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These Knitted Cardigans Are the Perfect Way to Update Your Wardrobe

A stylish cardigan sweater can take your outfit from drab to fab in no time at all. If you’re having trouble finding just the right cardi, why not try knitting your own? This roundup of knitting patterns features cardigans perfect for both dressy and casual looks.

Knit Cardigan with Lace Sleeves

VIEW IN GALLERYKnit Cardigan with Lace Sleeves

With ¾ lace sleeves, this knitted cardigan is the perfect choice for warmer months. Visit DROPS Design for the free pattern.

Lightweight Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYUnassuming Lightweight Cardigan

A simplistic texture and large needles make this a quick and easy knitting project that’s perfect for keeping you warm on a chilly night. Purchase the pattern over at Ravelry.

Chic Raglan Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYChic Raglan Cardigan

Using worsted weight yarn for a quick and simple knit, this cardigan is perfect for wearing to the office yet comfortable enough to double as a go-anywhere jacket. The pattern, which is rated as an advanced beginner project, can be purchased at Chic Knits.

Short Sleeve Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYshort sleeve cardigan

The short sleeves and textured open front on this knit cardigan make it ideal for adding a little extra modesty to your favorite tank or cami top. Lime Scented has the details.

Any Color Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYany color cardigan

This knitting project gets its name from the fact that you’re going to want to make one in every color of the rainbow! You can find the free pattern at All Free Knitting.

“Courie In” Cozy Winter Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYCourie In Cozy Winter Cardigan

When it’s cold outside, this cardigan will keep you warm and cozy. The name “Courie In” comes from a Scottish phrase meaning to “snuggle up.”  Ravelry has the free pattern.

Oversized Cardigan with Cable Detailing

VIEW IN GALLERYOversized Cardigan with Cable Detailing

Using bulky yarn and large needles makes this project quick to complete and the pockets make it as practical as it is stylish. Dandilion Girl Designs has the free knitting pattern.

Stockinette Stitch Hooded Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYStockinette Stitch Hooded Cardigan

It requires a bit of patience to pull off, but this hooded knit cardigan is sure to become a wardrobe staple. It has a loose fit, but holds its shape well for a flattering look. Visit All Free Knitting for the free pattern.

Boyfriend Sweater

VIEW IN GALLERYboyfriend sweater

This oversized cardigan is perfect for keeping you cozy all weekend long. As an added bonus, the yard used for the project comes in very large balls so there are fewer ends to weave in. Red Heart has the free knitting pattern.

Blanket Style Wrap Front Cardigan

VIEW IN GALLERYblanket front cardigan

Another cardigan design that’s perfect for the weekend, this blanket-style wrap-front cardigan is cozy yet fabulous. Purchase the pattern at Sunday Knits.