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15 Scented Hand Lotion Recipes

In recent years, the number of people with allergies and sensitivities to strongly scented things appears to have increased and we’ve all been trained to be very careful with what we wear out of courtesy. Sometimes when we’re at home, however, and we know that no one around us will be bothered by it, we indulge in pretty scented things lie body sprays, perfumes, and, perhaps our favourite option, scented hand lotions! There are plenty of scented hand lotions available for purchase in countless stores, but we find that making our own is always a lot more fun because we can choose what they smell like.

We also appreciate tutorials that teach us to make our own scented lotions because it means we have control over what goes into them. We can make sure the scent is subtle in case we do encounter someone with sensitivities and we can also keep in mind what our own skin is friendly to as well. Check out these 15 natural and wonderful smelling homemade hand lotion recipes that will keep you moisturized and smelling lovely all day!

1. Lavender oil lotion


Lavender scents almost always win out over other options for us, no matter what we’re buying. Besides being proven to be antibacterial, lavender is also a smell that factually helps people feel more relaxed and less stressed. We don’t know about you, but a little moment of de-stressing in the midst of a busy day is always a good thing for us! It’s also a rather subtle smell that’s unlikely to bother people around you. Find out how to make your own on Bev Cooks.

2. Almond oil lotion bars


Do you hate the feeling of putting lotion on your hands because it’s often greasy but you still need a little bit of moisture throughout your day to keep them from getting too dry? Then try making your own lotion bars and putting them by your sink, on your bedside table, or by your desk so you have easy access to them when you need them. You’ll still feel the lotion on your hands until the moisture is actually absorbed into your skin, but we think you’ll find that these almond oil bars from Being Frugal by Choice are a lot less greasy than many other recipes you might encounter.

3. DIY shimmer lotion


Are you the kind of person who’s always open to putting a little more sparkle into your day at every opportunity? Then perhaps a shimmer lotion is the best option for you! Besides it’s natural blend and pleasant smell, this recipe from Hello Glow will leave you with a subtle, pretty sheen when the light hits your skin. We actually made this one and we primarily use it as a hand lotion, but you could also put it all over your arms, chest, legs, and wherever else you feel like your look could benefit from a little extra sparkle.

4. Extra hydrating hand lotion


Are your hands particularly dried out right now and you’re looking for some intense relief, but you’re still not very open to the idea of buying lotion rather than making it? Then you need something that’s extra hydrating, like this homemade blend from Patchwork Times! This one actually is made from store bought things, so do keep an eye on those ingredients, but it’s a blend of three different skin hydrators for a little extra power than your regular everyday lotion.

5. Patchouli and fir cream


When it comes to scented things, are you much more into natural, homey scents than you are pretty floral smells? Then you might prefer this patchouli and fir scented cream than some of the other things we’ve listed so far. It has a deeper, rich smell rather than a light, sweet one. Soap Deli News teaches you how to make it happen.

6. Super care homemade hand lotion


Are you very into the idea of making your own super-hydrating lotion blend from things that already exist rather than completely from scratch but you’d rather have it smell like your favourite scented brand rather than just regular baby lotion, the way the previous blended recipe we showed you does? Then check out this alterative version from Kelly Gene Life! They used a lovely smelling lotion from Bath and Bodyworks as part of their blend to get the scent, but mixed it with super hydrating ingredients like coconut oil to treat dry, cracked hands.

7. Easy beeswax lotion


Just in case you’re so wary of standard store bought lotions that you’d rather cut them out of your recipe all together, here’s a very natural version made from beeswax. The consistency of this finished product is certainly a little bit different than the lotions you might be used to but, personally, we actually almost prefer the way our hands feel after using it. Get the full recipe on A Sonoma Garden!

8. Extra nourishing lavender hand cream


We’ve already talked about lavender hand creams and we’ve already talked about recipes that are a little bit extra nourishing compared to the average store bought hand lotion, but what if you want both? Well, that’s easy enough to do! You could just look at the two different recipes and try to combine them yourself, but instead we’ve actually found a full tutorial for making exactly what you’re looking for! See all the details on Amazing Herbs and Oils.

9. Plumeria hand lotion


Perhaps you’re still on the hunt for a more natural smelling lotion that reminds you more of home, nature, and friendly, subtle scents rather than laundry or tropical beach flowers, but none of the things we’ve talked about yet have quite held your interest? Well, here’s another shot at making one you’ll really enjoy with plumeria! Always Learning shows you how it’s done.

10. Whipped coconut oil hand lotion


When we first heard of “whipped” lotions, we thought it was just another marketing ploy to get people to spend more money on different kinds of beauty products. The second we tried them, however, we realized that the light, fluffy texture of a whipped lotion feels completely different! Radiant Life teaches you how to make a super hydrating by easily absorbed lotion from coconut oil.

11. Wild rose and honey hand cream


Here’s another option for people who love natural scents, but this time without leaving the florals out all together! The subtle smell of rose petals and the sweetness of honey leave a lingering perfume that is comfortable and easy to be around, rather than overpowering. At the same time, the hand lotion keeps you from feeling dry and itchy. We have Lovely Greens to thank for this one!

12. Natural chocolate rose hand cream


Are you intrigued by the rose and honey idea above this one but you’re actually more of a sweet lover who will always choose chocolate flavours and scents over just about anything else? Then here’s the option you’ve been waiting for! You’ll still get the lovely floral rose petal element but with a rich cocoa undertone instead of a light, sweet one. Check the whole idea out on Soap Deli News!

13. Honey whipped DIY hand cream


In the interest of presenting you with all the options, check out this hand cream that is a perfect combination of the whipped lotion and honey ideas! This one will give you a light skin hydration and a sweet honey scent without anything greasy or overwhelming. Imperfectly Happy has all of the steps laid out for you to follow.

14. Homemade lavender rose hand cream


So far on our list we’ve steered clear of scents that are too floral because people often find those overwhelming if you wear them in public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the floral scented products you love so much at home or on your own time! This homemade hand cream from Overthrow Martha combines hints of rose and lavender and, despite all of that floral in one place, it’s actually quite subtle and light compared to what you’d experience with something similar from a store.

15. Lavender grapefruit coconut oil bars


Did you love the idea of making lotion bars but you can’t use the recipe we talked about earlier on our list because you’re sensitive to almonds and other nuts? Then here’s a more fragrant alternative that’s nut free! Check out how Hello Creative Families used coconut oil to make lotion bars that leave you with hints of lavender and grapefruit. This might be our favourite scent combination on the whole list!

Do you know someone who is always complaining about dry hands but who prefers to make their own products rather than just buying scented things from the store? Share this post with them for a little bit of inspiration!