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Bathroom Essentials: DIY Soap Dishes

Everything needs its place, even the slippery soap! Soap dishes are a great way to keep your soap in place and add something lovely to your bathroom décor. They can be very minimal or super enhanced – the choice is yours! We have found some extremely pretty DIY soap dishes for you to get some inspiration and find the one that will match your preferred bathroom style!

Popsicle Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYPopsicle soap dish

You won’t believe how little is needed to make this soap dish! Got some Popsicle sticks at hand? They will be the number one thing that you need – aside from a couple of minutes of your time! Craving more details? Cutout + Keep has got them all!

Faux Stone Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYFaux stone soap dishe

Stone soap dishes are so chic, but the downside is that they can get trés pricey! Ctrl + Curate came up with a way to make a faux stone soap dish and oh-my-god it looks just like the real thing! This is the one you’ll want to pin to your Bathroom inspiration Pinterest board for safekeeping!

Twig Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYTwig soap dish

If you have children and they like to throw things on the floor (as children do), you’re probably hesitant about easily breakable soap dishes. Good news! This twig soap dish is really sustainable! It also looks very cute and only requires two items to make! Send your thank you notes to Sew Historically for this budget (and child) friendly twig soap dish!

Minimalist Wooden Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYMinimalist wooden soap dish

Something about minimalist pieces that has such a serene effect on the entire room – and ourselves. If you love minimalist décor you will adore this wooden soap dish! It is so simple and so beautiful! How Did You Make This has the how-to!

Mosaic Tile Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYMosaic tile soap dish

From minimalist to vibrant and colorful! It all depends on your personal taste, right? This mosaic tile soap dish will satisfy those with a taste for bright and interesting pieces! Visit Lowe’s to see how you can make it! Mosaics never disappoint!

Sponge Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYSponge soap dish

This soap dish sponge will revolutionize your life! If you want to be very economical and really make sure you use up every single piece of the soap, so that nothing goes to waste, check out the amazing soap dish invention we found at Buzzfeed!

Seashell Soap Dish


If your bathroom needs some seaside elements and you need a soap dish, why not bring the two together? Martha Stewart will show you how to make a glorious seashell soap dish that looks absolutely incredible! Finally a way to bring some of those beach vibes into your home!

White Oak Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYWhite oak soap dish

This is a soap dish on another level! It is so well made and precise, you’ll want to closely follow the instructions at Ollari’s to get it just right! Unlike the classic plastic soap dishes that are easily replaceable, this one will last for years and definitely serve you well!

Cedar Soap Dish

VIEW IN GALLERYCedar soap dish

Here’s a soap dish made from cedar wood! You can be sure that this one will never disappoint you and will nicely blend in with the rest of your wooden décor. If you like the look of it, make sure to peek at Lewman Nation for the instructions!

Feeling inspired to make a soap dish? Mission accomplished!