, but you’re always determined to find a DIY way to make things whenever you can, rather than just having things printed at a store? In that case, you’ll love learning about how Jai Hart used freezer paper to do a photo transfer onto fabric in order to make an awesomely personal customized throw pillow.

4. Layered ruffle circle pillow


Perhaps you’re quite intrigued by the idea of making yourself a basic pillow (or even getting a store bought one that you can customize, if your sewing skills are a little more limited but you’d still like to get creative) and adding fun embellishments to the front, but standard pretty shapes like flowers and butterflies don’t necessarily fit your personal style? In that case, check out how Poppytalk got crafty with shape and texture instead! We absolutely love these crinkly spiralled ruffles and we think you’ll be surprised at how simple they actually are to make.

5. Recycled sweater pillow


Besides always looking for ways to make your own décor items rather than buying things from the store, are you also always on the lookout for ways to upcycle and repurpose things you did purchase previously? In that case, these throw pillows made from old sweaters are the perfect rainy day craft for you! Brassy Apple guides you through the process of transforming a sweater you no longer wear into the cover of a nice, squishy throw pillow that will look homey and hand crafted but still very neat and tidy.

6. Layered and patterned fabric stripe pillow


Are you a little bit more confident in your sewing skills and always on the lookout for ways to use up some of your more fun fabric scraps, but you often find yourself with pieces that are either too small or too hard to match with other things, so they never get used? In that case, we think we might have found just the pattern for you! This adorably layered throw pillow from Quilting in The Rain intentionally uses bright colours and loud patterns of all times to create a super interesting visual all down the front of the pillow. It’ll look awesome no matter what types of fabric you choose to work with!

7. Recycled fabric pillow


Speaking of recycled fabric, perhaps you actually have just enough of a few fabrics that you could make yourself a number of different sized throw pillows? Well, that’s exactly what Tatertots & Jello did here and we’re obsessed with how they created a whole series of pillows that don’t match, but contrast very well together. There’s a particular kind of DIY beauty in finding ways to make fabrics you didn’t intentionally buy together work as a cohesive décor scheme.

8. DIY shag pillow


Have you always loved pillows and blankets that have a lot of texture because you love both the way they look, since they’re so interesting, and the way they feel, since you’re a very tactile person? Then this awesome little “shag” style throw pillow is right up your alley. V and Co. shows you how to use a stretch knit fabric to make little tassels and tug them until they curl for a cool shaggy effect.

9. Buttoned half ruffle pillow


Perhaps you’re having trouble deciding between a textured look with interesting layers and a simple, easy pillow that won’t pull too much attention away from the rest of your décor scheme? Well, who said you can’t combine the two for an interesting design that gives you a bit of both? That’s precisely what Pieced Pastimes did and we can’t get over how cute their half ruffle pillow is, especially since they added little buttons along the centre band.

10. Recycled fabric rosette pillows


Are you still caught on the cool idea of recycling old fabrics in order to make your pillows, but you’re kind of still thinking about the flower design we showed you a while back as well? Then, just like the previous design, we think you should combine them! Alisa Burke walks you through the process of making a pillow from recycled fabrics and then also making little scrap fabric rosettes that you can attach all over the front however you see fit. We particularly enjoy the fact that you can use fabric from your sewing stash or material pieces from upcycled clothing.

11. On-the-go reading pillow


Are you actually quite confident in your sewing skills and you don’t shy away from a slight challenge? In fact, maybe you’re actually looking for something with an extra element to keep you a little more interested than the average square pillow? In that case, check out this on-the-go reading pillow that’s perfect for traveling with kids! It’s got a pocket built into the front for sliding books into so that long trips in the car or on airplanes can be comfortable and amusing all at once. Find out the steps for making this design on Polkadot Chair.

12. Spray painted pillows


Have you always loved working with fabric paints of all kinds because there are just so many customization opportunities when you use them, but you’re not sure your hand painting skills will look the way you want them to if you paint right onto fabric? In that case, try using spray paint and a stencil instead! We think these cute little plant rows on these pillows from V and Co. look wonderfully detailed.

13. Painted monogram pillow


Maybe you’re feeling pretty enthusiastic about the idea of painting on your pillows but you’d rather work with letters than a plant motif? Then try this simple stenciled monogram idea from Sada Lewis! We adore they way they’ve offset their A with a simple ruffle down the side. It adds some personality without stealing focus from the monogram itself.

14. Woven felt pillow


We’ve already talked about working with felt, but the idea we discussed before was pretty simple. Perhaps you’re still intrigued by the concept of felt pillows but you’re intent on finding a design that’s a little more of a challenge for you to make? In that case, this woven felt pillow from Persia Lou

might be more your speed! Surprisingly, this effect isn’t actually as hard as it looks to create. We wouldn’t say it’s easy, but with a bit of concentration, you’ll have the technique down no problem.

15. Pom pom edge pillow


Are you of the opinion that keeping the front surface of your homemade pillow clear and unembellished is better because you fall asleep on your couch occasionally and might actually use the pillows for laying on? Well, that’s understandable; we can’t have rosettes making you uncomfortable and poking you in the face, can we? At the same time, adding a bit of decoration is simply a lot of fun, so we suggest altering around the edges of your pillows instead! Take a look at how Living With Punks used big, DIY yarn pom poms to create a super cool pillow trim.