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DIY Projects for Kawaii Lovers

If you’re a lover of kawaii style, then you already know that it puts a huge emphasis on all things happy and cute. Kawaii emerged from Japan as a fashion, attitude, and lifestyle trend, but it’s been adopted all over the world ever since by people who like adorable, pastel things and cheerfulness!

If you’re looking to make your life or style a little more kawaii, check out these adorable DIY project ideas that will definitely make you happy to do.

1. Pusheen ice cream bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYPusheen bookmark

Little Moon Dragon shows you how to make this adorable Pusheen bookmark in just a few simple steps. If you don’t already know the little cartoon cat Pusheen, you’re missing out!

2. Felted happy strawberries


Real Felt shows you how to create these simple needle felted strawberries that are sure to make you feel happier just by looking at them!

3. Kawaii bear mint chocolate macaron

VIEW IN GALLERYKawaii bear mint macaron

Maqaron has the perfect kawaii tutorial for baking enthusiasts! This adorable little mint chocolate macaron is easier to make than you’d think.

4. DIY kawaii bear plushie

VIEW IN GALLERYKawaii bear plushie

Who says adults can’t play with toys? This kawaii bear makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves cute things. Get the tutorial from Budget Hobby.

5. Kawaii yeti monster plushie

VIEW IN GALLERYKawaii yeti plushie

Amanda Tepie‘s tutorial shows you how to take a scary concept like a yeti and turn it into something completely adorable and happy!

6. Kawaii toast phone case

VIEW IN GALLERYKawaii toast phone cozy

This adorable phone case by Mary Winkler is a perfect example of how kawaii style transforms food into fun little characters. The cuteness is irresistible!

7. Needle felted kawaii round cakes

VIEW IN GALLERYNeedle felted roll cakes

These easy little needle felting projects by Maqaron make for adorably sweet decoration around your desk or your bedroom.

8. Mochi plushie

VIEW IN GALLERYMochi plushie

A mochi is a deliciously sweet little rice cake from Japan. Keeping with the kawaii world’s love for food with a cute personality, Hapy Friends Shoppe shows you how to make cute plush mochi!

9. Kawaii sock bunnies

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy sock bunnies

With a little bit of easy, basic sewing skill, you can make Maqaron‘s adorable bunnies from a pair of socks in no time!

10. Cat ear cake toppers

VIEW IN GALLERYCat ear cake topper

Transform a simple cake into an immediately adorable creation by making these kitty cat ear shaped cake toppers, just like Sugar and Cloth did!

11. Baby Totoro costume

VIEW IN GALLERYTotoro costume

What’s even cuter than an adorably classic kawaii movie character? A baby dress up as on, of course! Get the tutorial at You & Mie.

12. Pet cloud


This craft is perfect for your kawaii kids! Little Gatherer shows you how to make a “pet cloud” using just cotton balls, glue, and some little googly eyes.

13. DIY clay bunny bowls

VIEW IN GALLERYClay bunny bowls

If you’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, then Alice and Lois‘ clay bowl tutorial is perfect for you! Use these little kawaii bunny dishes to serve sweet treats to guests.

14. Cress cups with a face

VIEW IN GALLERYCress cups with a face

Have you been thinking about growing simple plants or herbs, like water cress? They’re easy to do, but they’re an even better addition to your home when you grow them in adorable character mugs, like these ones from By Wilma!

15. Plush toast keychain

VIEW IN GALLERYPlush toast keychain

This adorable little toast keychain by aiwa-9 is the perfect way to add some kawaii to even the simplest aspects of your life, like your house keys!

Do you know fellow kawaii lovers who would make every single one of these projects immediately? Share this post with them for a bit of kawaii inspiration!