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An Unconventional Interior: DIY Indoor Benches

We usually see benches in parks and people’s backyards; places where we sit down, turn our face towards the sun-rays and enjoy in the fresh air. Benches represent a sacred haven in the midst of the busy outdoors and they are such a familiar sight. Bringing them indoors is an unconventional concept, but it’s becoming more and more popular – and with a good reason! Check out these wonderful DIY indoor benches that will add a unique piece to your living space!

1. Upholstered X-Bench 


A bench that is going to have an honorary place in your bedroom at the foot of your bed should definitely be cushy and soft. Anika’s DIY Life has a superb tutorial for an upholstered bench with a rustic x-design that gives it that old-fashioned look you’re eager to create!

2. Chic Indoor Bench 


The balance between rustic and elegant is apparent in many modern homes and LA achieves it so marvelously with this chic indoor bench whose design is very contemporary, but the wood brings an organic element to the piece that makes it timeless.

3. Dining Bench 


Interested in spicing up your dining room? Add a handmade bench to your dining table! It’s going to bring dynamic into the living space, it’s a great sitting solution for children who hate chairs and if you ever have guests coming over you don’t have to worry they’ll have nowhere to sit! Get the full tutorial at Pretty Handy Girl.

4. Farmhouse Indoor Bench 


An entryway is a very important part of the house because it’s the first impression that your home makes. You want your visitors to feel welcome and cozy, so a simple farmhouse bench decorated with a couple of cushions is a really charming choice. Visit The Creative Mom to see how you can make it!

5. Repurposed Dresser Bench


Storage is something every home is always seeking more of, so an indoor bench that is also a storage solution is ideal for big families. If you have an old dresser that has long served its purpose, My Repurposed Life will show you how to breathe a new life into it and give it a full-blown makeover!

6. Triangle Bench 


While most benches tend to have a rustic style, there is something absolutely mesmerizing about a modern bench that is beautifying your living space.  Remodelaholic played around with geometric shapes and made a stunning triangle bench that’s a truly captivating piece to show off!

7. Entryway Bench 


An indoor bench doesn’t have to be big or over the top to be the most noticeable element in your entryway. Over the Big Moon‘s minimalist wooden bench totally stands out despite its simplistic look, thanks to the charming reddish color of the wood.

8. Simplistic Indoor Bench


If you swear by interior that is consistent and doesn’t have many elements that would stand out too much, make sure your indoor bench matches the rest of the decor down to a T! Bentley Blonde shares the how-to for a lovely white wooden bench that totally blends into the living space!

9. High-Back Dining Bench 


Turn your simple dining room into a proper royal dining hall by making a giant high-back dining bench that looks like it’s been around for centuries. Shanty 2 Chic is truly a master at woodworking and we love how this bench defines the entire space with its size and regal style.

10. Woven Bench 


While most benches serve the purpose of being sat on, you can dabble into a newer and unexpected concept of using a bench as a coffee table. First you’ll need to create a modern woven bench as shown by Brittany Makes, and then you can decorate it with your most precious living room decor pieces!

11. Vintage Rug Bench 


Everybody has that one old rug that has been in the family for years but nobody wants to get rid of it. Make a decision quickly, because old rugs are totally out right now! Head over to Bigger Than The Three Of Us if you are dying to see how an old passé rug can be turned into a proper vintage indoor bench!

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