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DIY Gym Gear That’s Both Stylish And Practical

Having stylish gym gear is always nice, but not everyone wants to pay premium prices for a garment that they’re going to sweat all over. This is where your DIY skills can save the day!

Check out these 15 cute upcycling projects that transform old clothing into new gym gear in just a few steps!

1. No-sew racer back workout shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYNo-sew racer back workout shirt

What’s the best kind of clothing DIY for people who are just starting their journey in alterations? A no-sew design, of course! Check out how to make this cute racer back top on ESPN!

2. Basic wide cut workout tank

VIEW IN GALLERYBasic wide cut workout tank

Are you looking for something super easy a low maintenance that will help keep you cool while you work out? Grab your favourite old oversized t-shirt and update it simply by cutting the sleeves and part of the sides out! See how it’s done on BeLinspired.

3. Double twist open back tank top

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble twist open back tank top

Do you like the idea of simple alterations but want to keep it a little cuter than just a few cuts? We’re absolutely in love with this double twisted design in the back! Find out how it’s done on Gros Grain Fab!

4. Criss-cross front crop top

VIEW IN GALLERYCriss-cross front crop top

We love how feminie but still practical this little crossover crop top is! We also love that the “crossing” part of it is actually an illusion and you don’t actually have to do any complicated crossing! Get the tutorial on Gros Grain Fab.

5. Open back yoga shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY Open back yoga shirt

The Things We Do guides you through the process of of removing the back of an old shirt and creating a cool, swooping yoga top with a practical tie to keep it from slipping off your shoulders while you work out!

6. No-sew simple crop top t-shirt

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade No-sew simple crop top t-shirt

Mckenzie Renae shows you in just a few very simple steps how to create an adorable, minimalist workout crop top from an old t-shirt. You could do this with any t-shirt but a plain white one will match your brightest workout shorts well!

7. DIY turban headband

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY turban headband

Anyone with long hair will know that one of the most important workout accessories can be a hairband! Instead of spending endless money on wraps and bands just try making yourself one, like this adorable turban headband by Honeybee Vintage.

8. DIY braided headband

VIEW IN GALLERYBraided headband

Do you have a small head or a face shape that doesn’t work well with turban style headbands? Try this cute braided one to keep your hair out of your face instead! The Berry shows you how it’s made.

9. DIY ruched leggings

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY ruched leggings

Do you prefer working out in longer leggings as opposed to short workout shorts, but you still don’t want to wear full length pants? Try shortening a pair of leggings with an adorable ruching in the sides, just like these ones from Dana Made It.

10. DIY sweat pant capris

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY sweatpant capris

When you think of making “sweatpants capris”, you probably think of just cutting the legs on a pair of regular sweatpants. If you’re looking for something a little more crafty and fun, however, this tutorial for making them out of an old t-shirt by Leafy Treetops is perfect for you!

11. T-shirt leg warmers

VIEW IN GALLERYT-shirt leg warmers

Love Spun Studio shows you how to make dancer-style leg warmers (which you can, of course, wear during any workout) from an old shirt! We love the idea of wearing brightly coloured stripes all the way from foot to knee!

12. DIY arm cuff iPod holder

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY arm cuff iPod holder

Are you the kind of workout enthusiast who gets their best pump of energy from a good playlist? You’ll need somewhere to put your iPod that won’t get in your way or let it fall! Try making this  DIY iPod arm band by Oh So Pretty.

13. Sweatshirt tote bag

VIEW IN GALLERYSweatshirt tote bag

If you’re going to make yourself new gym gear, you’re going to need something to put it all in! Instead of buying an expensive bag, try upcycling an old sweatshirt into a tote bag that’s the perfect size for a change of clothes and shoes! See how it’s done on Maiden Jane.

14. DIY t-shirt workout bag

VIEW IN GALLERYDIY t-shirt workout bag

Do you love the idea of making your own gym bag but you don’t have a spare sweatshirt? Never fear! You can make one out of a t-shirt instead, just like Say Yes did.

15. Bow tank


Do you like the idea of wearing something a little bit pretty to the gym? You can do that while still staying practical! We absolutely adore this bow design by Home and Heart DIY (and we also love how simple it is to do)!

Do you know a DIY enthusiast who loves a good gym session too? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!