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DIY Christmas Gift Baskets that Anyone Will Love

We absolutely adore the idea of giving someone a Christmas basket. While some believe that it’s a bit of a “cop out” gift because it’s really just a random collection of things you hope the person will enjoy, we believe it’s practically the perfect present! Gift baskets let people feel like they’re receiving more than one gift and they’re also completely customizable to the person’s (or place’s) tastes. For example, you might make a completely dark chocolate filled basket for someone who believes that dark chocolate is the most superior of all flavors.

Check out these 15 adorable, awesome, and holiday cheering DIY gift baskets that are perfect for wishing a happy holiday to just about anyone.

1. Banana bread and honey butter breakfast gift basket

VIEW IN GALLERYBanana bread and honey butter breakfast gift basket

If there’s any time of year that we especially look forward to and appreciate a good breakfast, it’s around the holidays! Chances are good that if the idea is one you know you’d enjoy yourself, then it would make a great gift too. Check out this idea for a mouthwatering banana bread gift basket by Jenny Steffens. You’ll save someone a lot of breakfast prep hassle on a busy holiday morning!

2. Relaxing day spa gift basket

VIEW IN GALLERYRelaxing day spa gift basket

Technically, Julie Blanner brands this adorable little day spa themed gift basket as a Mother’s Day gift, but we know we’d love to receive these goodies any time of year! The holidays are the perfect opportunity help someone you love relax before, during, or after the chaos of Christmas by giving them everything they need to do so, all wrapped in a big, cute bow.

3. Hot cocoa gift basket

VIEW IN GALLERYHot cocoa gift basket

Perhaps you know people who love a good seasonal sweet, but they’re not actually big fans of snacking or eating rich things? Then they’re the perfect recipients for a delicious homemade cocoa Christmas basket! You might fill it with their favourite store bought cocoa (big Starbucks fans will love that idea) or create your own by adding things like cinnamon, nutmeg, and mint candy or candy canes to the mix! See how Hello Glow made this basket.

4. Berry muffin gift basket

VIEW IN GALLERYBerry muffin gift basket

Do you love the idea of making a food-based Christmas basket that could serve as breakfast like the banana bread basket, or just as a delicious snack! It’s Always Autumn suggests muffins as the perfect basket, especially for somewhere like a workplace, where people might dig in right away. Check out their tutorial for making a simple little basket our of paper plates!

5. Rose petal sugar scrub

VIEW IN GALLERYRose petal sugar scrub

Perhaps you’re concerned that the person you’re gifting to might not use everything you put in a basket, but you know they’ll love things that will help them keep their skin soft and hydrated this winter? Then try a gift mason jar instead, just like this one by Happiness is Homemade! All natural rose recipes are some of our very favourite when it comes to scrubs, so check out their 3-ingrdient version.

6. Bar essentials kit

VIEW IN GALLERYBar essentials kit

Do you know someone who plans to celebrate their Christmas with a little party of their closest family and friends? Then make sure they have a few essentials! Of course, buying these things in full size would be very expensive and people always love novelty sized things, so we’d recommend going with mini versions just like One King’s Lane did here! Give them straws, little coasters, mini darts, and mix!

7. Peppermint spa in a jar

VIEW IN GALLERYPeppermint spa in a jar

Maybe you’re looking for something a little smaller than an entire gift basket but you still need it to be wonderfully Christmas themed? Then build a miniature version of a basket by putting everything into a mason jar instead! We love the idea of a smaller spa set, like this one by The Gunny Sack that contains body butter, sugar scrubs, chapstick, and nail clippers! The best part? This entire set is peppermint scented, making it perfect for Christmas.

8. Christmas sundae kit

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas sundae kit

Who ever said that you can’t enjoy a cool treat just because the weather outside is cold? As long as you’re bundled up or toasty at home when you eat it, it’s a totally enjoyable experience! We love Bloom Designs idea for creating a unique little Christmas basket full of delicious ice cream supplies like sprinkles, fudge, and waffle cones!

9. Kitchen supplies in a glove

VIEW IN GALLERYKitchen supplies in a glove

Do you know someone who loves spending time in the kitchen and who you’d love to make a caring Christmas basket for, but who’s so good at what they do that you can’t really give them anything recipe or ingredient based that they haven’t already made themselves, and probably better? Get them new cooking or baking supplies instead! We love the way Paige’s Party Ideas made these supplies look like they’re packaged in a Christmas basket by sliding them into a kitchen glove and tying them with a pretty Christmas ribbon.

10. Snow day survival kit

VIEW IN GALLERYSnow day survival kit

Do you have a friend with little ones who are bound to have at least one unanticipated snow day off from school this winter, and probably right around the holidays? Then help everyone out at once by making them an adorable little “snow day survival” kit! The parents will be thankful that they have a little something extra to keep the kids focused and busy, while the kids will feel excitement and motivation when they think about the fun challenge of making their way through everything in the basket.

11. Paris in a box

VIEW IN GALLERYParis in a box

Does your best friend have an absolute favourite city that they’re either currently saving to go to or already booked for and just waiting for the trip to begin? Then a travel basket makes the perfect Christmas present for them, especially if they leave right after the holidays! We’re crazy about You’re My Fave‘s Paris idea, featuring all kinds of adorable little things, but you could make a similar basket for a friend who loves just about any city!

12. Coffee lover’s kit

VIEW IN GALLERYCoffee lover's kit

What’s the first thing you’d do after a crazy Christmas morning, once the wrapping paper is cleared off the floor and the kids are busy with their brand new gifts rather than running around in search of more presents to rip open? Well, you’d treat yourself to a cup of coffee of course! That’s why a coffee lover’s basket makes such a great Christmas gift for the resident java enthusiast in your life. Our favourite part (besides the coffee, obviously) is the free year long newspaper subscription so they can stay up to date while they sip!

13. Popcorn basket

VIEW IN GALLERYPopcorn basket

Does your best friend love movies more than just about anything else, no matter what time of year it is? Then chances are good that all the wrapped boxes under their tree contained DVDs! Get them something delicious to go along with their movies (or the new releases they plan to see over the holidays) by making them a popcorn basket! Kernels, napkins, some salt, and perhaps some yummy flavoured seasoning at all you need!

14. Holiday hostess Christmas basket

VIEW IN GALLERYHoliday hostess Christmas basket

Do you know someone who either does a lot of hosting guests or who will be hosted as a guest themselves over the holidays this year? Well, we think this particular Christmas basket is just about perfect for both people in this scenario. Your hostess will be happy to have extra supplies for keeping the guests comfortable and the guests will feel great knowing they’ve got easy access to their own bathroom supplies and things.

15. Get Well kit


If you’re anything like us, the you know the feeling well of falling under the weather just as the holidays start to get into the swing of things. Thinking about that in our own lives made us think about how we’re probably not alone and there are probably other people around who could use a little extra defense against seasonal germs. Check out what kinds of things The Merry Thought included here!