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Awesome DIY Projects For Tie Dye Lovers

Are you the kind of person who loves nothing more than bright colours? Do you adore being able to combine your love for colours with your DIY skills and crafty sense of style? We could be wrong, but we’re willing to guess that tie dye is probably a look that you’re totally down with!

Check out these 15 awesome tie dye projects that are perfect for summer, or any time of year if you’re a sunny, colourful person!

1. Tie dye dish towels

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye dish towels

Quinn Cooper Style shows you how much fun it can be to add a little bit of tie dye to the kitchen in order to brighten up your daily life! Even a simple touch like this can make you feel a little more cheerful as you go about your daily chores.

2. Tie dye bed sheets

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye bed sheets

Who doesn’t love the idea of falling asleep wrapped in your favourite colours? These DIY tie dye sheets are actually much easier to make than you’d think. Check out how they’re made on Design Love Fest.

3. Tie dye pillow cases

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye pillow cases

If you’re going to tie dye yourself a nice set of sheets, you might as well make some bright pillow cases to go along with them! Make them matching colours but with different patterns or try all different colours so your bed looks like a rainbow. Bromeliad Living shows you what to do.

4. Tie dye sneakers

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye sneakers

I Love to Create reminds you that tie dye is possibly its most fun when it’s incorporated into your outfit! Express your personal style by choosing a range of shades in the same colour and letting them fluctuate across the surface of the shoes.

5. Modern tie dye scarf

VIEW IN GALLERYModern tie dye scarf

Tie dye doesn’t have to be all random patterns and splotches of colour! The Zen of Making teaches you how to dip dye in a tie dye style and also create a row of little polka dots. Try using those techniques to create an awesome, modern looking scarf just like this one!

6. Chevron tie dye halter

VIEW IN GALLERYChevron tie dye halter

Wobi Sobi suggests jazzing up a plain white halter into something much more fit for summer parties. We love the wavy effect their method has. Check out the tutorial to see how they made that happen.

7. Ombre tie dye tie

VIEW IN GALLERYOmbre tie dye tie

Tie dye doesn’t always have to be bright and bordering on neon! This slightly ombre tie is a beautiful sea foam green that lets people with a subtler sense of style enjoy tie dye too. Saved by Love Creations shows you how to make your own.

8. Sharpie tie dye Mickey Mouse shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYSharpie tie dye Mickey Mouse shirt

If the liquid dye technique isn’t quite what you had in mind, you can actually create tie dye patterns starting with designs drawn in sharpie ink! We are absolutely in love with this Mickey Mouse design from Scrap Inspired!

9. Bleach tie dye

VIEW IN GALLERYBleach tie dye

Once you’ve got the tie dye technique down, you can create the same patterns on dark denim using bleach! Rather than getting crazy colours, you’ll get awesome lines and swirls where the denim has turned a lighter colour. Just be careful not to get bleach on anything else! My Blonde Gal walks you through the whole process step by step.

10. Tissue paper tie dye

VIEW IN GALLERYTissue paper tie dye

Land of Nod has a great suggestion for introducing kids to the art of tie dying! Rather than starting them right away on clothes, which is very permanent, try perfecting their dying skills by creating custom dyed tissue paper instead. Kids will love unfolding the triangles to see what kinds of colour patterns they’ve created!

11. Tie dye play dough

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye play dough

Do your kids love nothing more than playing with bright, hands on toys? Play Dough is probably a big hit in your house then! As you know, however, we’re always a fan of making your own versions of things. Why not incorporate some tie dye into their play routine by creating custom tie dyed Play Dough just like Kids Play Box did!

12. Sharpie tie dye circle shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYSharpie tie dye circle shirt

Do you love the look and the idea of the sharpie tie dye technique you saw earlier on this list, but you’re not sure the Mickey Mouse pattern is the one for you? Check out how Martha Stewart created this cute variegated circle design instead!

13. Rainbow tie dye shorts

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow tie dye shorts

Do you love the idea of wearing bright statement pieces when it comes to your summer wardrobe? Then these DIY tie dye rainbow shorts by Xcomemoda are exactly the kind of project you’re looking for!

14. Ombre maxi dress
VIEW IN GALLERYOmbre maxi dress

If you love the idea of tie dye clothing but you’d prefer something a little less shockingly rainbow than the shorts, try dip dying the bottom of a maxi dress instead. This will add a little bit of colourful flair without overwhelming your whole look. Check out how it’s done on Pearmama!

15. Tie dye embroidery hoop art

VIEW IN GALLERYTie dye embroidery hoop art

If you have access to cheap cross stitching supplies or perhaps an over abundance of embroidery tools, then you’re almost prepared to make this awesome tie dye wall art by Inspired by Charm! Tie dye the fabric like you would a shirt or towel and when it’s done, stretch it across the embroidery hoop like you would if you were preparing to create a cross stitched project. Hang them frames on your wall in a pretty pattern!

Have you created other awesome tie dye projects that we simply must see? Tell us all about how you did them in the comments section!