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Wine O’Clock: Ingenious and Innovative DIY Wine Racks 

All avid wine lovers quickly realize that investing into a wine rack is a great idea! Having your bottles on display and neatly organized makes it so much easier to serve wine to your guests and properly pair it with meals. If you’re still on the lookout for the perfect wine rack, we put together a selection of the best DIY wine racks you can choose from!

Copper Pipe Wine Rack 


A couple of copper pipes can get you a totally new wine rack with a shiny metallic look that no store-bought rack could ever compare to! This wine rack can stand on its own so it doesn’t take up any wall space, which is great if you want to leave your walls plain and would rather set the wine rack somewhere else! A Bubbly Life has the instructions!

Pallet Wine Rack 


Pallets can always be of use when we’re creating projects for our home and this time around they have proven themselves to also be an amazing material for a wine rack!   Visit Hometalk to snatch the tutorial and in a short while your home will be richer for a very organized wine rack!

Barn Wood Wine Rack 


A rustic wine rack has an incredible appeal to it! I Spy DIY made a stunning wine rack from barn wood and the end result is a beautiful mix between a rustic undertone found in the wood and a modern addition found in the little chalkboard. We love the balanced look!

Wooden Crate Wine Rack 


If you have a spare wooden crate here’s your chance to turn it into a beautiful wine rack! It’s very simple to make so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a pro – the sweat will be worth it once you’re looking at your amazingly organized wine rack! Catch the instructions at Anything & Everything!

Rustic Wooden Wine Rack 


A beautiful vertical wine rack is a great way to organize your most precious bottles of wine! The rustic style of the rack infuses the living space with an ageless sense and its small width makes it very convenient to hang up on the wall as if it was an art piece. Visit Shanty 2 Chic to learn more about this masterpiece!

Ikea Wine Rack 


If you have an Ikea cupboard that you are ready to repurpose, we imagine that making a wine rack is one of the first things on your list! Good news – that Ikea cupboard will come in handy and all those stressful moments of putting it together weren’t for nothing!  Weekend Crafts will teach you all there is to know about this upgrade!

A-Frame Wine Rack 


You can opt for something a little more modern and draw your inspiration from DIY Network who made an A-frame wine rack that is a simplistic but stunning way to store your wine. It’s a portable solution so you can essentially take this rack anywhere with you! Talk about practical!

Polished Wood Wine Rack 


If you want your wine rack to look very sophisticated and on a high level, then this polished wood rack is totally for you! It has a very classy look, put-together and minimalistic, just how it’s supposed to look like in a home that can pride itself on simplicity! The House of Wood has the tutorial!

Copper and Leather Wine Rack 


As a mix of industrial and modern style, this wine rack is bright and shiny, the light visibly reflecting from both the copper and white surface, making it a very noticeable element that will definitely draw attention to itself! If you can already see it beautifying your kitchen or pantry, visit eHow for the details!

Farmhouse Wine Rack 


Channel the beauty of the farmhouse life with these two wine racks that feel so raw and organic they’ll be an incredible addition to any wall space in your home! It presents you with a great opportunity to keep your home organized despite how much you love to entertain! Check out The Kurtz Corner for the how-to!

Minimalist White Wine Rack 


A wine rack can easily rock a minimalist look and still be noticeable. Due to its bright white color that fits perfectly on any wall painted in a light shade, it pushes the wine bottles to be the center of attention! If you’re loving this idea, Copper Dot Interiors is the place to go to!

Mini Wine Rack 


A wine rack can be big, showcasing many different bottles, but it can also be smaller and showcasing only a carefully selected few bottles of wine! Quality will always beat quantity, so don’t hesitate to make this mini wine rack!  The Merry Thought will show you how!