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15 DIY Christmas Crafts Involving Glitter

If we had to choose one thing about winter that we love most (and we assure you that’s not a very easy thing for us to do because there are so many beautiful things to choose from), we’d probably say that we mostly appreciate the beauty of how the snow all around us sparkles in the sunlight. It’ll come as no surprise to you, then, that our favourite winter crafts to make are the ones that are covered in glitter so they have just as much sparkle as the world around us!

Just in case you and your kids love crafting with glitter as much as we do, here are 15 seasonal craft ideas that will help you keep things Christmas-y even if you’re used to crafting with glitter all year long.

1. Glue and glitter snowflake craft


If you’ve never done dried glue crafting projects then it’s time you started, because they’re really worth the potential mess, even if your kids are very little! The way the glue dries in the precise shape you squeeze it out into is very cool no matter how old you are. Imagine how awesome it all looks, then, when you add glitter on top of the shape you’ve created! We can’t get enough of these sparkling glue snowflakes from The Homeschool Hive.

2. DIY peppermint glitter


Okay, we know that this idea might not exactly be what you were thinking of when you started searching for glitter crafts specifically, but the technique is just so cool that we couldn’t resist putting it on our list! The Inspired Treehouse guides you step by step through the process of smashing candy canes into a fine red and white “dust” that you can sprinkle over glued shapes just like you would with glitter in order to make a very holiday-like version of just about anything you’d usually make with glitter.

3. Sparkly popsicle stick star ornaments


The process of making five=point stars from popsicle sticks might not be a particularly exciting one because they’re a classic craft that you’ve probably made before. That’s why we love the idea of jazzing your stars up a little bit! Moms Have Questions Too shows you how to make that happen using- of course- glitter! Try making them in all different colours.

4. Glittered reindeer Christmas card


Are you actually so into the idea of glitter and glue sprinkled crafts that you’ve perfected your skills such that you can stencil with the glue now? Then you’re going to love this glittered reindeer silhouette idea from Just Daisy Dreaming! We love how classy the gold looks here but you could also try it in silver or a more classic Christmas colour.

5. DIY glitter Christmas bobbles


If you’re going to work with glitter and put in the effort and inevitable mess that comes with it, would you rather make yourself something you can use every year following, enjoying your project for many years of holidays? Then maybe these sparkling glass Christmas ornaments from A Girl’s Guilty Pleasure are the best idea for you! We love the idea of making them in a range of Christmas colours.

6. Sparkly vintage key Christmas ornaments


Have you ever looked at a random decorative trinket in your house and thought about how much better it might look if it was sparkly rather than plain? Well, we can’t say we blame you because we of this all the time! Organize Your Stuff Now did the same thing with these vintage keys they had lying around. We love that the silver glitter they chose sparkles just enough to make it look like they’re covered in a fine layer of frost, making them look much more wintery than they did before.

7. Sparkly pine cones


We’ve always love the idea of pine cones as winter décor because it brings just a little bit of the outside in. We’re sure you won’t be surprised to learn, however, that we love the idea of pine cone décor even more when the pine cones are covered in glitter! dMy Nail Art Hobby shows you how to do it making sure that all the little nooks and crannies of the pine cones get some pizzazz.

8. Glitter Santa wine glass


Believe it or not, glitter can be used to make things with a little more organization than just sprinkling it haphazardly will get you! These pretty Santa themed wine glasses from Made By Madison are the perfect example of what we mean. They show you how to strategically brush the glass with glue only in certain spots as you sprinkle the glitter so the colours stay separated and you can make them into actual shapes.

9. Sparkly salt dough snowflake ornament


Crafts made with glue aren’t the only things you can sprinkle glitter on to get an excitedly sparkly finished product. Sometimes it’s nice to make yourself a more solidly shaped trinket or ornament that you can mould from scratch yourself. That’s why we liked this salt dough idea from Crafty Morning so much! They give you an awesome salt dough recipe and show you how to both mould and glitter a snowflake shape.

10. Sparkling spirals Christmas wreath


Do you remember playing with Spirograph kits when you were a kid, making all kinds of stunning spiralling patterns and creating a different design each time? Well, that’s kind of what creating this cute waving wreath art by Glued to My Crafts is like! The difference is that they show you how to add glitter for a little extra sparkle. Try gluing on a ribbon bow and some buttons for ornaments too!

11. Sparkly Christmas tree cones


In our house, you’ll find just about every spare surface covered in some type or seasonal decoration no matter the time of year. At Christmas, however, that’s especially true and the trinkets and décor pieces you’ll find are usually hand made! Because our kids love glitter just as much as we do, those handmade decorations are also usually covered in glitter. They actually recently made these sparkling Christmas trees from All Crafts made with upside down foam cones.

12. Upside down wine glass candle holders


Are you still thinking about how much you liked the idea of making sparkled wine glasses because you love how they look but you don’t actually drink wine so you don’t feel like you really have use for the glasses themselves? Try turning the glasses upside down and using them as candle holders instead! Keeper of The Cheerios shows you how to make sparkling designs using blue shades so they look like they’re frosted with a light dusting of snow.

13. Framed and glittered Christmas light bulbs


Decorative trinkets and sparkly ornaments are cute, especially if they’re simple enough that you can make them with your kids, but what if you’re hoping to make something you can hang up more like art? Well, here’s an option that’s a little more pop art inspired and funky than some of what you’ve seen so far! A Diamond in The Stuff shows you how to turn upcycled Christmas light bulbs and an old frame into sparkling 3D green and red art.

14. Sparkly pizza pan gingerbread man


Have your kids always loved gingerbread men and decorating them to have faces and features but you’ve already made several batches this season and you’re just not sure they need more cookies right now? Then why not have them make gingerbread man inspired crafts instead? We love the way The Keeper of The Cheerios created this jumbo gingerbread face by sparkling an upcycled circular pizza pan and painting a cheerful smile and some “icing” on.

15. Glitter dipped candles


No matter what time of year it is, we’ve always loved making candles. One of our favourite ways to create our own candle designs or customize the plain candles we already have is to paint dip them in all different colours. Around Christmas time, though, we prefer to use glitter to dip instead because we love the way it sparkles like everything else! Find out how it’s done on Create, Craft, Love.

Do you know a fellow glitter lover who has been searching for fun Christmas crafting ideas to make with their kids? Share this post with them to give them some sparkling inspiration over the holidays!