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Creative Ways to Upcycle Crystal Light Containers

If you’re addicted to Crystal Light, don’t toss those empty containers! With a little tweaking, you can easily repurpose these sturdy plastic containers to use as gift packaging, home storage, and more.

Gift Container

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Decorate a single Crystal Light container with scrapbook paper, stickers, ribbon, and other embellishments to make pretty packaging for tiny gifts such as bracelets, earrings, pencils or pens, gift cards, and wrapped candies. Kerry’s Paper Crafts has the details for this easy DIY project.

First Aid Kit

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Add letter stickers to an empty Crystal Light container, then fill it with bandages, pain relievers, and other emergency essentials to make a first aid kit for your purse. Head over to Little Dove Creations to learn more.

Sunglasses Case

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Keep sunglasses from getting smashed by stashing them in a decorated Crystal Light container. Get the details at Love Bug Living.

Bracelet Holder

VIEW IN GALLERYbracelet holder

Decoupage a Crystal Light container with pretty fabric, add a silk flower to the top, and use it to organize all your favorite bracelets. Learn more at Crazy About Coral.

Soap or Lotion Pump


Make a stylish soap or lotion dispenser by customizing an empty Crystal Light container with your favorite embellishments and adding a pump top lid. Town and Country Gazette shows you how. (This is a great project to bookmark if you enjoy making your own bath and body products!)

Small Storage Boxes

VIEW IN GALLERYtiny gift boxes

If you needed smaller containers, keep in mind that it’s easy to trim Crystal Light containers down to size to make them perfect for your project. Get the details at Mich L. in LA.

Night Light


Cut a portion of your Crystal Light container and decorate it to make a customized night light. Woo Jr. has the full tutorial. (This project can easily be made with the leftover portion from the small storage boxes craft.)

Customized Savings Bank

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Kids Savings Bank from Crystal Light Containers

Join together the Crystal Light containers to make a customized savings bank that teaches sound money management principles. This one uses save, church, and fun category labels, but you can alter the concept to fit your own specific needs. Visit My Homespun Threads for the details.

Marker Storage

VIEW IN GALLERYmarker caddie

Did you know that the ideal method of storing your markers is to keep them sideways so the ink won’t pool or dry out? Take a cue from LW Designs and make a marker storage caddy using six empty Crystal Light containers decorated with washi tape. This method provides enough storage space that you can separate markers by color to further enhance your crafting experience.

Organized Carry-All

VIEW IN GALLERYLittles carryallcaddy

Make a Littles Carry-All Caddy from Thirty-One Gifts more useful by adding dividers made from Crystal Light containers.  Simply Being Kari shows you how. (This would be a great way to create a portable homework station for a child or to organize cosmetics in your bathroom.)