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15 Cute Tiger Themed Crafts

When little kids decide an animal is their favourite, they want to see, do, and hear anything they can get their hands on about that animal! In fact, sometimes they even want to be that animal in dress up games or while they’re playing pretend with their friends. That’s part of why animals are such a fun opportunity for DIY and crafting time with your kids.  When we were kids, we were obsessed with tigers. Even kids who like other animals too will think the chance to making their own tiger craft is pretty darn cool. Between the ferocious roar, the bright orange fur, and the black stripes, we’re not surprised!

Check out these 15 tiger themed crafts that are perfect for keeping your kids busy and letting them enjoy their favourite animal all at once!

1. Toilet paper roll tiger

VIEW IN GALLERYtoilet-paper-roll-tiger

Creative K Kids shows you how to make this adorable little cardboard tiger out of a simple empty toilet paper roll! Grab some paint for the stripes and the face, use a pipe cleaner for the tail, and cut out some foam for the head and paws.

2. Foam cup tigers

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY foam cup tigers

Do you like the idea of making a little standing tiger from something upcycled, but you don’t have any empty toilet paper bowls right now? Use the same techniques as they idea above, but with a foam water cup as your base instead! See what we mean on Molly Moo Crafts.

3. Hand print tiger

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Have you and your kids ever made hand print turkeys at Thanksgiving? Well, here’s a similar idea from Mommy Maleta, only flipped upside down and turned into a tiger instead! Have your kids dip their hand in orange paint and print it on the page, then wash their hands and embellish the hand print with whiskers, a tail, and some stripes.

4. Paper plate tiger

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Are your kids at that phase in their illustrious crafting career where glue is their absolute favourite tool right now? Then this tissue paper confetti tiger is a great idea, and so is using a paper plate as a base, just like Glued to My Crafts did here! Even if your kids would rather draw or paint, a paper plate is still a great idea to make the tiger’s head.

5. Heart cut out tiger craft


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Are your kids a little bit older and looking for more of a challenge? This tiger craft from Crafty Morning is like building a puzzle and making a little tiger in one! Check out how the tutorial guides you through making each body part from a paper cut out shaped like a heart.

6. Foot print tiger puppet

VIEW IN GALLERYfoot-print-tiger-puppet

Did your kids love the hand print tiger so much that now they want to get messy with the paint even more? Indulge them a little by helping them make foot print tigers too! Paint on some stripes and a face on the heel and then stick the tiger onto a popsicle stick to make a puppet, just like Fun Hand Print Art did here.

7. Paper bag tiger puppet

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade paper bag tiger puppet

Paper bag puppets are some of out very favourite kids’ DIY projects. Not only are they fun to make, but they’re a lot of fun to play with after! The best kind of craft is one that entertains them during the process of making it and then again and again days later. Check this design out on Pinterest.

8. Tiger paper plate mask

VIEW IN GALLERYtiger-paper-plate-mask

Did you like the tiger paper plate idea but you think your kids will be bored with it the second it’s done? Try this mask version of a paper plate tiger instead! We love the idea of using pieces of yarn to make “fur”, and we’re also big fans of how much play time they’ll get out of this when they’re finished. Check it all out on Preschool Playbook.

9. Tiger stripe cake

VIEW IN GALLERYtiger-stripe-cake

Is your child so obsessed with tigers that they actually want a tiger themed birthday party? Then naturally they’re going to need a tiger striped cake! That doesn’t sound very easy, we know, but lucky for all of us, Tip Hero is here to save the day with this tutorial on how to create this awesome black and orange striped dessert.

10. Crocheted tiger doll

VIEW IN GALLERYcrocheted-tiger-doll

Maybe the kind of craft you’re looking for is one that you can make for your child so they can enjoy it for years to come? Well, we’re not sure you’ll find anything much cuter than this adorable crocheted amigurumi tiger doll! Check it out on Cute Amigurumi.

11. Cardboard tiger finger puppet

VIEW IN GALLERYcardboard-tiger-finger-puppet

Can you tell we really like crafts that have a dual purpose as toys once they’re finished? Just in case you missed the message, here’s another one! Kidsomania shows you how to make a little cardboard finger puppet, shaped and coloured like a tiger. If your kids are very little, they’ll probably need your help cutting out the finger holes, but the colouring is all them!

12. Tiger hooded towel

VIEW IN GALLERYtiger-hooded-towel

Are you an avid sewing enthusiast who wants to help your kid be the best pretend tiger they can possibly be? Check out this adorable (and surprisingly simple) hooded towel pattern by Bead and Cord that comes complete with stripes, ears, whiskers, and a little tiger face! This will make bath time a whole lot more fun.

13. Nearly no-sew tiger bodysuit

VIEW IN GALLERYnearly-no-sew-tiger-bodysuit

We love when we see the term “no-sew”, but we’re pretty confident that we can handle “nearly no-sew” as well! We’re confident that you can too. Turn your little one into a tiger for Halloween (or just for fun) by following this bodysuit tutorial from Spot of Tea Designs.

14. Acrylic tiger stripe nails

VIEW IN GALLERYacrylic-tiger-stripe-nails

Maybe it’s acutally you that adores tigers more than anything and you’d like to make something for yourself? Well, we’re pretty big fans of acrylic nails and, even though we know not everyone likes to wear them in daily life like we do, we still totally recommend this cool tiger striped nail tutorial from DIY Beauty by Leda! They’d look awesome worn as claws with a tiger Halloween costume, or just as a little bit of everyday sass if you’re willing to navigate those long tips in the office.

15. Tiger stripe chocolate pretzel sticks

VIEW IN GALLERYtiger-stripe-chocolate-pretzel-sticks

If you’re going to throw a tiger themed birthday part for your child, you might as well go all out and make them tiger striped snacks too! We’ve been really obsessed with sweet and salty flavours lately, so it’s no surprise that this chocolate pretzel recipe caught our eye. PBS shows you how to make black and orange chococlate to coat and stripe the delicious pretzel sticks with.