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Delicious Winter Cake Recipes to Droll Over!

Winter baking is one of our favourite pass times until the cold weather thaws and spring comes again. Sure, we might pack on a few extra pounds each year around the holidays, but that’s something you can deal with in the new year! For now, we’re in full on treat mode and we don’t care who knows it. We’re pretty big fans of all baked goods, but there’s just something about baking a winter cake that tickles our fancy more than most things.

Between the scrumptious seasonal flavours and the gorgeous decor options, we’d bake one every day if our families could eat them that fast!

1. Shimmering forest cake

VIEW IN GALLERYShimmering forest cake

BBC Good Food guides you through the process of not just baking a delicious cake but also decorating it to look like a lovely winter wonderland! We can’t get enough of the chrome silver candies or the fondant trees in different sizes. Plus, putting it all on a crisply clean white base creates the illusion of an untouched snowy field… until your kids get at it, of course.

2. Whipped eggnog loaf cake

VIEW IN GALLERYWhipped eggnog loaf cake

Just in case very sweet cakes with lots and lots of thick icing aren’t really your thing, here’s an equally scrumptious loaf idea instead! The Ktchn shows you how to make this treat from actual whipped eggnog, drizzling the finished loaf with a light sugar icing that’s a perfect touch rather than being too sweet.

3. Winter spiced molten chocolate cake with rum ginger ice cream

VIEW IN GALLERYWinter spiced molten chocolate cake with rum ginger ice cream

Are your favourite treats and baked goods always the ones that involve chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate? Then we can’t think of anything better than a rich molten chocolate cake that oozes more chocolate with each bite! Epicurious shows you how to make one that’s spiced to perfection with just the perfect amount of ginger for the holidays.

4. Citrus and almond cake

VIEW IN GALLERYCitrus and almond cake

Perhaps it’s the subtly decadent flavour that it can give a baked good, but for some reason almond cake just immediately transports our minds to childhood Christmases, sneaking extra pieces of dessert whenever we could. Adding a lemony citrus taste into the mix will only take things to the next level in terms of flavour! Check out Pick n’ Pay‘s deliciously fresh holiday idea.

5. Holiday winter wonderland cake

VIEW IN GALLERYHoliday winter wonderland cake

Did you like the fir tree decor you saw above but you’d rather something a little less clean cut in favour or texture or cute layers? Then check out Style Sweet CA‘s tutorial for making this adorable winter wonderland cake! The cake itself is simple and delicious, featuring rich chocolate sponge and whipped cream in the middle, as well as on top like a layer of snow. The trees are thinly sliced fondant icing and they’re a blast to make!

6. Winter spiced layer cake

VIEW IN GALLERYWinter spiced layer cake

Perhaps you’re looking for for a much more gourmet recipe that looks utterly decadent before you’ve even taken the first bite? Then we certainly suggest this scrumptious spiced layer cake by Grandmother’s Kitchen. It’s the perfect combination of rich sweetness and fragrant spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

7. Anise and orange weekend cake

VIEW IN GALLERYAnise and orange weekend cake

Few things remind us of Christmas as much as orange cakes, particularly when they’re blended cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise, and pistachios. You might not realize how many scents and flavours you love around the holidays are made of this exact blend, but Evan’s Kitchen Ramblings is here to remind you how great a thing it is (especially in the form of cake).

8. Fresh apple cake with boiled cider glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYFresh apple cake with boiled cider glaze

Sometimes the best part of a cake is actually the filling in the middle! That’s certainly how we feel about this amazingly delicious apple cake, which harbors a fruity, sweet, and perfectly spiced centre that pours out with every bite. The way Jane’s Sweets drizzles the outside of the cake with a boiled cider glaze that resembles caramel just tops the whole idea off in a mouthwatering way.

9. Fresh winter fruit cake with caramel glaze

VIEW IN GALLERYFresh winter fruit cake with caramel glaze

Fruit cake has always been the true treat of the Christmas season. For most families we know, it’s essentially tradition by now and we see it at every meal, whether it’s actually the big day yet or not! Sometimes, however, it’s nice to take things to the next level, and that’s exactly what Top Inspired did here with their gooey caramel glaze.

10. Toasted coconut cake

VIEW IN GALLERYToasted coconut cake

Sometimes the best cakes to make during the holidays aren’t technically holiday cakes at all, if you’re considering things by flavour. Coconut, for example, is a much more summery flavour than something like cinnamon or spiced apple. Coconut shavings, however, look absolutely perfect as a mock snow, letting you create any kind of winter scene you want on top. Buttercream Bakehouse kept theirs simple here, but they’ll show you how to do it either way!

11. Eggnog no-bake cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYEggnog no-bake cheesecake

When we think of cakes, our mines usually automatically go to the world of “baking”, but every once in a while we come across a recipe that doesn’t actually require any baking at all! This delicious no-bake cheesecake by Delish, for example, combines everything you love about classic cheesecake with the mouthwatering holiday flavour of eggnog, all with a creamy, irresistible consistency.

12. Sparkling cranberry white chocolate cake

VIEW IN GALLERYSparkling cranberry white chocolate cake

Even if you don’t follow the specific cake recipe that Life, Love, and Sugar outlines for you (though we’ve actually tried this one and we can assure you that it’s worth your while), borrowing their “frosted” berry idea is a beautiful winter accent for any holiday cake. By rolling cranberries in sugar and embellishing the cake with them, you can give the whole dessert a gorgeous Christmas feel.

13. Yule log cake

VIEW IN GALLERYYule log cake

If you’ve never had a chocolate Swiss roll cake, then we’re sorry to inform you that you’ve been missing out! Luckily, however, it’s never too late to start enjoying a good baked treat. We’re completely in love with the way Mon Petit Four made the cake actually look like a decorative little festive yule log by tracing lines in the icing.

14. Hot chocolate no-bake cheesecake

VIEW IN GALLERYHot chocolate no-bake cheesecake

Did you love the idea of making an easy no-bake cheese cake but you’re not a huge fan of the way eggnog tastes? You can still enjoy that type of cake, but in a different flavour. Delish suggests making a hot chocolate version instead! As if that wasn’t good enough, they’ve added marshmallows to the mix, just like you’d splash onto the top of an actual mug of hot cocoa.

15. Gingerbread cake

VIEW IN GALLERYGingerbread cake

Are you set on baking a cake that everyone can share but you’re still kind of dreaming about the delicious gingerbread cookies you had a couple days ago? Then merge the two into one delicious dish! Super Golden Bakes guides you through the process of making a gorgeous layered cinnamon and nutmeg gingerbread cake complete with iced cookie trees and tiny meringue “snow” hills.