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Unconventional Hand Painting Projects to Inspire You

We’ve always loved working with paints and so have our kids. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to use specific techniques or put a neat twist on things rather than just putting a paintbrush to a blank paper and seeing what happens. That’s a good time too, but we like keeping things interesting to make sure out kids get to try all kinds of things! That’s why we love looking up inspiration for new hand painting projects whenever we have the chance.

Just in case you come from a household of paint lovers too, here are 15 of the best ideas involving fun painting techniques of all different kinds!

1. Sponge dotted art


Perhaps you’ve done sponge painting art before, but have you ever created a series of dots and circles in different sizes in order to make a sort of mod canvas? If not, we’d suggest looking at how this piece was made on Dabbles and Babbles. We love the way they layered the sizes and colours to make the pieces look almost multi-dimensional.

2. Sponge letter greeting pop art


Are you kind of in love with the idea of doing some sponge print painting but you think you’d like something a little more graphic art based or kitschy looking than the circles you say above? Then maybe getting crafty with some word art is the best idea for you! We adore the way Hi Spy DIY stamped their letters so the word “Hi” looks like it’s falling down and piling at the bottom of the canvas.

3. Abstract watercolour flowers


Would you rather practice your hand at something a little more classic in the word of painting but you feel like you could need something guidance? Then we think you’ll find this beginner’s watercolour tutorial from Combyo that teaches you how to make a lovely bouquet of flowers quite intriguing indeed.

4. Letter peeled music lyric art


Just in case you love the idea of making painted words but you’re not sure the “Hi” concept is quite for you, here’s a negative space lettering canvas idea that might appeal a little more! Check out how A Beautiful Mess stuck down, painted over, and peeled off some letters using an already painted canvas as their abstract background.

5. Textured sea and sand beach painting


Did we catch your attention when we started talking about more classic hand painting techniques but you prefer working with acrylics to working with watercolours? Then we think you might get along quite well with this guide from Artsy Chicks Rule that shows you how to mix and layer colours properly to create the visual texture and subtle tone changes in realistic looking water.

6. Tape and paint herringbone art


Have we caught your attention quite well with the concept of painting around a shape that you’ll peel off afterwards? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how I Should Be Mopping the Floor created this lovely chevron pattern with differing coloured stripes by sticking down tape to create the spaces in between and peeling them off once the new stripes are dried.

7. Swiped abstract paintings


What if you’re just looking for some guidance in how to practice different brush strokes and colour layering techniques than what you’re used to? Well, if you’re looking for something a little more gritty and less cleanly defined than broad, concentrated strokes, here’s a fantastic tutorial from The Creativity Exchange!

8. Quote, colour ombre, and silhouette painting


Maybe you’d prefer to combine several techniques in one place rather than sticking to just one method? Well, if colours and shadows contrasted against each other interests you at all, here’s a project we think you’ll love! Silhouette America shows you how to make a colour gradient style ombre and a silhouette outline, with a quote in neat lettering on the side to boot!

9. Ombre Mandala painting


Just in case you’re feeling intricate and up for a challenge today, here’s a fantastic tutorial from DIY Joy that will each you how to not only do a background colour wash gradient but also how to get detailed with stark white paint in the foreground. The effect is a stunning mandala that practically leaps from the page!

10. Agate inspired acrylic painting


Here’s an alternative technique we’d never seen before but that we’re extremely excited to try now that we’ve found this tutorial! Jennifer Rizzo shows you how to create an agate inspired colour drag by dropping your colours onto your page or canvas and swiping them down in one strong stroke with a piece of cardboard.

11. Simple hand painted daisy detail


Are you just looking for resources to help you with the absolute basics because you’d like your little kids to learn about painting along with you? Then start with something small and pretty but easily recognizable, like this lovely little daisy tutorial from Pamela Groppe!

12. Hand painted dandelion details


Have you always wondered how artists make their work look like it’s barely there or nearly translucent? Well, there’s actually a particular technique to it and From My Little Pink Couch is here to show you how easily it’s actually done! You’ll be able to make a lovely, fluffy dandelion like this by the end.

13. Geometric metallic painting


We adore experimenting with new kinds of paint that have all kinds of different finishes to them. We’ve been curious about metallic paints for years so we were more than a little intrigued when we found this tutorial from Sum of Their Stories. They combined the paint we love the look of with the tape peeling techniques we talked about earlier on this list!

14. Shabby hand painted roses on wood


Besides giving you a fantastic breakdown of bow to add realism to hand painted flowers by doing the colours in layers and shading in certain ares, this fantastic tutorial from Pamela Groppe gives you some tips and trips for painting on unconventional surfaces besides canvas and paper, like wood furniture!

15. Spattered stars in a moonlit flower-scape


This lovely floral and night sky tutorial from Homesthetics is great because it teaches you how to paint basic shapes in small detail but, perhaps even cooler than that, it also shows you how to make a wonderfully delicate star effect in a night sky theme! Check out how they made it happen through spray and splatter techniques.