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Interesting Recipes Involving Potato Chips

We love potato chips. It’s as simple as that! We love the salt, we love the crunch… we’ve just always loved chips! What if, instead of making chips… we made things with chips? They might not sound like the most classic ingredient ever, especially since one doesn’t usually eat chips for dinner (emphasis on usually), but that’s never stopped us from trying something before! The moment we had the thought, we began our search for recipes, wondering whether other people had ever thought of using potato chips as an ingredient in actual meals before we had our little stroke of genius.

Are you just as intrigued as we were about the idea of making potato chip dishes and now you can’t help but think about how excited your kids would be about dinner when you tell them their dinner has chips in it? Then check out these 15 amazing and surprisingly delicious recipes that include chips on their ingredient list!

1. Potato chip crusted chicken breast


Just about everyone has tried breaded chicken breasts before and we’ve even had cornflake encrusted chicken fingers that had a satisfying crunch to them, but have you ever heard of chicken crusted with crushed potato chips? We hadn’t either until we found this post from Foodie Crush but the moment we took our first bite on the night we first tried them, we were completely obsessed! Sure, covering your main course in chips might not sound like the healthiest thing in the world, but we think you’ll forget about that the moment you taste this dish.

2. Homemade potato chips with Sriracha, BBQ sauce, Greek yogurt, and blue cheese


Okay, we know we just said that this post was going to be more about making things with chips rather than making homemade chips themselves, but this snack is just so delicious that we couldn’t resist putting it on our list. Besides showing you how to make your very own crispy potato chips, How Sweet Eats shows you how to top them with sriracha, barbecue sauce, and Greek yogurt, making a gourmet version of your favourite junk food that’s fit for an especially awesome movie night.

3. Bacon, beer, and potato chip cookie bars


If you’re going to use one unconventional ingredient in a dish, why not use more as well? We’re especially intrigued by the idea of combining weird foods together when it comes to making awesome desserts because, as you can probably tell by now, we really love treats. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we stumbled across this amazing cookie bar recipes featured on Life, Love, and Sugar! We promise that the idea of combining salty and savoury things like bacon, beer, and potato chips with cookies really does turn out delicious and sweet like an actual dessert but if you don’t believe us, we guess you’ll just have to try it!

4. Caramel, coconut, and potato chip marshmallow treats


Have we really got your attention now that we’ve started talking about putting potato chips in different desserts because you’ve always loved sweet and salty tastes together in one place? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to be very into these funny dessert squares from Endlessly Inspired! They combine caramel, coconut, marshmallows, and potatoes together to make something akin to rice crispy squares… only with chips instead of cereal, which sounds like every kids’ dream, if you ask us.

5. 5-ingredient kettle chip chocolate fudge


We know we just finished telling you about how much we love salty things, but we can’t help but mention how much we love fudge too, even though it’s very sweet. Imagine our excitement, then, when we realized that there’s a delicious way to combine two things we love a whole lot in one place! Gimme Some Oven guides you through the process of making simple five ingredient chocolate fudge that’s topped with caramel and crushed kettle chips to add a little bit of salt and crunch with every smooth, rich bite.

6. Chocolate covered potato chip macarons


If you’re going to make yourself a unique snack including unique ingredients like crushed potato chips, would you prefer to make it something very trendy so your guests, friends, or family members will be particularly excited about them? Then, for your consideration, we present these totally awesome and perfectly textured potato chip macarons! As if the combination of these two things wasn’t enough, Love and Olive Oil guides you through the process of not only making them but also dipping them in chocolate. These are the kinds of gourmet treats you’d find in a cute, boutique place full of interesting snacks but they’re less expensive when you make them at home!

7. “Late night snack” cookies


Have you ever been on a junk food binge during movie night and briefly had the childlike wish that you could combine all your different favourite snacks together in one giant delicious ultra snack? Well, these “late night snack cookies” might not be giant, since they’re made just like regular cookies, but they certainly combine a lot of the best junk foods out there! Check out the recipe and tutorial on Cookies & Cups to see how they combine brown sugar cookies, Snickers bars, and potato chips.

8. Dark chocolate sweet potato chips


All right, we admit it; we have so much fun making our own potato chips before that we just couldn’t resist sliding yet another homemade chip recipe into the mix, even though we said that’s not technically what this list is about. This recipe, however, is a little bit different than the ones you’ve probably seen before! Minimalist Baker guides you through the process of making sweet potato chips, rather than regular potato chips, but rather than just salting them, they show you how to combine sweet and salty by dipping the chips in chocolate on one end. They’re almost as pretty looking as they are delicious!

9. Potato chip brownies


Speaking of sweet and salty things combined, have you ever tried salted brownies? Well, we have and they were delicious, but for some reason we just kept wishing that they had some crunch to them. Maybe that’s because we’re used to our favourite salty snack being crunchy. Whatever the reason, we fixed that small issue (let’s be serious, any kind of brownie is delicious, so we weren’t exactly mad about the other ones) by making ourselves these decadent potato chip brownies featured on A Beautiful Mess!

10. “Oh, Baby” bars


Are you still thinking about the “late night snack” cookies that we showed you earlier, but you’re actually more of a fan of brownies and bars than you are of cookies? Well, then here’s a brownie version of the same idea for you so that no one goes unsatisfied! The Pretty Life Girls guides you through the process of making brownies that also include caramel, salted potato chips, chocolate chips, crumbled pretzels, brown sugar, and maple syrup. Could you imagine anything more rich? No wonder they’re called “oh baby” bars!

11. “Dude food” magic bars


At first we wondered why these delicious dessert bars were called “dude food” bars, but then we saw our male relatives and friends go to town on them and that explained itself pretty quickly! These particular dessert bars aren’t quite cookies and aren’t quite brownies, but they’re still incredibly delicious! Sugar Hero shows you how to combine bacon, pretzels, chocolate chips, and potato chips into one monstrously delicious treat.

12. Chocolate chips


Get it? Chocolate chips? Okay, okay, puns aside, these chocolate drizzled potato chips are so darn good that we think you’ll forgive us! Whether you buy the chips from the store or make your very own at home, Inspired By Charm shows you how to drizzle them with both white and milk chocolate and then sprinkle them with, well, sprinkles! They’re the perfect sweet and salty treat because they still give you a satisfying crunch but with a chocolatey after taste that you’ll just adore.

13. Salted chocolate tart with kettle chip crust


If you’re going to make a delicious sweet and salty treat, would you rather make it something that you can share easily, but not a dessert bar either? Sometimes if we’re having guests we’d rather serve something you eat with a fork rather than something that would have you licking salt and caramel off your fingers, even if it still involves potato chips. In that case, we’d suggest trying out this delicious salted chocolate tart that has potato chips crushed and mixed right into the crust! Find out how the whole thing is done on What’s Gaby Cooking.

14. Potato chip cookies with chocolate and sea salt


Did we really catch your attention when we mentioned cookies that have potato chips in them but you weren’t so sure about all the other kinds of snacks they included too? Well, we admit that they did look pretty rich and we can see how you might like a simpler recipe, even if we’re talking about recipes that have potato chips where they usually wouldn’t be. Here’s the slightly simpler junk food cookies you were probably hoping for! Check out how Baked By Rachel made cookies containing chips and chocolate chips.

15. Tuna noodle casserole with potato chip crust


Sweets and treats have pretty much dominated this list, and for good reasons, but that doesn’t mean the entree options were limited at just crusted chicken breasts! Here’s one that our kids liked even more than the chicken when we made it. This Beautiful Day guides you through the process of making not just a delicious tuna noodle casserole, but also of making a crust on the top from those crushed potato chips we keep fawning over!