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Creative Crafts to Make with Envelopes

Sometimes the best crafts are the ones you can make with supplies you already have! Using spare office supplies to get creative is a lot of fun because it doesn’t cost you anything and it makes use of things that might otherwise sitting around making clutter. That massive surplus box of envelopes that you bought five years ago, for example, is a great opportunity for a little DIY! Do you need and envelope but you’ve suddenly realized you don’t have any left? Make one out of something unconventional instead!

Check out these awesome ways to transform envelopes into fun crafts super easily. Your kids will absolutely adore some of these ideas!

1. Envelope Easter bunny

VIEW IN GALLERYEnvelope Easter bunny

(Source: The Weekend Mom)

Whether your kids use the little bunny to send an Easter card to a friend or give it a name a make it talk, they’ll get a kick out of transforming an envelope with whiskers, bunny ears, and little teeth!

2. Heart doily envelope

VIEW IN GALLERYHeart doily envelopes

(Source: Oh! Rubbish!)

Heart shaped paper doilies make the perfect unconventional envelopes for Valentine’s Day! Heck, these are so pretty we’d use them for basically any occasion.

3. Map envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYMap envelopes

(Source: Garden Delights Arts)

Old street maps folded into envelopes are an awesome way to give birthday cards to travel enthusiasts!

4. Story book picture envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYStory book picture envelopes

(Source: Indulgy)

Do you have an old picture book that’s become damaged on a page or two? Upcycle the rest of the pages by folding them into envelopes! People will love receiving letters or invitations covered in illustrations from their favourite stories!

5. Gardening book envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYGardening book envelopes

(Source: Shelly Makes)

Have you ever walked by an old book sale or yard sale and wondered what happens to all the old gardening manuals and other outdated books that don’t get picked up? Look for books with pretty drawings, pictures, or illustrations, and create themed envelopes! Gardening books’ flower diagrams look particularly pretty.

6. Calendar envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYCalendar envelopes

(Source: Homespun Seasonal Living)

What do you do with all the pretty pictures in your wall calendar at the end of the year? It sure seems like a shame to throw them in the garbage. One way to make good use of them is to make them into pretty envelopes!

7. Comic book envelopes 

VIEW IN GALLERYComic book envelopes

(Source: Bonjour Handmade)

Recycling the pages of a comic book is just as easy as using an old calendar or a story book, but that comic book-loving friend of yours will be a lot more excited about these!

8. Cardboard envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYCardboard envelopes

(Source: Paper Papel Papier)

Sometimes function is the goal rather than decor! If you’re trying to mail a friend something fragile but you haven’t made it to the post office yet to get a good envelope, make a protective one yourself from cardboard snack boxes.

9. Sheet music envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYSheet music envelopes

(Source: Digital Cake Crafting)

Many musicians fall into the habit of hoarding old sheet music that they don’t really need anymore. Instead of letting piles of paper take up space near your piano or in your studio, turn your old sheet music into pretty envelopes!

10. Magazine page envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYMagazine page envelopes

(Source: Protopian Pickle Jar)

Whether you’re looking at ads, articles, or photo editorials, magazines are full of super useful mages when it comes to making your own envelopes! Choose pictures of makeup, celebrities, or even just awesome colours.

11. Washi tape evelope

VIEW IN GALLERYWashi tape envelope

(Source: Mom Colored Glasses)

Maybe the problem isn’t making an envelope itself, but rather finding one that’s bright enough for your tastes? Washi tape will save the day! Transform a regular old envelope into something awesome with coloured, patterned tape.

12. Handmade felt envelopes

VIEW IN GALLERYHandmade felt envelope

(Source: Make and Takes)

Are you giving someone a little gift that would fit perfectly in an envelope but kind of requires a more permanent case? Whip up one of these surprisingly easy felt envelopes to keep the gift safe!

13. Bunny bookmark

VIEW IN GALLERYBunny bookmark

(Source: A Thrifty Mom)

This little bookmark pops right onto the corner of a page. The best part? It’s made from a simple envelope corner! This little bunny is a cute idea, but you can decorate yours to look however you please.

14. Handmande fabric envelope


(Source: Paper n Stitch)

Are you hoping to send a friend or loved one a note that lasts a little longer than your average paper letter? Try making and giving them one of these gorgeous fabric envelopes. Choose whatever colour, pattern, or type of fabric you like!

15. Dog puppet


(Source: Twiggle Magazine)

This little dog puppet is super fun for kids to decorate, and super easy for you to gather supplies for- he’s made from a white business envelope!

Have you created other custom envelopes or envelope-based crafts that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did them in the comments section!