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DIY Coffee Mugs for the Perfect Early Morning Sip!

Coffee is an essential part of our day, as it wakes us up and prepares us for a day full of errands, meetings, creativity and adventures. Setting aside that special time in the morning to drink the coffee in peace, making it our daily ritual, has great impact on our day! The most important part of the routine is, naturally, your choice of coffee; but the mug from which you drink it is a very close second! You deserve a mug that will uplift you and fill you with enthusiasm! Check out these DIY coffee mugs and find your morning BFF!

Sharpie Coffee Mugs


Starting with something simple, here are some cheeky sharpie mug ideas by Laughs, Crafts and Photographs! You’ll need a suitable sharpie and the rest is all up to your ideas! You have all the freedom in the world to create a mug with a personalized message and you can surprise someone in your life with it, too!

Glitter Mug


Adding a little sparkle to your morning can’t hurt! Start even the gloomiest of Mondays with a cup of coffee from this gold glittery mug that will bring a smile to your face and get you into the  groove of making the best out of your day! You can find instructions at Darby Smart.

Silhouette Mug


Personalized mugs are all the joy. Created with a special person in mind, they capture the love and dedication you feel for them and will remind them of that, every day when they start the morning drinking coffee from your mug. This silhouette mug is that one gift that keeps on giving! Become the best gift giver by visiting Le Papier Studio.

Nail Polish Coffee Mugs 


Did you know that you can transform your mugs with a little help from your stash of nail polish?  Turn even the plainest of mugs into a colorful perfection that will be 100% unique and therefore irreplaceable! You’ll get the instructions at The Sweetest Occassion.

Decal Coffee Mug


This coffee mug is one that easily tricks anyone into believing it’s store bought, considering it’s decorated with such precision nobody would guess you made it all by yourself! Here’s your chance to leave everybody speechless, with Dreams Factory offering a helping hand.

Monogrammed Mug 


Brand your chosen mug with a monogram and make sure everybody knows this is your special mug that nobody else gets to use! Your initial will clearly give everyone the “hands off” message and you can rest assured that your mug is waiting for you to fill it with coffee! Get instructions at Glued to my Crafts.

Spray Painted Mug


Grab a can of spray paint and set out to upgrade your mug! Colors + Craft used gold paint, but you can use any color that you want and maybe even make a whole collection of spray painted mugs! It’s such a simple craft with incredibly neat results!

Golden Mugs 


Personalized mugs are always the best. These are so gorgeous and you can easily make them together with the whole family, giving everyone that special mug they will get to start their days with! Family that crafts together, stays together! Visit With Relish for more details.

Chalkboard Mugs


Chalkboard gives you the ultimate freedom to draw and write on your mug whenever your heart desires, over and over again. Could be a daily reminder, a positive affirmation or just the name of your best friend who is coming over for tea! Kate’s Creative Space will show you how to make the coolest chalkboard mugs!

Gold Polka Dot Mug 


Polka dots are the one thing we simply can’t get enough of! Your plain white mug can instantly get a new, glam look just by adding some golden polka dots to it! If there was ever a craft worth trying, this is it! See the how-to for this perfection at A Pretty Life.