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DIY Laundry Baskets: Say Goodbye to Dirty Clothes Disarray 

Nobody is particularly fond of doing laundry, but there are a few simple ways to make this chore less messy. If you are tired of picking up your children’s dirty laundry from the floor or looking at the ugly old laundry basket in the corner of the bedroom, you’re going to love our selection of DIY laundry baskets that are as beautiful as they are practical.

1. Laundry Sorter Bags 


Families that count many people can have a big problem with sorting laundry if it all ends up in the same basket. Visit Yellow Brick Home to learn how you can make simple laundry sorter bags that you can hang up on the wall and assign one of them to each family member!

2. Laundry Dresser 


If you can’t stand the way a laundry basket looks like and prefer to keep your dirty laundry out of sight, build a mock dresser that secretly doubles as a pull-out laundry basket! It’s going to fit perfectly into your bedroom, contribute to your elegant interior and do its job in secret! Shanty 2 Chic has the detailed instructions.

3. Wire Laundry Basket 


A wire laundry basket is a total classic, so if you are looking for something a little old fashioned that is going to make you feel super domestic, don’t miss the tutorial for a traditional wire laundry basket by Apartment Therapy. It also has wheels, so you are spared the annoyance of lifting it!

4. PVC Pipe Laundry Baskets 


Put some PVC pipes on your shopping list, because you are going to need them for these unique twin laundry baskets from Better Homes & Gardens. When you’re choosing the fabric, make sure it’s one that you find appealing and that is going to blend with your interior!

5. Wall-Mounted Laundry Bags 


Once you become a homeowner you learn that every inch of your home is valuable and that you can never have too much storage space. Sometimes we automatically place everything on the floor but that can make our rooms too crowded. Don’t forget to use your vertical space! Start with these wall-mounted laundry bags by Style at Home!

6. All-In-One Laundry Dresser 


The first things our mothers taught us about being an adult is not to mix all of our laundry together, but rather sort it and wash it separately, to avoid turning our favorite white shirt into a pink tank top. This process is made much easier if you build this all-in-one laundry dresser by Practically Functional.

7. Metal Laundry Basket On Wheels 


You have to admit that the big metal trash can has a certain beauty. Maybe it’s the silver look or the industrial appearance, but either way, we can totally understand why The Shabby Creek Cottage turned it into a laundry basket. It’s innovative, it’s spacious, it’s absolutely marvelous!

8. Lettered Laundry Basket 


You know that old laundry basket that has been in the family for years? Don’t throw it away! There is a very simple way to update it and give it a more chic look. Check out how The 36th Avenue gave the classic laundry basket a makeover using painted wooden letters!

9. Reversible Laundry Basket 


Are you one of those people who quickly get bored of all decorative pieces, fabrics and colors in your home? You’re constantly yearning for something new! We totally understand that you can’t make a new laundry basket every two weeks or so, but you can make this epic foldable and reversible one by Make It & Love It!

10. Embroidery Hoop Laundry Bag 


An embroidery hoop can be a fantastic and affordable resource for making a charming laundry bag! You can easily hang it on the doors of the laundry room or bathroom and so make sure everyone’s dirty laundry ends up where it’s supposed to. You can find the tutorial at Making Nice in the Midwest!