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DIY Macrame Plant Holders: A Chic Way to Hang Indoor Plants 

Bringing plants into our living space requires some planning. Placing them on a random shelf and worrying about how they make our interior look like is no way to live life! There is always a smart way of making them a part of the decor and there are a number of possibilities to try out. You want to use the plants in a manner that improves your home’s ambiance! Macrame plant holders are a great way to bring something chic into your living space and hang the house plants in a trendy style!

Dynamic Macrame Plant Holders 


Subtle doesn’t have to mean boring and these dynamic macrame plant holders by Hey Lila Hey are here to prove a point! They are so beautiful and their minimalist look is a great addition to any room decorated in hues of bright white!

Modern Macrame Plant Hangers 


If your living space is youthful and modern, your greens will need modern macrame hangers! These plant hangers by Garden Therapy are the greatest! The knotting process is super easy, so you can totally go for it even if you are a macrame beginner!

Simple Macrame Plant Hangers 


The simplicity of these plant hangers makes them an amazing choice for a living space that wouldn’t benefit from vivid decor elements and rather needs something calming, with the ability to blend into the background. Chichi Dee has a fantastic macrame project to share!

Rope Macrame Plant Hangers 


For a rustic touch, choose a classic rope for your macrame plant holders and capture the organic country feeling of the great outdoors! If you have a lot of wooden interior, the rope plant hanger is meant to be! Check out the instructions at Seasoned and get your own!

Macrame Plant Hangers with Copper 


Do you always run away from the mainstream? Lucky for you, there are many ways of making your macrame plant hangers unique and special! One of them is The Sweet Escape‘s great idea of adding copper as a finishing touch! The final result? You get a modern plant hanger with a metallic cherry on top!

Rustic Macrame Plant Holders 


Any home with a classic farmhouse interior is a great place for these rustic macrame plant hangers we found at Farmhouse on Boone! They have a very distinct rural look and connect the modern way of hanging plants with the traditional look of a rustic rope!

Mini Macrame Plant Hangers 


Miniature projects are all the rage and whether you too are obsessed with them or just feel curious, this is a project that you shouldn’t pass up! Your home could really do with some mini macrame plant hangers and they are especially convenient if you are looking for a quick craft with long-lasting results! Check out the details at BLDG 25!

Thin Rope Macrame Plant Hangers 


Maybe big and bulky rope just isn’t your style – if that’s the case, The Home Magazine has an amazing macrame plant hanger project and there’s a thin rope involved! Finally a proof that a rope doesn’t have to be bulky to hold up your flower pot; it’s all about how you make those knots in all the right places!

Pink Macrame Plant Hanger 


If you want your hanging plants to be in the center of attention, a pink plant hanger seems like the best choice! Its vivid color, as well as the macrame pattern, will give it a unique look that will stand out among other elements and steal the spotlight! See how Shelterness made it happen!

Minimalist Macrame Plant Hangers 


You want your plants to hang, but you don’t want them to be overshadowed by the style of the macrame. Erin Made This came up with minimalist macrame plant hangers that are very basic and almost invisible if you look at them from afar, while simultaneously doing the job of holding up your plants and allowing them to get all of the attention!

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