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16 Green St Patrick’s Day Recipes That Will Make Your Day Brighter

Whether you’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day with a big party or just packing your kids fun lunches for school, themed food always makes for a better day! There are hundreds of ways to transform everyday snacks into awesome green treats for St Patrick’s Day.

Check out these delicious green recipes that will get you into the spirit!

Green chocolate chip pancakes

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen chocolate chip pancakes

Bebe Love Okazu shoes you how to start your St Patrick’s Day off right… with delicious green pancakes!

Clover quesadillas

VIEW IN GALLERYTasty Clover quesadillas

Spinach based tortillas are already green! Fill them with your favourite quesadilla fillings and cut them into three or four leaf clovers.

Chocolate covered mint Oreos with green drizzle

VIEW IN GALLERYChocolate covered mint oreos with green drizzle

See Vanessa Craft reminds us how great mint flavoured foods are, especially when they’re green! Check out this deliciously sweet chocolate covered Oreo cookies.

Broccoli mac and cheese

VIEW IN GALLERYBroccoli mac and cheese

Sneaky moms can figure out a fun way to get their kids to eat healthy any day! Sneaking broccoli into yummy mac and cheese makes it green and ready for St Patrick’s Day. Get the recipe on Cool Mom Picks.

St Patty’s Day chocolate covered strawberries

VIEW IN GALLERYSt Patty’s Day chocolate covered strawberries

Green chocolate drizzle and clover shaped sprinkles will turn classic chocolate covered strawberries into a delicious St Patrick’s Day treat, just like these ones from Love It So Much.

Green Oreo cookie balls

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen Oreo cookie balls

Everyone loves bite sized snacks at parties! These little green treats will be popular for people who want something to munch on while they socialize. Check them out on 2 Wired 2 Tired.

Matcha green tea donuts

VIEW IN GALLERYMatch green tea donuts

A Beautiful Mess shows you how to make these delicious green tea donuts that are the perfect colour for a St Patrick’s Day feast.

Spinach cheddar chive scones

VIEW IN GALLERYSpinach cheddar chive scones

Sometimes all you need to turn your snacks green are a few naturally green ingredients! Check out these delicious scones from Weelicious.

Green rice crispy squares

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen rice crispy squares

Rice crispy squares are a classic party and holiday treat. Food.com shows you how to make them St patrick’s Day themed using a little green food colouring!

Homemade shamrock shakes

VIEW IN GALLERYHomemade shamrock shakes

If you’re a fan of the annual shamrock shakes at McDonalds, you’ll love learning how to make them for your own St Patrick’s Day party! Check out the recipe on Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Green candied popcorn

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen candied popcorn

This recipe from Cupcake Diaries is sweet, salty, crunchy, and green enough for St Patrick’s Day. It’s practically perfect!

 Shamrock crackers

VIEW IN GALLERYShamrock crackers

The snacks are delicious, the shape is seasonal, and the herbs on top give you a little bit of green! Check out the recipe on Hungry Happenings.

St Patrick’s Day Parfaits

VIEW IN GALLERYSt Patrick's Day Parfaits

These adorable green pudding parfaits use kiwi fruits to get their colour and flavour! Food.com shows you how to make them.

Green chocolate chip cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYGreen chocolate chip cookies

She Knows reminds you that a couple drops of green food colouring can transform any classic treat. These regular chocolate chip cookies automatically look like they belong on St Patty’s Day!

Bailey’s Irish Cream cupcakes

VIEW IN GALLERYBailey's Irish Cream cupcakes

Food.com‘s cupcake recipe is seasonal for it’s coloured icing, but it also incorporates Irish Cream liqueur for an extra dash of St Patrick’s Day cheer!

Leprechaun hat cookies

VIEW IN GALLERYLeprechaun hat cookies

Betty Crocker shoes you how to make these adorable leprechaun hat snacks from sugar cookies, large marshmallows, green frosting, and green candies!

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