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Halloween Homemade Punches for a Frightful Party

In our house, it’s family tradition to have an awesome Halloween party each year. We usually start it early enough that the kids can be part of the fun, but then continue it into the night so the adults (or at least those who feel like sticking around rather than taking their little ones home to bed) can have some social time too! That’s why, each year, we try to find a few awesome drink recipes that everyone can enjoy together. We’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for cool, spooky Halloween punch recipes that we haven’t served to our friends and family before!

If you’re feeling just as enthusiastic as we are, if not more, about the idea of making your own homemade Halloween punch, check out these 15 fantastic punch concepts, flavours, and recipes that we’ve come across so far in this year’s search.

1. Pumpkin’s blood Halloween punch


Are you the kind of fall lover who adores pumpkins more than just about anything else when it comes to both the season and Halloween? In that case, this very first idea might be precisely the kind of thing you’re looking for! We thought this recipe from Today’s Creative Ideas for a bright orange sweet punch that’s supposed to look like pumpkin blood might already be the best solution for you.

2. Witch’s wicked punch


Rather than being totally obsessed with pumpkins, have you actually always found that witches are your favourite Halloween character? In that case, we have a feeling this awesomely bright green idea and recipe from Woman’s Day might be a little more up your alley! Check out their tutorial to learn more about how this witch’s wicked punch was made.

3. Goosebumps punch


If you’re going to make awesome punch for a Halloween party, would you rather make something extra novelty in order to appeal to the kids specifically? Well, we happen to know that our kids get a real kick out of anything that’s borderline gross and overly sweet, especially around Halloween. That’s why we thought this candy-filled goosebumps punch outlined step by step on Sugar & Soul was such a neat idea!

4. Toxic ooze Halloween punch


Are you feeling very intrigued indeed with the idea of making a bright green drink because that’s your favourite colour and you usually love the green fruit flavours the best, but you’re just not sure about some of the ingredients in the previous two lime shade recipes we’ve shown you? Then here’s another one for your consideration! Revel and Glitter teaches you step by step how to make this toxic ooze Halloween punch that’s served in a beaker like a science experiment.

5. Black spider party punch


In your opinion, is flavour actually more important than colour or kitschy presentation when it comes to making your Halloween punch? Well, if we’ve piqued your interest with the concept of making a fruit flavoured punch but you’ve really always been more of a berry lover when it comes to your favourite fruits then we’re pretty sure this next idea is the one for you! Finding Zest shows you how to make it happen, but also how to dress it up like black spider juice to keep things on the spooky theme.

6. Slow cooker vampire punch


Rather than science experiments and witches, would you much rather make a Halloween punch that looks a little more gory? Then maybe you’d get more of a kick out of this blood red vampire punch outlined step by step on Boulder Locavore! We like the way they teach you how to make it in the slow cooker in order to blend the flavours perfectly and make a nice big batch suitable for serving to a whole party.

7. Slushy Halloween punch


If you’re going to make something novelty and themed for Halloween, would you like to work with one of the ideas that has a unique texture but you’re just not feeling sold on any of the ones that involve candy? Then maybe you’d get along a little better with something like this slushy punch outlined by Yummly! They even show you how to make a weird, spooky foam on top.

8. Wormy Halloween punch for kids


Just in case you’re still looking for a way to make a super spooky punch that will really appeal to your kids but you’re not feeling entirely sold on any of the ones you’ve seen so far, here’s an idea specifically for gummy worm lovers! Mom Always Finds Out walks you step by step through the process of making a concoction that tastes great with the soft candies in it.

9. Halloween orange sherbet punch


Just in case you’re still looking for something with a unique texture and a fun, bright colour that suits Halloween well but you’re just not feeling sold on any of the flavour ideas you’ve seen so far, here’s another idea for your consideration! We actually made this awesome Halloween orange sherbet punch featured on Ruchi’s Kitchen for our kids before and

10. Frankenstein punch


Are you still thinking about how much you liked the idea of a bright green drink, maybe even with a science experiment theme, but you’ve always preferred drinks that have some carbonation to them and those recipes didn’t? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Mom Dot made this fizzy Frankenstein inspired punch instead!

11. Classic zombie rum punch


If you’re going to make a themed punch that has some novelty appeal and a spooky inspiration, would you like to make sure that you also make one for the adults too, so they get just as much kitschy fun as the kids? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how The Spruce Eats made this classic blended zombie rum punch in just a few simple steps!

12. Vampire punch


Were you a huge fan of the idea of making a vampire and blood inspired cocktail because you love the illusion it creates and you’ve always been a lover of vampire stories and movies, but you’d rather make something a little more gory looking, like we said before? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out how Cookin’ Canuck created a spooky presentation by creating a rum punch with a white colour and then used strawberry sauce to make a rimmer that looks like dripping blood.

13. Halloween eyeball punch


Are you torn between the idea of making a drink that taste fantastically fruit and has a cool colour and the concept of making something themed that has a bit of a gross-out factor, but you’re having trouble deciding which to do? Well, who ever said you have to choose? Instead, take a look at how Olivia’s Cuisine used white lychee fruit in a grape drink to make “eyeball” juice!

14. Kid-friendly witch’s brew


Are you actually hoping to find a cool looking Halloween recipe that will not only taste great for your kids, but that’s also simple enough to make that they can even get involved in make it too? Then we’d be willing to bet that this impressive and fruity tasting but super simple kid-friendly witch’s brew outlined step by step on The Suburban Mom might be right up your alley! They even show you how to make the witch’s hat that floats in the middle.

15. Hocus pocus fizz


Are you still thinking about how much you loved the idea of making a halloween punch with a bright colour and a lot of fizz but you can’t help thinking you’d rather make it something more adult, that you might serve like a shot or cocktail complete with a rimmer? In that case, we’d definitely encourage you to take a look at how Doughmesstic made this fun hocus pocus fizz that has an orange crushed rock candy rim.

Do you have another favourite Halloween punch recipe that you love making for your annual party each year but and that’s always a huge hit but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can give it a try too!