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15 Winter Projects Made with Cotton Balls

Have you ever looked at a cotton ball while you’re removing your makeup or applying toner to your face and thought about just how much it looks like a little snowball? Well, we did that recently and, being the DIY enthusiasts we are, we were struck with a sudden inspiration to find out whether there really are projects out there that use cotton balls to make awesome wintery looking things. The answer was resounding yes and we discovered all kinds of awesome projects online the moment we started looking!

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we were, if not more, but the idea of making cool winter projects using cotton balls? Check out these 15 super creative ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for snowy inspiration.

1. DIY cotton plant centrepiece


In addition to loving the idea of crafting with cotton balls, have you also always really enjoyed crafting with actual nature? Well, if that’s something you’ve never tried before, then we’d encouraged you to run outside, grab some good sticks, twigs, and branches, and check out how Shelterness turned them into an artistic and snow lade looking centrepiece using cotton balls!

2. Grapevine and cotton wreath


Are you the kind of home decor loving crafter who rotates things like your door wreath along with changes in season and holiday? Well, we do precisely the same thing, so we can’t say we blame you. This year, we were really feeling like a new winter door wreath was in the cards, and we actually ended up settling on this one from Country Design Style that’s made quite simply from bendable grapevine and snowy looking pulled cotton balls.

3. DIY cotton holiday bough


Have we really caught your attention with this whole idea of making something out of both branches and cotton balls, but you’re just not feeling quite convinced by the ideas we’ve shown you so far? Then here’s another lovely, decorative design for your consideration! Check out how Gardenista used their balls and branches to make this pretty holiday bough instead.

4. Cotton ball igloo


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make something wintery and cute, would you rather build an actual structure or make something your kids will find really fun? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Pinterested Parent made this awesome light-up cotton ball igloo! It’s the perfect spot or your Elf on A Shelf to hang out this winter.

5. Cotton ball penguin


Have you actually been scrolling through our list in hopes of finding some cotton ball based kids’ craft because it was actually your little ones who started talking about how much they think cotton looks like snow? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Glued to My Crafts made this simple but super cute cut and paste penguin craft! They even offer a printable template that you can use if you think it’ll be helpful.

6. Cotton ball Santa


Did you really like the cotton ball cut and paste concept at a basic level but you know your kids have really been feeling the holiday spirit and you’d rather help them make something a little more explicitly Christmas themed? In that case, we think you might get more of a kick out of the way The Best Ideas for Kids made this paper Santa with a fluffy cotton ball beard instead!

7. Galaxy in a bottle cotton ball craft


Have your kids been stuck inside lately because of snow storms and you’re worried that they’re going to start going a little stir crazy soon? Well, this next project is actually intended to look more like a galaxy in space than a blizzard, but that’s not what we thought when we first looked at it! Check out how Kids Activities Blog used cotton, food colouring, water, and glitter to make this awesome blizzard (or galaxy, we guess) in a bottle!

8. Cotton ball painting activity


In our house, the crafts that go over the best and keep our kids the most occupied are almost always the ones that involve getting a little messy. That’s why this hilarious clothespin and cotton ball painting activity was such a hit with our kids! We know this one isn’t necessarily specifically winter themed, but the presence of cotton balls was enough to keep our kids entertained in their current fluff-loving phase, so that was good enough for us. Get more details for making it happen on Domestic Mommyhood.

9. Easy cotton ball snowman craft


Do you happen to have colourful miniature crafting pom poms lying around as well? Well, between those and your cotton balls, you have almost everything you need to make these funny little cotton snowmen happen! Darcy Brian shows you how to stack and glue the cotton balls into place before you embellish them, just like you’d stack actual snowballs on top of each other outside.

10. Pinecone winter cotton ball owls


Have we actually still got you thinking about how much you like the idea of making a craft involving both cotton balls and nature, but you’d like something a little cuter and geared towards your kids? Then we’re pretty sure this next tutorial from Easy Peasy and Fun might be the perfect idea for you. Besides show you how to use googly eyes and felt to embellish some pinecones until they have wings and owl faces, they also show you how to wrap the pinecones in pulled cotton balls so they have fluffy bodies, just like actual baby owls with downy winter coats do.

11. Egg carton and cotton ball ice cream cones


Now, we know we said we were going to talk about winter themed crafts and ice cream cones aren’t exactly a cold weather treat, but there’s something to be said for making cheerful, summery projects in the winter, just to lift everyone’s spirits and remind your kids that summer will come again and the cold isn’t forever! In reality, these egg carton and cotton ball ice cream cones featured on In the Playroom were just way too cute to scroll by without including them on our list.

12. Cotton ball snowflake art


Are you still feeling intrigued by the idea of cotton ball cut and paste crafts because they’re easy enough for your kids to handle mostly on their own, but you’re actually looking for a design that’s even simpler for your youngest? Then we’re pretty sure this adorable cotton ball and construction paper snowflake is the kind of tutorial you’re hoping for! Learn more about it on Munchkins & Mayhem.

13. Cotton ball and felt snowman art


Maybe you’re jus trying to collect as many different cotton ball based cut and paste crafts as you can because you already know that your kids love them and you want to help them keep things interesting? Then here’s another one for your archives! Check out the tutorial on Art, Crafts, & Family to see how simply this snowman with felt details was made.

14. Vintage inspired Christmas cotton ball garland


Have you actually long been looking for a way to have your kids add something crafty to your Christmas tree, but you’ve also put a lot of working into carefully cultivating a perfectly vintage looking aesthetic that you’d really like to maintain? Then we’re pretty sure this tutorial from Hometalk is precisely the kind of thing you’re looking for! Take a better look at their instructions to see how this snowy looking cotton ball garland was made.

15. Full and fluffy cotton wreath


Have we actually still got you thinking about how much you loved the cotton ball wreath we showed you earlier but you can’t help wondering whether there isn’t a design out there that can help you fill out the look with even more cotton than you saw in those photos? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll prefer this design from The Honeycomb Home that’s well padded with snowy cotton balls all the way around!

Have you made other kinds of awesome DIY cotton ball winter projects before that you or your kids really enjoyed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!