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Silver Perfection: 10 Groovy Tin Foil Crafts

We can always rely on tin foil to keep our food tasty even when we decide to finish that pasta the next day. But did you ever think of using tin foil for crafting? We have! We dived deep into tin foil crafts and found you the top 10! These are the crafts that bring out the best of tin foil potential and as an added bonus, they are all ridiculously simple to make! Don’t miss these 10 groovy tin foil crafts!

1. Tin Foil Drawings

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Starting out with something artistic! This tin foil drawing really is a silver perfection. It has deep, moon-like energy and will be perfect for your home if you adore metallic wall art. You’re going to be so proud of yourself when you make it! We’ll let Art Club Blog be your guide!

2. Tin Foil Pendant

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The best thing about DIY pendants is that you can customize them however you like and really make them yours. From colors to motive, you have complete control over what you create! East Coast Mommy will show you how to make amazing tin foil pendants, then it’s up to you to dress them up in vibrant colors!

3. Tin Foil Rose

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Everybody has a soft spot for roses. Whether you’re giving them or receiving them, it’s an occasion connected with feelings of love. This tin foil rose is a really thoughtful gift for someone who wants a little more than traditional flowers! You’ll find the details at I Gotta Create.

4. Tin Foil Modern Art

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Always go for projects that make you feel like an artist! Here’s one by Piikea! Put your modern art skills to the test by making an artistic piece out of tin foil! Let your feelings flow and creativity guide you, until you get the final result that might just be your biggest masterpiece!

5. Tin Foil Tissue Ornaments

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Have you got all ornaments for your Christmas tree yet? There’s always room to add one more! We love this ornament by Happy Hooligans that brings tin foil and tissue paper together! You don’t always need fancy craft materials to make great projects – simplicity can have such stunning results!

 6. Tin Foil Monogram

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Looking for a thoughtful and personal gift for a loved one? How about a tin foil monogram? It actually looks like something royalty would want to decorate their big iron gates with! Be one step ahead of the royal trends and get the tutorial at Watcha Workin’ On! Whoever gets this as a gift, lucky them!

7. Tin Foil Ornaments

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Ornaments galore! We can’t help it, it’s that time of the year when Christmas ornaments are all we can think of! If your children want to participate in ornament making, this project is pitch-perfect! Let them play around with tinfoil and see where their little ideas take them! Kids Activities Blog has more details!

 8. Tin Foil Bell Ornament

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Silver bells, silver bells, tin foil all the way! What, is that not how the song goes? Well it does if you make these little tin foil bells by Little Bins For Little Hands! Put on some Christmas music, print out the instructions and you’re all set to turn some tinfoil into enchanting silver bells!

9. Tin Foil Quote Art

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As you can see, tin foil is art’s close friend! From drawn art through modern art straight to quote art! If you like motivational quotes that uplift you every day, make one for yourself and start the New Year with a positive mindset! Up for the challenge? Grab a roll of tin foil from your kitchen and the tutorial at Let’s DIY!

10. Tin Foil Pan


At last, we bring the tinfoil back to the place where it serves us the most: the kitchen! If you’re ever in need of a pan and don’t feel like doing the dishes (we’ve all been there), here’s a smart tin foil pan idea by Lindsay Ann Bakes! Happy baking!

We were serious; tin foil all the way!