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A Sensual Treat: Delectable Loaded Baked Potato Recipes

Usually when we decide to treat ourselves, we pick something sweet or buy something delicious from the store. Even when we’re intent on making things ourselves, however, it’s not often an entree or a side we’re craving unless it’s something like pizza. That’s why it’s so weird that we’ve been craving baked potatoes recently! We hadn’t had one in a long while and then our reintroduction to them was a perfectly fluffy dream topped high with unique and delicious ingredients made by a good friend at a dinner party. Since then, we’ve been craving baked potatoes like it’s our job! Since our delicious gourmet experience with our friend, however, any regular old baked potato with cheese just won’t do. We want our potato to be loaded. That’s why we’ve been combing the internet for extra unique recipes!

Just in case you love baked potatoes just as much as we suddenly do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best and unique loaded baked potato recipes we found in our search.

1. Ground beef, broccoli, and cheese


We’ve had broccoli and cheese baked potatoes plenty of times. In fact, they’re probably our favourite kind, so we’ve eaten more of these than we’d ever actually want to count. Just because we love something the way it is, however, doesn’t mean we’re opposed to shaking it up every once in a while! That’s why we nearly had to stop ourselves from drooling when we came across this version of a broccoli and cheese baked potato that also features mouth watering ground beef. Get the full details for the recipe from Eating Well.

2. Shepard’s pie baked potato


Are you the kind of unique recipe lover who can’t get enough of the recent trend of combining two recipes into one delicious dish? Well, when we do that we usually try to at least choose two dishes that have something in common. That’s why we thought this combination baked potato and Shepard’s pie recipe from Cupcakes & Kale Chips was such a good idea! We actually gave this one a try in real life and it was so good that our kids ended up eating the extras we intentionally made for later so we didn’t actually have and leftovers by the end of dinner after all.

3. Cheesy vegetarian potato with spinach and mushrooms


Just because baked potatoes do go well with meat toppings (think the classic “meat and potatoes” adage) doesn’t mean that there aren’t mouth watering vegetarian options out there! Even though we’re not actually vegetarians, this recipe from Peas & Crayons is one that we actually make quite often because it’s so incredibly delicious. Besides your favourite cheese, they suggest topping your potato with spinach and mushrooms for a fantastic and quite healthy taste.

4. Loaded baked potato casserole


Remember how we mentioned above that our kids loved the baked potatoes we made recently so much that they ate all the extras we’d intended to save as leftovers? Well, that’s because baked potatoes are such an awesome treat that sometimes just one won’t do! That’s why we were so excited when we came across this awesome loaded baked potato casserole recipe featured on Center Cut Cook. This way, you can enjoy many scoops of the best part of the baked potato: the inside, covered in delicious toppings!

5. Thai style loaded baked sweet potato


So far on our list we’ve been assuming that you’re craving regular potatoes, regardless of what brand or kind you like, but don’t forget that there’s another kind of delicious potato out there! Believe it or not, sweet potatoes make absolutely delicious baked potatoes too! This Thai style baked potato made from a sweet potato topped with cheese, red peppers, green onions, and curry sauce might just be one of the most delicious things we’ve ever eaten. Get the full recipe for both the potato and the sauce on Dula Notes.

6. Loaded baked potato bites


Are you intent on taking the delicious taste of baked potatoes with you to just about any event, dinner, or pot luck you go to lately, but you know that an entire loaded potato per person is a little too filling since gusts as a potluck want to try a little bit of everything? Then these miniature baked potato bites might be a little more up your alley! Budget Savvy Diva shows you how to top little roasted section slices of a potato with the delicious things you’d usually put on a full baked potato to make bite sized version that’s perfect for sharing.

7. Spicy chili baked potato


Have you been scrolling through these baked potatoes so far wishing you could find a version that has a little more kick than what we’ve shown you up until now? Well, if you’re ever been a fan of things smothered in chilli, then we’ve definitely found an absolutely perfect recipe for you! She Wears Many Hats guides you through the process of making not only a delicious chilli (although you could easily replace this with your favourite homemade family recipe if you prefer) but the whole loaded baked potato as a dish.

8. Mediterranean loaded baked potato


If you’re going to get all kinds of culinary creative with your baked potatoes, would you like to take them as an opportunity to explore tastes from around the world? Then we have a feeling you’ll really appreciate this fantastic Mediterranean loaded baked potato recipe from The Mediterranean Dish! They show you how to use green olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes as toppings to create a taste reminiscent of your favourite Greek salad, but with a more carb based satisfaction.

9. Southwest style loaded baked potato


Did we really grab your attention with the idea of making internationally inspired loaded baked potato recipes but you’ve never liked feta cheese or olives enough to try the recipe we just suggested? Then perhaps you’d prefer to go in a southwest direction with this alternative idea from The Saucy Southerner! The show you how to pile black beans, corn, green onions, and grated cheddar cheese onto your perfectly prepared potato.

10. Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup


Even on days that you don’t have any ripe potatoes to work with, do you often still crave baked potatoes? Perhaps you’re looking for a delicious recipe that’s just as satisfying as a good loaded baked potato but you want it to be able to keep you warm on a cold winter’s day, since spring isn’t actually quite here yet? Well, have you ever thought of making a soup homage to your favourite starchy side dish instead? If you haven’t tried it, we’d absolutely suggest making yourself a big, warm pot of this delicious loaded baked potato soup featured on The Recipe Critic! As if potato soup isn’t delicious enough already, they show you how to top it with grated cheese and bacon and, if you ask us, that’s basically the stuff dreams are made of.

11. Loaded baked potato dip


Were you intrigued by the idea of making a version of a loaded baked potato that’s more easily shared because you work in an office that has a lot of potlucks that keep you creative in the kitchen, but you’re just not sure the baked potato bites are the option for you? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make a dip instead! This recipe from Well Plated is one of our very favourites and is always a hit, even with Debbie from accounting, whose husband is a chef which makes her the harshest food critic at our whole company.

12. Philly cheesesteak loaded baked potato


Were you pretty excited about the idea of making a baked potato that’s also a combination recipe, but the Shepard’s pie idea we showed you earlier on our list didn’t quite involve enough extras for your liking, since Shepard’s pie is also a potato dish? Well, if you’re a meat lover, then we have a feeling this Philly cheesesteak idea might be a little more your style! Real Kitchen & Beyond shows you how to make a steak strip and cheese topped potato that’s so loaded and good that it’s almost not fair.

13. Loaded baked potato egg rolls


What if, when we said “combination recipe”, your mind went to something else that taste like loaded baked potatoes, rather than making a loaded baked potato that tastes like something else? In that case, we might have finally found the recipe you’ll go for! These awesomely unique baked potato spring rolls featured on Simple Comfort Food might be one of the best tasting things we’ve literally ever tried, and we’re not exaggerating. They’re just… really delicious. They also have a satisfying crunch that we’re totally here for!

14. Loaded baked potato salad


If you love potatoes as much as we do, then you’re probably a big fan of any kind of potato dish, just like we are. We’d be willing to bet, then, that you also know a good potato salad when you see one! We’re the way as well, and have been since we were kids, so imagine how excited we were when we found this amazing loaded baked potato salad recipe featured on Dishin’ With Di.

15. Loaded taco potatoes


If we’re going to make a post that in any way involves combination recipes and we don’t put some kind of taco inspired recipe on that list, we’d be doing a disservice to the world of loaded, gourmet foods! That’s why we just had to add this delicious loaded taco baked potato recipe featured on Life in The Lofthouse to the end of our list. Honestly, we’ve tried this meal before in real life and we can firmly tell you that we’ve saved the best for last.