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DIY Gel Candle Designs You’ll Love

Making your own candles is always a rewarding process. Whether you’re making them for decor or aroma, it’s satisfying to know that the pretty glow in the room was your own doing. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to make things that are a little less classic or traditional.

Check out these 15 adorable gel candle designs that will have you ready to get mixing in no time at all!

1. Under the sea

VIEW IN GALLERYUnder the sea

(Source: How to be Perfect Woman)

The beauty of clear gel is that it already looks like water before you’ve even decorated. Embrace that by creating an under-the-sea scene using sand and tiny seashells in a glass.

2. Pansy flower gel candles

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Pansy flower gel candles

(Source: Wei Lee)

If you’re a lover of all things floral, try using pansy flowers inside the high density gel in order to preserve the petals in a timeless, absolutely gorgeous way.

3. Gummy bear gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYGummy bear gel candle.

(Source: Fab Furnish)

Believe it or not, you can actually use candy to embellish your gel candles! As the gel burns, the candies will melt right along with the gel wax, giving off a sweet scent. We love how fun these floating gummy bears look!

4. Blue water gel candles

VIEW IN GALLERYBlue water gel candles

(Source: DIY Weddings)

Try using liquid candle dye to tint the gel until it’s ever so slightly blue, just like tropical waters that might have real shells and starfish. If you’d like a bit of contrast, pair some clear water scenes with some blue ones!

5. Frothing beer gel candle


(Source: Candle and Soap)

Candle and Soap shows you how to make the perfect DIY gel candle as a gift for the big beer lover in your life! We love that the foam looks so realistic “dripping” down the side of the glass!

6. Pot pourri gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYPot pourri gel candle(Source: Smooth Candles)

This tutorial shows you how to create an adorably autumn-like scene within a gel candle using the same ingredients as your favourite pot pourri recipe. The smell will be spicy and deep, a little bit like leaves falling.

7. Sequinned gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYSequinned gel candle

(Source: How to be Perfect Woman)

We love the idea of including all things sparkly in a clear gel candle so they can peek through while it glows! Coloured sequins and tiny seed beads layered in the bottoms looks both stylish and fun.

8. Floating gel candles

VIEW IN GALLERYFloating gel candles

(Source: JK Arts)

Gel candles are amazingly light, which makes them perfect for floating in a large bowl or water. If you want to get really decorative, grab some food poisoning and dye the water a colour that complements the colour of gel you’ve used.

9. Layered cocktail gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYLayered cocktail gel candle

(Source: JK Arts)

This great video tutorial walks you through the process of making and layering different colours of gel wax to create an adorable rainbow effect.

10. Champagne gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade margarita gel candle

(Source: One Stop Party Ideas)

You’ve already seen a gel candle shaped like a lager or beer, but what about your friends who don’t drink beer? Try making them this little champagne candle instead! Using gel that looks like a liquid in pastel hue is incredibly versatile indeed.

11. Strawberry mocktail gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYStrawberry mocktail gel candle

(Source: Soumz)

In case you love the gel candle drink idea but you just haven’t the the style that’s right for you yet, here’s another suggestion! We love that it looks like an actual strawberry mocktail. Just make sure no one tries to drink it!

12. Applejack and orange peel gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYApplejack and orange peel gel candle

(Source: Bulk Apothecary)

Besides being an awesome exercise in dying gel wax, this tutorial gives you a gel candle that smells delicious and shows you how neat it can look when a couple of your embellishments stick out of the top of the gel rather than being encased inside.

13. Open blossom gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYOpen blossom gel candle

(Source: Wedding Favours Unlimited)

Placing an open blossom in the bottom of the glass before you complete the gel wax process is an absolutely stunning look that we’re totally obsessed with it. The flower will be encased forever looking as though it’s still fresh.

14. Cinnamon apple cider gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon apple cider gel candle

(Source: Cut Out and Keep)

Besides looking totally adorable, these little cider candles will smell of delicious cinnamon that makes you feel like fall time, right when it gets cold enough to actually drink cider.

15. Rainbow gel candle

VIEW IN GALLERYRainbow gel candle

(Source: Gel Art)

Using clear gel wax mixed with different gel or candle dyes at different levels helps you create a rainbow effect that’s perfect for summer! We love that you can control how brightly these colours appear.

Have you made other awesome gel candle designs that you don’t see on our list? Tell us about how you did them in the comments section!