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Safeguard in Style: 15 Fashionable DIY Laptop Cases

Anyone who’s just paid a hefty sum for a brand new laptop knows how scary the thought of damaging it is. Besides being expensive, your laptop also holds many files that are incredibly important to you on it! They’re definitely worth protecting, and your DIY skills can help you out with that.

Check out these 15 homemade laptop cases that will keep your laptop completely safe (and look totally awesome at the same time)

1. Floral zip case

VIEW IN GALLERYFloral zip case

The Late Afternoon shows you how to make a simple case that zips shit, ensuring that your laptop stays securely in its soft carrier until you purposely take it out! This project isn’t too hard for people who are new to sewing as long as you’re willing to learn about putting zippers in.

2. Chevron envelope case

VIEW IN GALLERYChevron envelope case

We love the way envelope style cases open up so that you can slide your computer in and out very easily. We especially love this envelope case design by I Spy DIY, however, because it has a chic little strap to make sure your laptop doesn’t fall out of the flap.

3. Quilted geometry case

VIEW IN GALLERYQuilted geometry case

Shelterness walks you through the process of making not just a quilted laptop case, but one that’s quilted in a modern, eye-catching geometric pattern for a little bit of extra style.

4. Navaho print clutch

VIEW IN GALLERYNavaho print clutch

Whether you’ve brought some tribal print fabric or you’re looking to upcycle a Navaho style scarf or afghan, the print will look completely stylish as it protects your laptop, particularly if you carry it in a bag full of other things that might scratch it. Check out how this one is made on Tiny Blue Apartment.

5. Plaid zippered

VIEW IN GALLERYPlaid zippered

Design Sponge has another design for a simple zippered case that varies slightly from the one you saw earlier on this list! Besides being sewn in a bright, bold plaid pattern, this case is also lined with an extremely soft inner fleece layer to give your computer a little extra protection from scratches.

6. No-sew “stitched” pleather


A Cup of Sparkle shows you a DIY laptop case design that’s almost like an illusion! Despite being a no-sew pattern, this awesomely chic faux leather case looks as though it’s been stitched together with chunky leather down each side.

7. Woodgrain with a sash

VIEW IN GALLERYWoodgrain with a sash

Technically you could make this pattern from just about any patterned fabric, but we just adore the stained woodgrain pattern of this one by Katie Cupcake! The sash will keep it closed so your computer stays inside where it should be. Make it a matching colour or, if you’re feeling bright, one that contrasts interestingly!

8. Fabric scraps with a button

VIEW IN GALLERYFabric scraps

Ars Technica shows you a great way to get two things done at once. This laptop case helps you protect your computer and use up old fabric scraps you might have sitting around taking up space in your crafting room!

9. Unfolding laptop cozy

VIEW IN GALLERYUnfolding laptop cozy

This awesome laptop cozy protects your computer when it’s all folded up, but it also unfolds to reveal a fun, bright colour and keep your laptop from sitting directly on the table, where it might heat up. Check out how it’s made on Design Sponge

10. Suede and a leather strap

VIEW IN GALLERYSuede and a leather strap

If you’re looking for a slightly classier design, Chaneciaga has the tutorial for you! This case is made of soft suede that will be gentle against your computer’s exterior. it’s also held together with a leather thong, which looks vintage-chic but keeps things shut in a practical way.

11. Vintage towel case

VIEW IN GALLERYVintage towel case

We do love a project that both upcycles something old and creates something new! That’s exactly what you’ll be doing with this vintage towel case design by The Vintage Chica.

12. Quilted case


We already showed you one quilted pattern earlier in the list, but Introvert’s Introduction gives you another variation on the quilted idea, just in case the geometric design wasn’t for you! This one is more plush and soft, making it actually feel like a cozy quilted blanket. We love the buttoned straps!

13. Pin up girls and a belt buckle

VIEW IN GALLERYPin up girls and a belt buckle

Kirsten Jane reminds you to have fun with the pattern of your fabric! This pin up girl design is flirty and vintage, which makes the classic leather belt that keeps it shut look like a nice contrast.

14. Wool sport coat case

VIEW IN GALLERYWool sport coat case

Three cheers for more repurposing! Sport coats aren’t always in style, so you’ll find them easily at your local thrift shop. Follow the awesome tutorial on That’s My Letter to see how you can transform that old coat into a laptop case in just a few simple steps!

15. Tied leather wrap

VIEW IN GALLERYTied leather wrap

Did you like the suede idea but you want to go even more stylishly worn and classic? Try this soft leather wrap case that stays closed with a contrasting leather tie made by  Camille Styles. We love that the case is lined with another fabric for visual effect and maximum computer protection.

Ready to stitch your own, ultra-cool laptop case? Maybe you want try out a whole new pattern? Share it with us below and we will gladly share it with the world!