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14 Great Ways to Transform and Repurpose Mason Jars

There’s just something about transforming old things into exciting (and often practical) new things that gets us more excited than usual to work on something, even if it’s simple or small. The ways in which you can upcycling just about anything are also varied and diverse! That’s probably why we’ve created so many fantastic repurposed mason jar projects over the years.

Just in case you love the idea of turning mason jars into something entirely new just as much as we do, if not more, here are 14 of the best ideas that we’ve either tried or bookmarked for later “crafternoons” of our own.

1. Glitter interior mason jars


If we had to pick one thing we actually like even more than DIY upcycling… it would be crafting with sparkles and glitter. We’re like human magpies when it comes to DIY projects that let us make things as shiny and wonderful as possible! Just in case you’re on that same page right along with us, here’s a fantastic tutorial from Jazz Jennings that shows you how to make bright, cheerful colour combinations on the inside of your jars that are, of course, also completely sparkly. Use the finished jars however you please!

2. Fishnet wrapped seaside mason jar


Have you actually taken a lot of care in at least one room in your house to start building a very summery seaside type aesthetic so you can feel like you’re on the beach all year round, no matter the weather outside? Then we think we’ve found the perfect tutorial for you! Check out how It All Started With Paint created a fishnet jar cover using rope string and covered their jar in it so it looks like something you’d find near the sea or on a boat.

3. Painted mason jar bathroom organizers


Are you actually looking for something rather quick and simple to do because you need a place to store small trinkets in your bathroom, since you don’t have a whole lot of counter space to spare? Well, if you enjoy purposely weather chic in the fine details of your home even half as much as we do, then we have a feeling you’ll get a big kick out of the way A Cultivated Nest made these simple bathroom organizer jars! We adore their turquoise colour choice, but we also think this project would look cute in just about any shade you choose.

4. Mondrian inspired mason jars


Just because you’re doing something as simply as an upcycled mason jar craft doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at a slightly more complicated technique or put the work into making it a little more artistic! This wonderfully mondrian inspired DIY jar project outlined step by step on Mason Jar Crafts is the perfect example of what we mean. It will suit your home perfectly if you’ve got any other stained glass looking pieces within your decor scheme!

5. Dream jar


If you’re going to make a mason jar craft of some kind from scratch, would you actually prefer to make it one that has some kind of cute purpose or creative game to it, so your kids can help you make it and continue using it afterwards? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Oh Restless Bird created this fantastic dream jar! They show you a number of ways to label and decorate it creatively and also guide you through how and why they wrote their dreams down and secreted them away in the jar for later.

6. DIY fancy tumbler


When you were a kid, do you remember drinking out of cleaned mason jars at your grandparents’ house and feeling like you were on a farm, so you’re on the lookout for mason jar drinking glass ideas now because of that fond association… even though you still might like to put a slightly more modern spin on the design itself? Then look no further, because Pretty Providence has the perfect quoted mason jar tumbler for you, complete with a lid and a straw!

7. Raised letter mason jars


Speaking of designs with quotes on them, have you actually always been a fan of quote based art because you like the little boost of creative inspiration it gives, so you’re always on the lookout for unique ways to add wording to your projects? Then we think you might find this monochrome raised lettering idea featured on The Lettered Cottage very interesting indeed! We love that the singular colour makes the whole thing look quite subtle, even though the 3D words literally jump out at you. They used a flower quote to make a vase, but you could change it up very easily if you prefer!

8. Aquarium mason jar


Are you still actually scrolling through our list and thinking about how you’d really love to get your kids in on the crafting process as far as mason jars are concerned, but you just don’t think they’ll be all that interested in creative bathroom counter storage? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how DIY Projects for Teens created this awesome mason jar aquarium instead! We actually used this as a learning tool in our house watching fun, educational wildlife videos about fish as we worked on our aquariums.

9. DIY star etched mason jar


The beautiful thing about trying your hand at a craft that seems very simple at first glance is they they often make fantastic learning opportunities when you decide you want to try some kind of new DIY technique, skill, or detail. That’s why these adorable star shaped glass etching jars featured on Soap Deli News caught our eyes so well! We actually made these and now we keep tea light candles inside, which we light when we sit on the porch on summer nights, watching the candle glow through the clear glass stars and frosted outlines. This tutorial shows you how to make it happen step by step!

10. Hand painted mason jar lanterns


Have your very best DIY skills actually always been your freehand painting skills, if you do say so yourself? In that case, we think perhaps you might get a real kick out the these hand painted (and extremely colourful) mason jar lanterns featured on Jennifer Cederstam! They show you how to create all kinds of pretty, lacy looking mandala inspired designs, as well as how to add colour and gold handles to your mason jars.

11. Mason jar terrariums


Are you actually still thinking about ways to get your kids in on the fun and you really liked the aquarium idea, but your children are still quit small and you’re just not sure you want to risk adding water to their already messy regular crafting time? Then we’d definitely suggest checking out howVIEW IN GALLERY Oh My Creative made a mason jar terrarium instead! Our kids had a blast putting their tiniest animal figurines inside the terrarium to live and they check on them every day.

12. Stained glass jars with sharpies


Did we actually really catch your attention when we mentioned how the mondrian inspired project above looked like stunning stained glass across the surface of your mason jar but, once again, you’re still hoping to find a tutorial that’s a little bit simpler (and maybe even faster) to do? Then we’d like to direct your attention to this Sharpie stained glass mason jar project outlined step by step on Happy Hooligans instead! Just make sure your kids don’t touch the permanent markers to your home or their clothing by accident.

13. Mason jar heart lanterns


By now, we’ve talked about all kinds of different project styles and techniques, but what if you’re having trouble choosing which one to do? Then maybe you’d prefer something like this sparkly mason jar lantern with a peekaboo heart, outlined step by step on Lights! They show you how to do many of the techniques you’ve been wavering over in other tutorials, but this time all in one easy place.

14. Mason jar techno tiki torches


Are you still feeling quite intrigued indeed by all these lantern ideas but you’re also kind of hoping to find one that’s a little more of a challenge? Well, if you’re the kind of person who spends just about every summer evening enjoying the warm air on the patio, then we definitely think you should give these awesomely colourful DIY mason jar tiki torches a try. Ada Fruit outlines the whole process step by step for you.