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White Christmas Joy: 15 Cute Snowman Themed Crafts for Kids

When it comes to keeping active in the winter, we don’t have to worry for a moment about our kids. They’re so obsessed with playing outside in the snow that we’ve never had to force them into their snow pants in our lives! The reason they’re so excited about it every day is that they’re completely in love with making snow people. Some days, however, it’s simply too cold where we live for them to last very long outside, so we’ve been looking up crafts that will help them make the snowmen they love so much inside instead.

Just in case your kids would get a kick out of awesome snowman crafts just as much as ours do, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest ideas and tutorials we’ve come across so far!

1. Snowman paper plate and stick puppets


We always find that the kinds of crafts that do the best with our kids are the ones where they get to make something that they can continue using after they’re finished the actual crafting process. That’s why we thought these popsicle stick snowman puppets outlined step by step on iHeart Crafty Things were such a good idea! We love the buttons and ribbon scarves.

2. Popsicle stick snowman door hanger


Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about snowman crafts made with popsicles sticks because that has always been one of your kids’ favourite crafting techniques? In that case, we think they’ll get even more of a kick out of the way Happy Home Fairy made an entire snowman face and hat from popsicle sticks that have been painted and embellished!

3. Spoon snowmen


If you’re going to get crafty with your kids this holiday season, would you prefer to use spare things you already have around the house that you’re not using, since you won’t have time to go buy more crafting supplies? Well, if you’ve got some plastic spoons you’ve had for years, we’d suggest upcycling them into adorable DIY snowmen just like Sunshine and Hurricanes did here!

4. Cupcake liner snowman


Speaking of repurposing things that you’ve found in your kitchen, here’s another idea along those lines while we’re at it! Check out how iHeart Crafty Things did a simple cut and paste craft that’s a little more unconventional than usual by flattening white cupcake liners to make the piled circles of their snowmen! Then you can embellish them as you please. We love the button snow falling around this one!

5. CD snowman


Have you actually been on a bit of a kick with your kids about crafting with unconventional materials and doing mixed media projects, where you use different kinds of unique supplies all at once? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a pretty big kick out of the way Happy Hooligans painted and embellished old CDs to look like funny snowman ornaments.

6. Recycled can lid snowman


Just in case you’re not quite out of the kitchen yet in your mental roundup of things you could upcycle, here’s a fantastic project that lets you make use of tin can lids! Check out how Things to Share and Remember carefully punctured holes in them and linked them together using crafting wire before embellishing them.

7. Balloon printed snowman craft


Our kids have always been huge fans of painting crafts, but sometimes they like to get a little unconventional with their methods and paint with something besides just your average paint brush! That’s why we thought they’d get such a kick out of this balloon printing paint idea from Cooking With Ruthie. It creates rounded shapes that are perfect for snowman art!

8. Melted snowman craft


We know there are plenty of melted snowman themed things out there right now because the concept has definitely gone through a bit of a trend lately, but this particular idea from iHeart Crafty Things was just so cute and detailed that it was definitely a forerunner for us! We love that it’s also a recycling project; the snowman’s head is made from an empty fruit cup snack.

9. Tissue paper snowman


Are your kids very into crafts that create unique texture lately? In that case, we have a feeling this scrunched tissue paper snowman outlined on The Spruce Crafts in simple steps might be right up their alley! We love that the texture created here is both visual and physical, making this a decent sensory craft.

10. Felt and PVC section melted snowman


Just in case you loved the melted snowman idea but you don’t have any fruit cup snacks around to eat for their container, here’s an alternative idea from Live, Craft, Love that will get your kids crafting with softer materials instead! Check out their tutorial to see how this melted snowman was made from felt and a small cut section of PVC piping!

11. Stuffed snowman sewing craft


Have you actually been looking for a slightly more challenging project that you could try with your older kids in order to get them practicing basic hand sewing techniques and dexterity? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Imagination Tree made these adorable little stuffed snowmen out of felt! Take a better look at their tutorial to see how they sewed carefully around the edges.

12. Paper plate lacing craft snowman


Are you very intrigued by the sewn snowman craft but you’re worried your kids are actually still just a little too young for that advanced a project? Then maybe you’d have better luck setting them up to try that out next year if you get them practicing their lacing techniques on paper plates now! iHeart Crafty Things shows you how they made these triple plate snowman laced with gold gift ribbon.

13. No-sew sock snowman


Did you know that sewing isn’t the only technique you can use to make a plush snowman? Well, luckily for all of us, Easy Peasy and Fun is here to show us just how the no-sew version is done! We love how rounded and adorable their simple sock snowman looks at the end, right down to his funny sock-toe hat.

14. Q-Tip painted snowman


Are you actually still scrolling through our list and thinking about how much your kids would enjoy at least one more painting project done with an unconventional tool besides the balloon? Then here’s another one that uses something you’ll definitely already have around and available! See how Mess for Less painted these snowmen using a cotton swab or Q-Tip.

15. Cotton ball snowman


Just in case you’re still imaging all the different possibilities for making textured snowmen, here’s another one for your list besides the scrunched up tissue paper! Check out the tutorial on Easy Peasy and Fun to learn how they made these super soft snowmen using cotton balls, construction paper, buttons, and popsicle sticks for the arms.