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Stylish Copper Crafts for Your Home

Copper is a great material to use in your home as it is quite eye-catching and has the ability to make a bold statement. What’s even better is that you don’t need to always get ‘real copper’ to make your items as you can simply spray paint them to create the same visual effect. So, take a look at the gorgeous copper creations we have compiled for you and maybe you can give some of them a try this weekend!

1. Copper Vanity Bowls


If you are searching for ways to craft your very own copper vanity bowls, but have never got around to making them, now is the time. Check out these easy to make, and great looking vanity bowls from Freut Cake. It’s truly amazing what a bit of metallic paint will do to help transform a bowl!

2. Copper Mirror


There is nothing as effective as a copper mirror to add that metallic punch to your home. Give your mirror an update by coating the mirror frame in copper paint. This will give it an instant uplift and would be an absolute delight to look at. Head over to Flair Blog and get started right away.

3. Copper Striped Candle Holders

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper Striped Candle Holders

For a set of candle holders that look as though they were store bought, check out this creative design from Homey Oh My. This is an incredibly simple design to make and won’t take much time to complete either. Perfect indeed, if you want to finish a quick project.

4. Copper Edge Mirror

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper Edge Mirror

Regardless of your mirror size, adding copper to it will transform it in a striking fashion. This circular mirror Makers Society has managed to create has a lovely edge crafted using just copper tape. You can follow the simple instructions and give that old mirror in your home a glitzy, new lease of life as well!

5. Copper Display


If you want to add some copper to your living room or bedroom, but don’t know what you want, why not consider this copper display from Monsters Circus? These will make the perfect plant holders or candle holders for your home and they’re also pretty easy to make!

6. Copper Tube Candlestick

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper Tube Candlestick

For an effective and striking look, check out this copper tube candlestick holder from Pysselbolaget. This will make a lovely addition and offers the perfect excuse to update your old candlestick holder for a romantic, dreamy evening.

7. DIY Copper Chair


If you have a chair that is lacking a bit of character, why not simply upgrade the feet and give them copper-infused glam? That’s what The DIY Diary did as they managed to transform a simple chair into something extraordinary. It just goes to show that you don’t need to change much to make a big impact.

8. Copper Fridge Magnets

VIEW IN GALLERYCopper Fridge Magnets

We all remember those colourful fridge magnets from our childhood. Everyday, there would be a new message on the fridge using the letters available. Why not change those colourful letters into copper ones instead? See how Kojo Designs transformed their magnetic fridge letters with the use of just copper spray. Smart and stylish!