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Craft Lace Ideas: How to Use Lace Fabric at Home

If we’re being honest, we’ve always been at least a little bit enamoured with lace. There’s just something about its pretty delicacy and feminine intricacy that practically takes out breath away! On top of that, many people don’t realize just how diverse a crafting tool lace can be, or how many lovely ways there are to use it. That’s why we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for brand new DIY projects to make with lace that we’ve never tried before!

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Craft Lace Ideas

Do you love the idea of learning how to make beautiful new things out of lace just as much as we do, if not more? Check out these 15 awesome ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across in our search for inspiration.

1. Lace pressed clay dishes


If you’ve never tried texture pressing in clay projects then we’re very sorry indeed to tell you that you’ve been missing out on something fun! There are all kinds of things you can press into clay to make interesting textures and patterns, but we’re particularly fond of the way Victoria Mag shows you how to make these lovely dishes from clay that’s been pressed with lace.

2. Simple lace candle holder


You might have seen leaf, paper, or fabric decoupaged bowls before, but did you know that you can do something similar with lace? We found this tutorial from Fab DIY that guides you through the process of making a beautifully delicate looking structured dish from a piece of lace and turning it into a candle holder. We love the way the flame’s glow casts the pattern of the lace on the wall in shadow.

3. DIY lace pillow


Are you the kind of comfy home decor enthusiast who adores throw pillows and likes making them all kinds of slips and covers? Then we have a feeling you’ll get a real kick out of the way Jessica shows you step by step, in clear detail, how they made this lovely lace pillow using simple sewing techniques! They even give you a few useful tips for working with lace specifically.

4. Lace doily curtain


We’ve long wanted to make ourselves a new set of curtains for the spare bedroom, but the aesthetic we’ve built in there is quite quite old fashioned and vintage and we couldn’t find a design that we quite thought suited for the longest time. Then we came across this stunning patchwork lace doily curtain tutorial from Free People and couldn’t get over how stunning the finished product was for such a simple project to do!

5. DIY lace bralette


Are you the kind of fashion enthusiast who adores making your very own simple clothing pieces using your design knowledge and DIY skills, but you’ve been looking to increase how many pieces you make using lace? Well, if you’re a fan of bralettes, then we’re pretty sure this stunning DIY lace bralette tutorial featured in detail on A Pair and A Spare might be just the kind of thing you’re looking for.

6. Lace doily and wire star decor


Have we really got your attention now with this whole idea of upcycling lace doilies into all kinds of delicate decor things but you’re looking for something a little simpler and more whimsical, since you only get some crafting time in a month, rather than the kind of permanent larger projects you’ve seen so far? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with something like this lace doily and wire star decor piece outlined step by simple step on Dishfunctional Designs.

7. Lace painted dresser drawers


If you’ve never tried using lace as a stencil before then that’s another really cool technique you’re missing out on! If you’re like us and you love the look and detail of lace so much that you’d absolutely be willing t make it a more permanent part of your home’s decor scheme, then we think you simply must take a look at how Guidecentral did some lace paint stencilling to add this stunning lace printed effect to the faces of their dresser drawers.

8. Lace and flowers bouquet


Whether you’re making the bouquet for a wedding or just feeling like adding something pretty to your side table in a vase, we’d definitely suggest that all vintage aesthetic lovers take a closer look at this stunning lace and floral idea. The tutorial you’ll find on Scrappin’ Happy Crafts shows you not only how to construct the bouquet itself, but also how to embellish it with extra little details like pearl and beads!

9. Denim shorts patched with lace


If you’re going to make yourself a new piece of clothing using lace, would you actually much rather create a piece that has some kind of casual style and interesting visual contrast to it? Then we’re positively convinced that you’ll get along very well indeed with this DIY design from Free People‘s crafting blog that shows you how to fill in frayed hems and tears in denim shorts with lace for shabby chic delicacy.

10. Lace halter boustier


If you’re going to put in the time and effort it takes to make yourself a piece of stunning lace clothing, would you actually prefer to create something a little classier and old fashioned looking, maybe with clear influences from the world of couture? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out the way Interesting for Me lays out the steps for altering a simple black bustier in order to turn it into a beautiful and classy looking lace halter!

11. DIY lace event invite


Are you the kind of crafting enthusiast who aways prefers to make things that will help you share your favourite materials and crafting techniques with other people whenever you possibly can? Then we’d be willing to bet that you’ll enjoy these lovely DIY lace invites just as much as we did, especially if you also have an appreciation for slightly rustic styled things. Get the full details for making your own on Eternal Stationery.

12. Lampshade from an antique lace tablecloth


Are you still scrolling through our list and finding yourself totally enamoured with this whole concept of making lace furniture elements but you just haven’t quite seen the idea that has grabbed your attention and kept it so far? Then here’s another lovely option for your consideration! We’re totally in love with the way Restored Treasures Too guides you step by step through the process of draping, stretching, and fastening lace to construct a fully lace lampshade from what was once an antique tablecloth!

13. DIY lace trimmed scarf


Are you still feeling quite interested in the idea of making lace embellished fashion but you live in a place that’s quite cold and you’d rather make something a little more snuggly than a bra or a halter top? Then perhaps this concept from A Beautiful Mess is a better option for you! Take a good look at their tutorial to learn how this lace trimmed scarf was made.

14. Sparkly, starched lace crowns


Have you been so open about your love for lace that now you’ve passed that appreciation on to your kids too? Well, if they love playing dress up even half as much as ours do them we’d be willing to bet that these adorable starched and glittered lace crowns featured in simple detail on The Girl Inspired will be a huge hit in your house. We actually made these in real life and we’re pretty sure our kids use them at some point every single day.

15. Lace trimmed flip flops


Are you still thinking about how much you like the idea of adding lace trim to fashion but you’ve always been more of a shoe lover than anything else? Then perhaps these super easy DIY lace trimmed flip flops will be a little more up your alley! We think they’d make cute footwear for a beach-y wedding shower. See how they’re done in more detail on Sewing.

Have you made other fantastic and stunning lace DIY projects that you were very happy with indeed but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!