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Knitted Socks For Everyone

The season for wearing wool socks is almost over, but it never hurts to be prepared for last minute snow storms! Sock are also a fun knitting project for any time of year. Just think: The more lovely handmade pairs you make now, the less Christmas gifts you have to make for all your friends during holiday crunch time next year!

With that in mind, check out these great sock knitting patterns that you’ll love doing and that your friends will loved wearing!

1. Sleep socks

VIEW IN GALLERYSleeping socks

(Source: Fine Craft Guild)

Blankets just won’t do on some cold nights! A pair of cute knitted sleep socks will keep your toes extra warm in case your duvet doesn’t quite to the trick.

2. Yoga socks


(Source: Fine Crafting Guild)

Do you have dancers, gymnasts, or yogis in your life? Knit them these socks that will keep most of their feet toasty but still leave enough skin to give them traction while they move.

3. Harpa sockettes

VIEW IN GALLERYHarpa sockettes

(Source: Organic Stills)

Some people prefer short, cropped socks, especially in the spring! These sockettes feature a gorgeous harpa pattern.

4. Easy peasy socks

VIEW IN GALLERYEasy peasy socks

(Source: Fresh Stitches)

Beginnger knitters can make socks too! Check out this simple sock with a short ankle. They’re perfect for practicing your techniques.

5. Cable and cuff socks

VIEW IN GALLERYCable and cuff socks

(Source: Jessica Joy)

These socks feature an adorable cable knit and a bright cuff. They’re perfect for knitters to practices switching colours and knitting fun but simple cable patterns!

6. Lace Socks


(Source: Craftsy)

These delicate socks with their intricate looking pattern are knit with a fine lace weight yarn. No matter which colour you choose, they’ll look gorgeous!

7. Labyrinth socks

VIEW IN GALLERYLabyrinth socks

(Source: Craftsy)

These zigzagging socks are a quick, fun project for experience knitters and an interesting learning pattern for people who are still perfecting their technique.

8. Double lace rib sock

VIEW IN GALLERYDouble lace rib sock

(Source: Craftsy)

Sometimes having a few holes in your socks is stylish and even pretty! This double lace rib pattern makes your socks part of the outfit, rather than just an afterthought.

9. Nutkin sock


(Source: Knitzi)

Sometimes it’s nice to have a lacy looking pattern without all the holes. The Nutkin sock pattern will give you that effect, and it’s also very easy to memorize!

10. Sweetheart socks

VIEW IN GALLERYSweetheart socks

(Source: Webs)

Especially in the winter, elaborate patterns are sometimes more practical when they’re chunk than when they’re delicate and very fine. Thick, warm socks can be stylish too!

11. Basic ankle sock

VIEW IN GALLERYBasic ankle sock

(Source: Pleasant Seas)

Sometimes you just need a good, solid pair of socks! Set the fancy patterns aside and try these solidly coloured (but also solidly constructed) ankle socks!

12. Beowulf socks

VIEW IN GALLERYBeowulf socks

(Source: Savvy Housekeeping)

Do you know a writer or literary geek who is constantly quoting their favourite classics? Try knitting them these socks featuring timeless poetry!

13. Ribbed faux cable socks

VIEW IN GALLERYribbed faux cable socks

(Source: Craftsy)

If you love the look of cables but you’re just not ready to try them yet, take a look at this faux cable sock pattern instead!

14. Super bulky socks

VIEW IN GALLERYSuper bulky socks

(Source: Knit Freedom)

Especially in the winter, nothing feels as comfy as a soft, bulky pair of knitted socks. This pattern shows you how to make them easily without sacrificing quality.

15. Entrelac socks

VIEW IN GALLERYEntrelac socks

(Source: DIY Cozy Home)

They might look complicated, but this gorgeously bright entrelac sock pattern is worth the effort!

Do you know someone who is  always looking for more sock patterns? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!