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12 Modern DIY Crop Tops You’re Going to Swoon Over!

In the hot and humid days we all want to wear something breezy and light that’s not going to make us sweaty, but will instead make us look dashing and feel comfortable despite the temperatures. A crop top is the ultimate piece to wear at the peak of summertime – or if you are lucky enough to live in the land of always summer, you can sport it all year long! Check out these super stylish DIY crop tops you can make all by yourself!

1. Sequin Crop Top


You’ve got a discounted crop top at the store but you can’t shake the feeling that it could use just a little bit more flair. Give it the makeover it deserves by decorating it with a sparkly sequin ribbon that you can arrange into a pattern or a word! Take a look at how Kristi Murphy made it.

2. Cut T-Shirt Crop Top


There’s no simpler way to quickly make a crop top than to cut an old T-shirt into it! This idea is great for super busy days when you’ve already rummaged through all of your clothes twice but still nothing seems hot-weather appropriate. Learn all the secrets behind a cut T-shirt crop top at Tomboy Vintage!

3. Sunflower Crop Top


We absolutely love sunflowers and their uplifting nature of always turning towards the sun rays, reminding us of how important it is to look on the sunny side of things! If you want to sport a crop top that is super cheerful and floral, Peabrain DIY has a great tutorial for a sunflower crop top!

4. Hoodie Crop Top


The great thing about crop tops is that they have completely taken over every fashion lane, from glamorous attire to everyday sportswear! Maira Jennings made a hoodie crop top that can become a part of your morning exercise routine or just a necessary item to pack when you’re going for a fun sleepover at your best friend’s house!

5. Minimalist 90’s Crop Top


Remember the classic 90’s crop tops that were a big buzz among celebrities? Good news – they’re back! We love it when fashion trends come back around, mainly because they tend to gain a modern twist. This minimalist 90’s crop top by Love Aesthetics is a great example of that!

6. Summer Crop Top


If you are planning to show off your crop top during the hot months of summer, you’ll need it to have a proper summertime motive. Popsicles are definitely your best pick! They remind us of chilling by the pool on a hot day; what could be more summer-like that that? Peek at Brit + Co to see how you can make a summer themed crop top!

7. Plain White Crop Top


Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the super stylish options in this roundup – you can still opt for the simplicity of the plain white tee. McKenzie Renae spills the beans on how you can make your very own ordinary white crop top that mixes well with everything!

8. Wrapped Crop Top


Some crop tops are meant to be worn in the morning to your favorite coffee shop as you’re grabbing breakfast and you know you definitely won’t get photographed, while other crop tops are practically made to be shown off in photographs! Take a peek at The Felted Fox‘s fashionable wrapped crop top and call your friend with a good camera!

9. Denim Crop Top


Denim will always be cool and trendy! Sure, the last decade has dubbed it nostalgic and a so-called throwback item, but as far as we’re concerned that only makes it a more noticeable and admirable material to get creative with. Coolirpa proves this point with a lively denim crop top!

10. Printed Open Back Crop Top


One of the biggest concerns we have on a hot and humid day is overheating in our clothes. We can bet that Dushonok‘s open back crop top is a piece that poses no threat to overheating at all! And since the back is so dynamic and daring, you’ll need to balance it with a cute print on the front!

11. Off-the-Shoulder Crop Top


Speaking of Dushonok‘s brilliant crop top ideas, have you seen this off-the-shoulder top? The floral fabric sends a message of gentleness, but the design of the piece radiates playfulness! This is the ultimate summertime piece, not to mention that it’s completely unique because it’s handmade!

12. Alexander Wang Inspired Crop Top


The fashion industry is full of inspiration and high prices. You don’t have to waste your entire monthly salary on a crop top when you can simply make it yourself, especially if you have A Pair & A Spare on your team. Sorry Alexander Wang, you may be the designing god, but our readers are the DIY royalty!