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Lights, Love and Crafts: DIY Eiffel Tower Themed Projects!

Did you take a trip to Paris and fall in love with the city and its sights the moment you walked off the plane? Perhaps you’ve never been there but you simply adore the gorgeous visual of the Eiffel Tower and all of the romance it represents? No matter the root of your fondness, you’ve got a rather nice DIY opportunity on your hands!

Check out these 15 Eiffel Tower themed crafts and projects that will help you bring a little bit of Parisienne aesthetic to any space.

1. DIY vinyl Eiffel Tower wall decals

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-viniyl-eiffel-tower-wall-decals

Have you ever seen those adorable wall decals in stores; the kind that come in a black vinyl and look like a sketch right on your paint, save for the fact that they’re removable? They’re a great decor option, but they can be expensive. Stores also might not have the particular design you were picturing. In that case, it’s always best to make your own! The Girl Inspired shows you how it’s done.

2. Eiffel tower charm ring holder

VIEW IN GALLERYeiffel-tower-charm-ring-holder

Do you have one of those old metal Eiffel Tower key chains that tourists buy, left over from the time your aunt and uncle visited and sent you a little token from their trip? Well, if it’s not being used on your keys, why not transform it into something you can really appreciate? We love this mini Eiffel Tower ring holder from Simplette! Choose a small dish that you’re not using elsewhere and glue the feet of the tower in the centre. Rings can loop around the tower and other jewelry can sit in the dish!

3. Decopatch Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERYdecopatch-eiffel-tower

Have you ever seen those big, carbon board letters at your local craft store? Believe it or not, this awesome 3D Eiffel Tower silhouette is actually made from one of those, with just a few cardboard additions! Check out the tutorial on The Things She Makes to see how that and thread are added in order to give the “tower” texture when you paint it.

4. Striped Eiffel Tower silhouette art

VIEW IN GALLERYeiffel-tower-striped-silhouette-art

We love a good detailed painting, but sometimes a more abstract design of a picture is nice to shake things up. Silhouettes, for example, make sure that you can clearly see what the image is of but they’re simple and not too busy for the eye to take in calmly. Check out how House On the Way made this little Eiffel Tower silhouette, pairing it with some nice thick stripes for a splash of colour!

5. Embossed paper Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERYembossed-paper-eiffel-tower

Do you love working with crafting paper and scrapbooking supplies of all times? Then this embossed paper Eiffel Tower is definitely the Parisienne craft for you. Whether you just place it on your bedside table or pop it on top of a birthday cake, it’ll look delicate and adorable pretty much anywhere. Samantha Lee Walker walks you through the process of making it.

6. Pin and thread Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERYpin-and-thread-eiffel-tower

Have you ever seen pinned thread art on canvasses or done with rainbow threads? This is the very same technique! The only difference is that The Things She Makes created their Eiffel Tower on a corkboard for ease and used thin white thread to keep things looking delicate. Feel free to follow their pattern or switch it up!

7. DIY Eiffel Tower snow globe

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-eiffel-tower-snow-globe

Remember that little metal Eiffel Tower key chain we were talking about earlier? Well, perhaps you’re definitely interested in upcycling yours but you don’t really need a jewelry stand. Instead, Simplette guides you through the process of making your very own glittery French snow globe! Find an empty baby food jar, glue the feet of the tower to the inside of the lid, and fill the jar with water. Sprinkle some glitter into the water and, when the glue is dry, turn the lid with the tower upside down and screw it onto the jar. Give the jar a shake, set it down on the lid so it stands upside down, and watch the glitter “snow” fall on the Eiffel Tower!

8. DIY Eiffel Tower box

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-eiffel-tower-box

Do you love trinkets and trinket boxes in any colour, shape, and size? Innova Crafts walks you through the process of marrying that love with your appreciation for all things from Paris! Once the box is made, you’ll be able to keep jewelry, spare change, or whatever you need inside.

9. DIY glittered Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERYdiy-glittered-eiffel-tower

This adorable little Eiffel Tower design is made from carefully cut and glued together glitter paper and we’re in love with how it looks. The Project Girl walks you through the steps for making it this way, but you could also make it from what type of paper or card you have available and glitter the surface of it later.

10. Eiffel Tower garland

VIEW IN GALLERYeiffel-tower-garland

Do you love the idea of throwing a Paris themed party and you want to make garland? Then you’ll probably love these little Eiffel Tower cut out garlands by Love It So Much! We find these so cute that we’d probably leave them hanging long after the party is over!

11. 3D standing Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERY3d-standing-eiffel-tower

Have you liked a few of these simple paper and card Eiffel Tower ideas, but you’re still not quite sure they’re the style you’re looking for in your easy decor? Try making these little 3D standing towers instead! We think they’d look great as a sparkly table centre piece. Check them out on Wed Book.

12. Iced Eiffel Tower sugar cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYiced-eiffel-tower-sugar-cookies

Who knew the Eiffel Tower could taste so delicious? Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, trying your hand at icing these delicious little sugar cookies is a task worth trying, because you’ll still get to eat a yummy snack in the end! Check out the whole idea, complete with a recipe, on Cherie Kelly.

13. Faux flower Eiffel Tower wall decor

VIEW IN GALLERYfaux-flower-eiffel-tower-wall-decor

Perhaps you’ve already got some Eiffel Tower wall art that’s no longer holding your attention and that you think needs an upgrade? We definitely suggest this idea from Kara’s Party Ideas for revamping it using brightly coloured silk or fabric faux flowers! You could make yours all one type of flower if you have a favourite, or include a pretty selection like in the picture.

14. Foam Eiffel Tower centrepiece

VIEW IN GALLERYfoam-eiffel-tower-centrepiece

Does your daughter or sister love Paris more than any other place? Surprise her at her next birthday party by making an awesome (and totally tall) foam Eiffel Tower for the main table! This idea from Pinterest includes styrofoam that’s been cut into the right shape, painted, and decorated with letters and numbers. You can customize your how you please!

15. Polaroid Eiffel Tower

VIEW IN GALLERYpolaroid-eiffel-tower

If your two favourite things are Paris and the pictures that you took when you visited Paris, then we definitely have the DIY decor idea for you! Check out this Polaroid collage idea from Pinterest where the photos have been arranged in the shape of the Eiffel tower. Even if you’ve never actually been to Paris, we still think it’s a cute idea to create out of whatever pictures mean the most to you.

Relive your favorite holiday trip to the French capital with these gorgeous crafts. And even if you have never been to the city of lights these fabulous projects will keep your love for the city alive as you plan for that dream vacation in Paris!