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Three, Two, One: 10 DIY Countdowns You Need Before the Year’s End 

Are you already counting down the days to Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Or perhaps you have something even bigger you’re excited about, like a wedding or a baby on the way! Instead of crossing out the days on your calendar, make yourself a personalized countdown that is going to bring a smile on your face every day as you get one day closer to your special day. Here are 10 DIY countdowns you can choose from!

1. Handwritten Countdown Blocks 


Handwriting makes everything super special, be it letters, notes and even a countdown. If you use your own handwriting, your DIY countdown is going to be one-of-a-kind, impossible to duplicate! Find out the details behind these handwritten countdown blocks at Something Turquoise!

2. Framed Countdown 


The most important mementoes in our lives always end up framed: photographs, certificates, sometimes even the children’s drawings. It’s only fair that you give this special honor to your countdown as well. Visit Pinky Promise if you want to learn more about this framed countdown!

3. Christmas Countdown Calendar 


Maybe you prefer to stick with the tradition and want to combine the calendar with the countdown, so you always know which day it is and how many days you still have to wait. Designer Trapped shares a tutorial for a beautiful countdown calendar that is perfect to make while you’re waiting for Christmas!

4. Printable Christmas Countdown 


The great thing about the internet is that it can bring creative and crafty people together. If your holiday season is incredibly busy, you’re not likely to spend hours on building a countdown. You’d much rather go with something quick and simple, such as the printable countdown by Sunny Day Family!

5. Pyramid Christmas Countdown 


The countdown usually has a very visible place in the home and so becomes an essential part of your interior, especially during the holiday season. This is why it’s important that your countdown of choice has a look that adds some charm to your living space! The pyramid Christmas countdown by My Sister’s Suitcase is a great example of that!

6. Countdown Erase Board 


Perhaps the easiest way to make a countdown is to DIY an erase board and then use a black marker to write down the number of days that are still left! Once you reach your important event, you can repurpose the countdown as a memo board. Check out Food Fun Family for the tutorial!

7. Mod Podge Countdown 


Those of us who spend a lot of time on DIY projects owe Mod Podge many thanks for often making our projects a reality. It can definitely help you make a colorful and festive countdown! We got this idea from See Vanessa Craft and can’t wait to make it for our own homes.

8. Chalkboard Countdown Board 


Chalkboards never go out of style and they give you the freedom of doodling as you please! Tatertos & Jello shares a DIY chalkboard countdown board that you can reuse for as many occasions as you want, making it one of those pieces that are going to become a constant companion in your life.

9. Baby Countdown Blocks 


Counting down to your due date has got to be one of the most exciting experiences in life. What could be better than waiting on a day when you get to meet your little baby! If you’re happily expecting, Project Nursery shares the most wonderful DIY countdown that will add to the excitement!

10. Wood Slice Chalkboard Countdown 


If you love natural materials, you’re going to need a countdown that has a little nature in it. Use a wood slice as a basis for your countdown, then finish it up with some chalk paint and a festive garland. The idea comes from Kim Byers and it’s going to give your home an even cozier feeling!