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Organize Your 2017 with These DIY Planners

As we slowly say goodbye to 2016 (bye Felicia!) and welcome in 2017 (can’t come soon enough!) we need to pay some attention to being organized, so that we never get lost in appointments, meetings and to-dos! It’s vital to have a really good planner that is your best buddy throughout the year; one you can always count on to be there if you get overwhelmed! As planners can get incredibly pricey, we’ve gathered some simple and effective DIY planners you can make all by yourself! Here we go!

Spiral Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYSpiral planner

Alexis aka MissTrenchcoat is the planning goddess! Check out her step-by-step of how she made her very own spiral planner that she can rely on all year! The planner looks absolutely dashing and even though it’s the insides that count, this one is stunning all around!

Simple Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple planner

If you like the look of a classic, simplistic planner, A Paperella Story has something for you! With this planner you’ll be able to fully focus on your daily tasks and always have an overview of your week without the extra decorations to distract you! It’s simple but effective!

Notebook Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYNotebook planner

All you need in order to make this planner is a really amazing notebook! Find one that you like, or one that you can decorate however you choose, and visit The Sassy Club that will show you exactly how you can turn that plain notebook into a fabulous planner like no other!

Kikki-K Style Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYKikki-K style planner

There are certainly a lot of very popular planners on the market that seem to have a whole fandom of their own. While indeed those planners are great, they are also very expensive! If you want to stick to a certain budget we have some good news for you! DIY Lover breaks down exactly how you can make a Kikki-K styled planner that looks even better than the original!

Three Planners

VIEW IN GALLERYThree planners

We believe you can never have too much inspiration, so here’s a triple inspiration from Belinda Selene! These planner triplets are all unique in their own way and each of them satisfies a different planning need! Whatever you need a planner for, whatever planning style suits you best, these three planners are totally worth checking out!

Youth Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYYouth planner

You’re young and full of creativity – why not make your own planner? Better save the money for other goods! Claudia Elizabeth will show you exactly how you can make a youthful planner for yourself and thus always stay on top of all the commitments, from school to chores to dates!

10$ Planner


You know that moment when you realize that you can get a planner that normally starts at 50$ for merely 10$?! We do; and we’d like to share this feeling with you! Gurl.com has an unbelievable tutorial for a functional DIY planner that looks exactly like one of the priciest planners on the market! DIY wins this round!

Back to School Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYBack to school planner

Return back to school with a planner that will help you stay organized and focused! Wow all of your teachers and professors by how you choose to approach your yearly organization! We don’t doubt that with this planner you will reap academic successes without a problem! See how Cat Creature got it done!

Cute & Easy Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYCute & easy planner

If you like all-things-cute-and-adorable, you won’t be able to say no to this planner! Just looking at it will make you happy and full of motivation to stay organized! It is so important for our planning tools to look the part. Keep Calm and Blush On knows what’s up!

Daily Planner

VIEW IN GALLERYDaily planner

This elegant planner will surely bring a sprinkle of glamour to your daily planning, as it should! If you want to take your planning from routine to ritual, Erisaxo has just the planner to do it with! We are in love with the look of this one, as it embodies the true essence of adulting like a pro!

We’re armed with planners and ready for 2017!