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New Tricks Up Your Sleeve: Old Playing Card Crafts to Fall in Love With

We’ve always loved playing cards. When we were younger, our grandparents taught us to play card games of all kinds and our family has always had great game nights where everyone gathers around the card table for one game or another. Because of that, even just seeing playing cards, whether we’re using them as normal or not, has given us a nostalgic feeling of contentedness… and also a penchant for using them in any DIY or crafting project we possibly can!

Do you love playing cards just as much as we do, if not more, or perhaps just have access to a whole bunch of old used cards that you’d love to upcycle in useful ways? Then check out this list of 15 awesome playing card crafts that will take all of those partial decks with one or two missing cards after years if play off your hands.

1. Playing card party invites


Are you a big fan of making just about any occasion you’re celebrating or hosting into a game night? Well then we’re certainly on the same page! Socializing is always great no matter what you’re doing, but we find we have a lot more fun if we’re all playing a game together than if we’re doing just about anything else. That’s why we love these little DIY party invites from Mark Montano! People will know before they’ve even read the inside of the card what they’re being invited to thanks to the awesome playing card on the front!

2. Playing card floral birthday card


Do you love the idea of making a DIY card using playing cards but you live in a very small apartment and don’t often send out invites because you don’t have a whole lot of space to host with? Well, don’t worry about it, because you can still make all kinds of other cards using playing card and they’ll be just as cool! Check out how The Craft Project made an awesome birthday greeting by cutting up pieces of colour and suit coordinated cards to create nice little flowers on the front!

3. Game night card bunting


When you do host game nights, are you the kind of super fun host who loves to go all our and create a complete décor scheme, just for a bit of extra flare? We’re totally that kind of host too! That’s why we were pleased to come across this cute but easy party bunting idea from My Crafty Adventures. We love the way they used old playing cards strung together to create awesome décor for a night full of new playing cards that are ready to use!

4. Upcycled CD playing card holder


Not every craft related to game nights and playing cards actually has to be made from playing cards. After all, if you’re a big fan of card games, you do have to save some of the cards to actually be used for playing rather than just crafting. In our household, however, some of the littler members of family still have trouble holding their entire hand throughout the whole game, even though they’re willing and eager to learn about all the different games we like to play. That’s why we made them these super useful card holders from Instructables! They’re easy to create from upcycled CDs and binder clips and they’ll make sure no one loses unfairly because they dropped their cards.

5. Hearts cards Valentine banner


Were you a big fan of the party bunting idea but you love playing cards enough that you’d love to make a similar thing for other events and celebrations instead? Well, then we have a feeling you’re going to love this heart themed bunting idea that Green Owl Crafts made for Valentine’s Day! We love the way the suit looks all gathered together and strung up with bright ribbons or tulle.

6. Playing card popsicle sticks


Perhaps the issue for you is actually lack of playing cards, rather than an having an excess of them available for crafting and DIY projects? Maybe they were all ruined from years of use or because your kids are little and get too enthusiastic for the paper to withstand when you all play together? In that case, making your very own playing cards is a great idea, especially if you make them out of something a little hardier than the cards you’ll find in stores! Check out these awesome popsicle stick playing cards from Fun Family Crafts and see whether these might be a better option for your family’s game nights. We love them because they’re actually easier for our kids to hold and they’re also simple enough to make that everyone in the family can help!

7. Playing card game night place card


Did the idea of decorating for game night, especially with DIY things that you created yourself to be on theme, really catch your attention and now you’re trying to think of other ways to spruce your place up for the next round of poker you play with your friends? Then we have a feeling you’ll really enjoy these game night place markers from My Crafty Adventures. They show you how to use a bent playing card as a marker stand and embellish it with the person’s name and an old wooden game chip.

8. Playing card Valentines


Maybe you’re still thinking about the Valentine’s day idea but you’re not sure your house really needs some bunting for the occasion? In that case, maybe you’d prefer to actually make your Valentine’s themselves out of the heart cards! Okay, so maybe you’re not still in the habit of handing many Valentine’s cards out at once like you might have in your grade school days, but this idea from Mommy Savers is a fun one to do with your kids.

9. Scattered card headpiece


Are you feeling a little more creative than the options you’ve seen so far and you actually love the aesthetic of playing cards so much that you’re considering adding them to your personal style, rather than just to your décor? Okay, so we know that playing cards aren’t necessarily the perfect accessory for a day at the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to make awesome pieces for themed parties and fancy dress occasions! Addicted to Beauty is on the same wavelength, so check out their awesome scattered card headpiece made from a plain hairband, some black jewelry wire, and as many playing cards as you please!

10. Playing card bottle cap wine tags


Have you always loved making wine glass tags because you’re an avid DIY host? We’re exactly the same way and by now we’ve amassed quite an impressive collection of tags of all different kinds, all created by ourselves using all manner of traditional and unconventional crafting supplies. Because we’ve made so many, it’s not often that we come across ideas for new tags that we haven’t tried before, so imagine how pumped we were when we found these beaded handmade tags from Crafts Unleashed that are made from playing card suits and bottle caps! See how they’re made in the site’s full tutorial.

11. “52 Reasons” complement book


Perhaps you actually do have a full deck of cards to work with and you want to make someone you love feel appreciated, but you’d rather make something a little more in depth than just a greeting card? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love this adorable DIY card book from IKEA Decora. On each of the 52 cards, write one reason that you love the person or one thing you appreciate about them. Any time they’re feeling down, they’ll be able to look back through the card pages and be reminded that someone cares for them deeply.

12. Playing card cutlery jar


Are you still caught on the idea of decorating for the best game night ever, but you’d love to keep the techniques as simple as possible because the date is coming up fast and you don’t have much time to make things? Then we suggest look for some subtle tips that are quick to do and not very involved. This cutlery jar idea from My Crafty Adventures, which simply involves some playing cards wrapped around the middle with string or coloured twine, is the perfect example of what we mean!

13. Playing card hooked rug


Perhaps your love for playing cards is so huge that you’d like to make yourself a more permanent décor piece that much of what you’ve seen so far, using some skills that you’ve already finessed elsewhere? Well, then rug hooking enthusiasts rejoice, because we’ve got the perfect pattern for you! Craft Institute guides you through the process of laying out and hooking your very own playing card inspired rug that’s fit for a queen. Get it?

14. Alice in Wonderland Cardsmen


Any regular queen has guardsmen, but in the magical world of Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of Hearts had a protection team that were a little bit different; she had a clan of cardsmen instead! Wonderland makes for an amazing party theme no matter what you’re celebrating, and whether it’s officially a games night or not, so why not involve a playing card element by making a series of cardsmen of your own? Find out how these intimidating but awesome looking little playing card soldiers were made on Elizabeth Breton.

15. Woven loom playing cards


Perhaps you’re not very big into rug hooking but you’re still a big fan of other kinds of crafts involving string and yarn of different kinds? Then playing cards are definitely still your friend in several ways! We love the idea of making a practice loom using a playing card as a base because it lets you practice your looming skills on a small scale before you tackle a bigger project while still upcycling the old cards you have lying around and putting them to good use. Whether you incorporate these into a bigger loom project or simply use them as coasters or something after you’re done because you just need something dextrous to work on with your hands while you watch TV, we think we’ll like what you see about this idea on Tangle Crafts.