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7 Decorating Ideas to Bring the Beach to Your Home

There is nothing more relaxing or uplifting than visiting the beach and watching the waves crashing into each other or enjoying the beat of the sun while building sandcastles during a much needed holiday. I don’t know about you, but I love going to the beach. It could be the sand between my toes or the salt in the air, but each time I visit I am overwhelmed with a sense of peace and tranquillity. Unfortunately, getting to the beach is not always an option, which brings me to my next best option: bringing the beach to me.

Take a peek at my decorating ideas that will allow you to bring a bit of the beach to your home.

1. Knot Rope Lamp

VIEW IN GALLERYKnot Rope Lamp DIY inspired by Pottery Barn

Rope is one material that is able to produce a classic nautical feel to an item and it certainly does with this lamp. Simply place this lamp in your bedroom and you’ll soon see your dreams setting sail. You can find all the details to making your own knot rope lamp with Down Home Inspiration.

2. Seashell Letters

VIEW IN GALLERYSeashell Letters

No one can go to the beach without collecting seashells. What, though, do you do with them once your adventure comes to an end? Instead of putting them aside and forgetting about them, why not utilize them and make decorate letters? All you need is a large wooden letter and some glue and you’re set to create your own beautiful seashore treasure.

3. Driftwood Mirror


What better way is there to bring the beach to your home then by bringing home a piece of driftwood? You can usually find this material washed up along the beach or if you’re struggling to find the perfect piece you may find it at your local craft shop. You can find out the materials and steps to making your own driftwood mirror at Elena Arsenoglou.

4. DIY Starfish Soft Dough Garland

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Starfish Soft Dough Garland

One image that evokes memories of the beach are starfish and for those lucky enough to see one they always wish they could take one home with them. However, we have found the next best thing: making your own starfish with the help of soft dough. These are simple and easy to make and are an ideal decorative item that will never go out of style. Chickabug provides all the information you need to creating your own starfish in your home.

5. Seaside Lanterns

VIEW IN GALLERYGorgeous Seaside Lanterns DIY

The ideal thing about glass lanterns is that they can be used for a number of purposes. Why not use yours to hold your favourite nautical items to show off to your guests? It won’t take much to put your own seaside lanterns together. All you need are a couple of lanterns and a selection of your seaside items and you’re set to go to arranging your lanterns how you want them. Visit PaperBlog for more inspiring lantern ideas.

6. DIY Glass Sea Vases


Accessorising any room with your own DIY glass sea vases will make an instant impression on those who visit. Instead of paying a hefty price by going to your local store, why not make your own and save a bit of money in the process. Take a look at Sand & Sisal to find out what materials you’ll need.

7. Driftwood Sea Creature

VIEW IN GALLERYDriftwood Seahorse

For those who enjoy experimenting with driftwood why not create your own driftwood sea creature out of this versatile material. You can find all the information you need to make it at Creative in Chicago.