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Hello, It’s Me: Unique and Practical DIY Phone Stands 

We live in a time when everybody seems glued to their phone. With the constant social media updates, texts, viral videos and new apps, it’s impossible to stay up-to-date unless you are willing to stare at your phone all day! After endless hours of holding up the phone for FaceTime or Snapchat videos, your hand might catch a cramp. It’s a nice way to be reminded to put your phone down every once in a while, though if you still need the screen, put your phone on a unique DIY phone stand and save yourself the arm pain, but stay updated on all current events!

Origami Phone Stand 


Is there anything that can’t be done with origami? This paper folding technique is blowing our minds! Finding a good phone stand used to mean roaming the stores and buying an overpriced tripod, but now it’s all about folding the paper and closely following I Try DIY‘s instructions!

Easel Phone Stand 


A classic phone stand that resembles a miniature easel is something you will never regret making! It really comes in handy when you need to read a recipe off Pinterest while you are cooking! Live Craft Love will show you how it’s done!

Plexiglass Phone Stand 


If you haven’t worked with plexiglass before, this phone stand by The Shabby Creak Cottage is the perfect project for a first-timer! It’s very simple and straightforward, no complicated instructions or spending the entire afternoon on it! While you’re at it, make it a little bit wider, so it can accommodate your tablet, too!

Binders Phone Stand 


When you find yourself in an awkward moment of urgently needing to improvise a phone stand because all of your friends are visiting and you must show them that cat video you saw this morning, Akamatra will teach you how to make a phone stand with some basic office supplies! Whew!

Toilet Paper Rolls Phone Stand 


We bet you couldn’t tell Innova Crafts‘ phone stand was made from a toilet paper roll! It looks so chic and trendy, you’d never suspect! There is more than meets the eye indeed, but it works both ways – the next time you are about to throw away a toilet paper roll ask yourself if maybe you need another phone stand?

Wooden Phone Stand 


Your phone stand can be both simplistic and innovative! If you love working with wood, Alyssa & Carla have just the project for you: it’s a wooden phone stand with an organic and interesting look that will become an important part of how you use your phone!

Rainbow Phone Holder 


Can’t get enough of cute crafts? You can now add a DIY rainbow phone holder to your collection! It is cuteness overload and will perfectly hold your phone for you to watch  countless YouTube videos! Find the video tutorial at Arte y Salud en Casa!

Popsicle Sticks Phone Stand 


Popsicle sticks have more uses than you might think! If you are in need of a phone stand, Crafting Hours has the tutorial for a really creative and budget-friendly popsicle sticks phone stand!  When you’re done making it, get yourself a real popsicle as a treat!

Panda Phone Holder 


We love useful items that can easily double as plushy toys! Don’t judge – one can never be too old for cuddly toys! This panda phone holder is a whole new level of lovable! It even has the pink cheeks! Check in with DIY Lover and make sure you get your own!

Squishy Bread Phone Holder 


Did you ever imagine you would have a bread loaf as a phone holder? We didn’t, but here we are! Thankfully, this isn’t actual bread, it’s just memory foam that looks like the happiest loaf of carbs we’ve ever seen! Nim C has left you some making-of crumbs!