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14 Yummy Desserts for Cinnamon Enthusiasts

Cinnamon is a flavour that makes us happy all year round, but there are few things that are quite so satisfying as a deliciously rich cinnamon taste around the holidays. There’s something about how sweet, spicy, and bold the taste is all at once that really just gets us in the spirit for enjoying family time at home no matter how cold the weather outside gets.

If you’re also in favour of enjoying as much cinnamon as possible this Christmas season, check out these 14 delicious recipes that will keep your palette entertained!

1. Cinnamon apple baked oatmeal

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon apple baked oatmeal

Have you always loved putting a little dash of cinnamon into your breakfast oatmeal, even when you’re not celebrating a special time of year? Well, this delicious baked dessert is kind of like that, but sweeter and full of apples too! Serious Eats shows you how to take the idea of combining oats and cinnamon to the next level.

2. Apple cinnamon mini monkey breads with lemon glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYApple cinnamon mini monkey breads with lemon glaze

If we had to pick a second favourite flavour to cinnamon we’d probably choose citrus and lemon flavours, so imagine how excited we were when we discovered this delicious monkey bread recipe from The Ktchn that combines the two! As if a warm bun texture wasn’t enough, a gooey cinnamon filling and drizzled glaze will keep you satisfied!

3. Crunchy cinnamon roll cake

VIEW IN GALLERYCrunchy cinnamon roll cake

Perhaps you love the flavour of cinnamon rolls more than most things but you actually prefer crunchy textures to soft breads or cakes? Then Crunchy Creamy Sweet has found the perfect combination treat for you. This cinnamon roll cake has a crunch that will satisfy all of your texture needs while still giving you your favourite taste.

4. Cinnamon rice milk

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade Cinnamon rice milk

Are you looking for a cocktail drink idea that’s a lot more unique than the sugary fruit flavoured ones you’ll see on most lists? Don’t get us wrong, this one’s sugary as well, but it balances its sweetness with cinnamon for a rich taste that’s a lot more holiday and a lot less summertime. Real Simple shows you how to make the drink using rice milk and rum.

5. Chocolate cinnamon swirl meringues

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate cinnamon swirl meringues

Meringue is one of our favourite treats because the crunch is satisfying with each bite but the texture immediately starts to break down and melt in your mouth in a unique, delicious way. Possibly the best part, however, is that you can fill them! These little meringue bites by Serious Eats are chalk full of cinnamon and chocolate swirled together.

6. Chocolate cinnamon pudding with raspberries

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate cinnamon pudding with raspberries

Chocolate pudding is delicious. Raspberries are juicy and mouthwatering. The combination of the two is practically irresistible. As if that wasn’t enough, Real Simple decided to throw in another delicious ingredient into the mix: cinnamon! It adds a deep, delicious spice to the pudding the complements the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly.

7. Roasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon

VIEW IN GALLERYRoasted sweet potatoes with honey and cinnamon

Perhaps our favourite part of making dishes with cinnamon is that it complements so many different flavours so well. Sure, you can put it in desserts or breakfast foods and enjoy it as part of a sweet treat, but it’ll also take great in more savoury dishes as well. We love the way Food Network used cinnamon to season yummy roasted chunks of sweet potato, for example. If you prefer cinnamon with something a little sweeter, though, you can always add a dash of honey to this dish too!

8. Spicy cinnamon microwave peanut brittle

VIEW IN GALLERYSpicy cinnamon microwave peanut brittle

Have you gotten completely caught up in the sweet and spicy trend yet? We sure have and, while we’re not sure we’ll ever escape, we’re not mad about it either. Better Recipes shows you how to make a delicious peanut brittle recipe that’s spiced with a combination of cinnamon and hot Hungarian paprika and it’s so darn easy to do that you can do it right in your microwave.

9. Cinnamon raisin puff pastry waffle

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon raisin puff pastry waffle

Did you like the idea of the sugar and cinnamon dusted waffle fingers a lot but you’d rather make a version that has the cinnamon and flavouring actually mixed into the batter, rather than just being sprinkled on top where it can fall off and decrease the flavour? Then we certainly think you should check out this scrumptious cinnamon raisin puff pastry waffle from Serious Eats!

10. Cinnamon Snickerdoodles

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are delicious; there are no ifs, ands, or buts about that! They’re the perfect Christmas cookie consistency and they’re full of subtle sweetness that satisfies your cookie craving without being overwhelming. Cookies and Cups makes their snickerdoodles even better than usual, however, by dusting them with cinnamon and sugar in as many layers as you please!

11. Sweet potato cinnamon buns

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet potato cinnamon buns

Are you a huge fan of healthier alternative recipes for classic dishes? How about using vegetables in unconventional ways whenever you can? Then we think you might enjoy the recipe from The Ktchn that shows you how to make cinnamon buns using a base created from sweet potatoes! Including healthy vegetables in the recipe is a great excuse to eat an extra bun, right…?

12. Cinnamon topped Amish custard pie

VIEW IN GALLERYCinnamon topped Amish custard pie

This recipe is another one of those foods that makes us want to go down the list of good features and tick them off in a grateful way. It’s a pie. It’s a custard pie. It’s a custard pie with crispy, golden crust that flakes perfectly with each bite. What more could we ask for? Oh, that’s right: cinnamon! Mr Food guides you through the process of making this delicious Amish custard pie and dusting it with a liberal layer of cinnamon on top.

13. Crispy cinnamon Cornflake squares

VIEW IN GALLERYCrispy cinnamon Cornflake squares

When we first saw the words “cinnamon cornflakes”, our hearts just about jumped for joy at the thought of a new cinnamon filled breakfast option. Then we realized that we were really looking at a dessert recipe that just uses breakfast cereal, but we were far from sad at the realization. What better thing for a crunchy and delicious cinnamon snack than cornflakes? Get the details from Real Simple.

14. Apple cinnamon bourbon

VIEW IN GALLERYApple cinnamon bourbon

Have you been scrolling this whole list so far admiring each dessert but thinking about how all you really need at this point in the holiday season is a stiff drink? Well, there’s a cinnamon option for even you! The Ktchn shows you how to turn a regular liquor into a fragrant apple cinnamon bourbon that will warm you all the way through on a cold day.

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