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10 DIY Memo Boards for Your Home and Office

Every household should have a memo board; especially if there are a lot of people living under the same roof! Lives tend to get so busy and it’s hard to stay on top of all the commitments, birthdays, events and other important information! Enter memo boards. With them, you will always stay organized and keep your entire family in the loop. Need some ideas? We got you covered! Take a look at these 10 DIY memo boards and never miss another birthday again!

1. Pallet Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet memo board

Pallets are ever so useful. With a little help from Home with Cupcakes and Crinoline, you can use them to create this rustic memo board that has a very distinct look to it! It will be a marvelous addition to a country styled home and serve you as an important tool in daily organizing!

2. Office Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYOffice memo board

What’s an office without a memo board? Somewhere to pin all of your most important information and pictures of your family to get you through the day? If you are still without it, don’t hesitate to visit Little Glass Jar and change that!

3. French Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYFrench memo board

This is a beautiful and classic memo board that will appeal to the part of you that likes dashing French décor. You’ll never forget an appointment or lose a business card again, not to mention your wall will get a beautiful new look! Popsugar has the details!

4. Memo Frame


Create a lovely memo board with some string and a frame of choice! It is very easy, as Shanty 2 Chic will show you! By displaying the pictures of your closest and dearest people you can always be aware of how blessed you’ve been. It’s all about the things money can’t buy!

5. Gold Wire Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYgold-wire-memo-board

This memo board literally takes minutes to make and instantly makes changes to your office environment. Think about it, from disorganized to organized in a matter of minutes! It’s one hell of a bargain and we’re thankful we found it at Made Up Style!

6. Elastic Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYElastic memo board

If you’d like a memo board that is completely unique and will look special even from afar, go with this elastic memo board by Oh Oh Blog! You can easily attach pictures and memos behind the elastics and so keep everything in place. It’s useful and stunning, an absolute win!

7. Cork Memo Boards

VIEW IN GALLERYCork memo boards

Cork memo boards use to be the thing, but they have gone out of trends a bit, seeing how they’ve been replaced by new, modern versions of the old fashioned memo board. If you like to keep trendy but also have a soft spot for how things used to be, Curbly has great tutorial for a modern-looking cork memo board!

8. Plywood Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYPlywood memo board

A very simple memo board that is a godsend for people who are on the go a lot and need to quickly write down important things as they are rushing out of the house every morning. Just keep a pen next to this memo board and you’re free to doodle on it whenever you pass it, no matter the rush! Find out more at The Merry Thought.

9. Magnetic Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYMagnetic Memo Board

I Heart Organizing gave the classic magnetic memo board a bit of an upgrade by dressing it up in a wooden frame and we have to admit, the result looks amazing! It creates the illusion of your notes being a picture in the frame, making your organization system almost look like art.

10. Double Memo Board

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble memo board

Some people like to write on their memo boards, others like to pin things to it. But what if you want to do both? DIY Beautify has the solution! This memo board is magnetic on one half and an erase board on the other one. This way you never have to compromise, you get the best of both worlds!

Staying organized has never looked better!