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Wonderful DIY Cute Dutch Flower Braid Hairstyle

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The dutch flower braid is a beautiful updo that is prefect for a night out, for a party, a romantic first date, for prom, homecoming, graduation party, stylish reception, wedding guests and all kind of special occasions and evening events. Though it looks complicated, it is simply made up of a dutch braid and a bun and is easy to do with a friend!
Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 1 hair elastic, hairspray {if desired}, 1 small flower accessory for center of flower bun.
1. Brush your hair.
2. Take a left side partition on your hair
3. Take few section of hair just below the partition and divide into 3 sections.
4. Bring the right section of hair under the middle and middle section into under the right strand.
5. Now bring the right strand into the middle.
6. Take a few section of hair below the right strand and add it with the right strand.
7. ake a few section of hair below the left strand and add it with the left strand.
8. Bring the right strand of hair under middle and middle strand into under the right strand.
9. Do it the same step and coming to other side in the zig zag manner.
10. At the end of the crown continue the braid.
11. Just pull out the left strand to give flower look.
12. Now wrap the braid in a circle manner and secure it with bobby pin.

VIEW IN GALLERYDutch Flower Braid Updo Hairstyle