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Delicious Chicken Recipes That are Perfect for a Summer BBQ

Summer might not be here quite yet, but it’s never too early to start stockpiling recipes for the delicious BBQ dinners you’ll host in the backyard on hot nights! Nothing quite beats a succulent BBQ chicken, but your friends and family will be especially impressed if you switch up the flavour every once in a while.

Check out these mouth-watering chicken marinade recipes that will take your BBQ meals to the next level!

1. Grilled beer marinated chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYGrilled beer marinated chicken

(Source: Picture the Recipe)

What goes perfectly with a backyard BBQ meal? Beer, of course! Take that taste idea and apply it to your meal too with this delicious recipe that beer lovers won’t be able to get enough of.

2. Lemon oregano grilled chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon oregano grilled chicken

(Source: Recipe Girl)

Between the zesty citrus flavour of the lemon and the robust oregano taste, this chicken’s flavour is just as fresh as the summer day you’ll eat it on!

3. Cilantro chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYCilantro chicken

(Source: Recipe Girl)

This recipe balances the taste of cilantro with a sweet chili sauce. The contrast is nothing short of delicious.

4. Chipotle lime grilled chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYChiptole lime grilled chicken

(Source: All Day I Dream About Food)

The zesty lime flavour helps bring out the kick of chipotle, and your BBQ skills will only make it even tastier!

5. 7-Up marinade

VIEW IN GALLERY7-Up marinade

(Source: Chef in Training)

You read that right. This recipe is literally made with 7-Up! Combine that with soy sauce, horseradish, and some garlic, and you’ve got one interesting tasting BBQ!

6. Fiery Asian cutlets


(Source: Always Order Dessert)

Are you the kind of person who absolutely adores spicy food? Do you have a bottle of sriracha sauce in your fridge that’s so big you need to hands to squeeze it? This BBQ chicken recipe was literally made for you.

7. Balsamic mango marinated grilled chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYBalsamic mango marinated grilled chicken

(Source: Recipe Girl)

Summer BBQs are the perfect time for cooking with fruit. You’d be surprised how deliciously chicken and mango go together! The kick of balsamic tops the flavour off just right.

8. Sweet maple BBQ chicken kebabs

VIEW IN GALLERYSweet maple BBQ chicken kebabs

(Source: A Dash of Sanity)

Do you prefer sweet flavours? Do you want your guests to be able to socialize easily while they eat? Then this recipe is everything you need! Maple is sweet and delicious paired with grilled chicken, and kebab style servings let guests eat on the go!

9. Beer and honey chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYBeer and honey chicken skewers

(Source: Jo Cooks)

If you love the idea of cooking with beer but feel like your dish needs a bit of a contrast flavour too, then you’ll also love the sweet taste of honey in this recipe.

10. Lemon garlic chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYLemon garlic chicken.

(Source: Rasa Malaysia)

Lemon and garlic are pretty classic ingredients for chicken marinade, but sometimes it’s nice to keep things simple (especially when those flavours are even more delicious than usual if they’re made on a BBQ)!

11. Chili lime chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYChili lime chicken

(Source: Rasa Malaysia)

If you want lots of flavour that packs a punch but isn’t outright spicy, this chili lime recipe is the perfect idea for you!

12. Simple rosemary lemon chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYSimple rosemary lemon chicken

(Source: The Slow Roasted Italian)

Rosemary is one of those flavours that tastes good on just about anything. It tastes especially good, however, when it’s been cooked on the BBQ.

13. Grilled Peruvian chicken with Aji sauce

VIEW IN GALLERYGrilled Peruvian chicken with Aji sauce

(Source: Food Done light)

Between the dusting of spices and the tangy herb-based Aji sauce, this recipe is perfect for grilling a whole chicken that the entire family can enjoy together out on the patio.

14. Korean BBQ chicken


(Source: Rasa Malaysia)

This Korean recipe might taste like classic BBQ chicken, but you’ll notice the unique flavours when you place it on a bed of aromatic rice, wrap it in crispy lettuce, and dip it in delicious spicy Korean sauce!

15. Honey orange BBQ chicken

VIEW IN GALLERYHoney orange BBQ chicken

(Source: Food Network)

The sweetness of honey and the fresh citrus flavour of oranges makes the perfect combination for an evening summer BBQ full of great taste.

Do you have another favourite summer BBQ chicken recipe that you don’t see here? Tell us about it in the comments section!