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15 Deliciously Fun Snacks for Kids’ Parties

Everyone knows one of the best parts of going to a party is the food! Celebrating something, even if it’s just good company, is a great reason to make special snacks that people don’t normally get to enjoy.

Kids’ parties are an especially fun reason to get creative with snacks! Kids already love finger foods and will be excited for fun games and treats, so why not combine the two ideas? Check out these novelty party snacks that little ones can eat on the go.

1. Oreo Fluff


Dips are an easy party treat! Adult parties have taco dip, but not every kid likes spice. Instead, try Back for Seconds‘ sweet and easy Oreo fluff! All you need is:

  • Vanilla pudding mix
  • Milk
  • Cream cheese
  • Cool whip
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Oreos

2. Cowboy Cupcakes

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Cupcakes are a classic grab-and-go treat for kids’ parties! Not only are they delicious, but they’re a canvas for endless cute decorative ideas. Try Ricardo Cuisine‘s idea for making cute cowboy hat cupcake toppers out of Pringles, jelly candies, and raspberry liquorice!

3. Princess Leia Cupcakes

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With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you can bet that kids will be begging for Star Wars themed birthday parties! Make sure the girls are represented amongst the novelty character decor by making Totally the Bomb‘s Princess Leia Cupcakes. Kids will love that each cupcake comes with two bonus cookies!

4. Princess Dress Cupcakes

 VIEW IN GALLERYprincess-dress-cupcakes

Speaking of girly cupcake ideas, check out this adorable princess dress cake from Examiner! The entire cake is make of cupcakes, so instead of cutting pieces you can let each child take the one they want. The shape and decoration are easy, but the overall effect will be the perfect touch at a princess party.

5. Peanut Butter Snails

VIEW IN GALLERYPeanut Butter Snails

Party snacks don’t have to be all about sweet treats! Kids will love healthier novelty finger foods too. Check out April Seven‘s adorable idea for peanut butter snails made from apples, celery, pretzels, peanut butter, and a couple chocolate chips just to sweeten the deal.

6. Grape Caterpillars

VIEW IN GALLERYGrape Caterpillars

Not only are grapes healthy and delicious, but kids will get a kick out of the idea of “eating bugs”. Honey and Butter shows you how to thread green grapes along a wooden skewer and give the “head” of each caterpillar eyes made from vanilla frosting and chocolate chips!

7. Cookie Butter Popcorn

VIEW IN GALLERYCookie-butter-popcorn

I Heart Naptime‘s cookie butter popcorn literally looks like a party in a bowl! Set out plastic cups in fun colours and let kids fill them up with this deliciously sweet and salty snack on their way to the next fun activity.

8. Pencil Pushers

VIEW IN GALLERYpencil-pushers

Does your child love drawing? Then Bakerella‘s “pencil pushers” push up cake pop idea is perfect for their birthday party. Made from icing, a chocolate chip, vanilla cake cut into circles, and the magic of food colouring, pencil pushers combine snack time with play time in a delicious way.

9. Milk and cookie “shooters”

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Before you feel skeptical about the idea of serving “shooters” at a kids’ party, think of how convenient the miniature size is! Fill large shot glasses with milk, pop a cookie cut out on the edge of the glass, and give each one a small straw. The Chic Site‘s milk and cookie shooters are easy to carry, quick to eat, and absolutely scrumptious.

10. Snake Sandwiches


Like the bug themed snacks, the idea of eating a “snake sandwich” is just intriguing enough to encourage kids to eat the healthy foods before they binge on sweets. Good to Know shows you how to cut out, put together, and shape the perfect winding snake snack from wholesome ingredients.

11. Pizza Puffs

VIEW IN GALLERYDelicious Pizza Puffs

Pizza is a great meal idea for any party, but it also means greasy fingers and sit-down meal time. Give your kids the freedom to move around without missing out on their favourite party meal by making Lick the Bowl Good‘s bite-sized pizza puffs!

12. Coney Snack Mix

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Kid’s Kubby gives you the perfect grab-bag solution for the fact that kids don’t always like the same treats. Instead of going out of the way to bake something half the kids won’t eat, set out bowls of small treats (think Teddy Grahams, mini marshmallows, and so on). Give each kid an ice cream cone and let them fill’er up!

13. Mini Hot Dogs

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Novelty sized and buffet style eating are great low maintenance options at kids’ parties. “Mini” foods give your “mini-me” more options to taste without getting full too quickly. Taste‘s mini hot dogs are a perfect way to serve a party favourite without limiting the meal to one thing!

14. Potato Wedges

 VIEW IN GALLERYpotato-wedges

Especially if you serve them in novelty sized packages, potato wedges make the perfect fast finger food for kids. Check out Kidspot‘s recipe for golden, fluffy potato wedges with a little more flavour than regular french fries!

15. Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate Dipped Marshmallows

Not only does this snack taste delicious, but it also looks absolutely adorable. BBC Good Food shows you how easy it is to put a big marshmallow on the end of a wooden skewer, dip it in warm chocolate, and decorate it with candies or sprinkles however you please. Setting these skewers in a tall glass will make them look like a candy bouquet!

Whether your kids are celebrating a birthday, having their first slumber party, or even just deserving of a treat, think bite-sized and fun to look at! Do you have other snack ideas that are perfect for a kids’ party? Tell us about them in the comments!

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