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Genius DIY Ways to Turn Pallets into Furniture

If furniture shopping gives you anxiety, rest assured, you’re not alone. It can be infuriating when we know exactly what we want, but either can’t find it or we do find it, but it’s so expensive we would need to sell a kidney to be able to afford it! Luckily, pallets are one of the best resources when you’re in need of some furniture! No need to go bankrupt or lose your mind (or a kidney!). Here are most genius ideas for DIY pallet furniture!

Pallet Shelves


It’s time to replace the boring shelves with something more dynamic! These shelves are useful to a variety of items and they look quite charming, too! Our favorite part about them is that you only need some pallets and instructions by Hometalk to make it!

Pallet Children’s Bed

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet Children's Bed

Children’s beds can get pretty pricey, but this is nothing new to parents, especially those with multiple children; which is why we need to let you know about this amazing project we found at 99 Pallets!  Repurpose some old pallets and make new, rustic and budget friendly beds for your toddlers!

Pallet Couch


We love projects that are versatile and all-around useful! You can use this pallet couch as a resting area for your kids, you can turn it into a bed, it’s easily moved around … it has endless perks! It works great if you don’t have much space to work with and need a piece of furniture that isn’t too static. Find the how-to at Project Nursery!

Pallet Daybed


Imagine this gorgeous daybed on your porch, or even better, in your backyard! You can spend the warm days lounging and relaxing while being very comfortable! The project is quick to make, so you won’t have to wait long for the idea to become a reality! Pretty Prudent has the instructions!

Pallet Baby Gate


Babies (and puppies) can be all over the place! It’s hard to always keep an eye on them and because we want them to be safe at all time, baby proofing is important! Any parent knows that the crucial part of baby proofing is the baby gate! Here’s a brilliant project by I Think We Could Be Friends that will show you how you can turn pallets into a cute and handy baby gate!

Pallet Coat Rack


Every single item of the house has its aesthetic value – even coat racks! This pallet coat rack by Re-Fabbed has a rustic style that gives it a special charm everyone will appreciate!  Clear a few hours off your schedule for a fun DIY project, then hang your coats in style for years to come!

Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet Coffee Table

You’ll definitely want this coffee table in your living room! It is on wheels and therefore super convenient in case you want to move it – no more heavy lifting! Grab some pallets and make this adorable coffee table by Mango & Tomato, then sit comfortably on your couch and admire the masterpiece!

Pallet Planter


You can never have too many planters! Here’s an idea we found at Instructables and immediately thought it brilliant! It’s a big planter made out of – you guessed it – pallets! What a lovely way to capture the spirit of organic and natural! Your plants will surely thrive in this one!

Pallet Outdoor Sofa

VIEW IN GALLERYPallet Outdoor Sofa

This outdoor sofa is just waiting to be made! It will serve as a gorgeous relaxing place as you watch your children run around the back yard. Funky Junk will give you the instructions, then you’re all set for making the sofa and with it, new family memories!

Pallet Swing Bed


Are you dreaming about a chic swing bed? No need to max out your credit card on it, just get yourself some pallets and The Merry Thought will show you how to do the rest! This swing bed will be your best friend on the days when you just want to rest and be rocked in your sleep, like a child! We all have those moments, no?

Thanks to pallets, you can now furnish your house and stay within your budget! Woohoo!