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Crocheted Dress Patterns Just in Time for Christmas!

If you’re anything like us, then you know the excitement in getting dressed up for Christmas dinner or holiday parties. You also know that that’s an especially exciting feeling when the outfit you’re wearing is brand new and you get to feel like you’re making a little fashion debut! We’d argue, though, that there’s a whole other layer you can add to the fun: making your very own holiday outfit. Personally, we like to give ourselves something even more to be excited about by wearing things that we actually crocheted from start to finish all by ourselves!

Check out these gorgeous crocheted dress patterns that, in colour or style, are absolutely perfect for this holiday season.

1. Vintage lace crochet dress by Lost in Paris


Like the design above, this crocheted dress (and most others) will need a slip underneath, but we think the bell style sleeves are are gorgeous touch around the holidays. It adds a pretty, feminine style to your outfit and, if you decide that the short cut of this particular pattern isn’t right for you or for the season, you can lengthen it or wear the dress as a tunic over pants or thick, warm tights.

2. Flowing Boho crocheted dress by Favourite Patterns

VIEW IN GALLERYFlowing Boho crocheted dress

Perhaps you’re looking for a Boho chic dress that’s a little less fitted so you can be comfortable but still classy for the holidays? Then this adorable style is a great option! We love the idea of finding and under slip that’s a perfect match because it doesn’t distract from the intricate lace pattern you worked so hard on in any way.

3. Crocheted “pineapple” dress by Marinella Marifu6a


The “pineapple” lace pattern is one of our very favourite things about crochet. It’s feminine, delicate, and intricate looking even though it’s not too hard to master if you’re willing to concentrate and invest some time. This particular pattern shows you how to make an adorable layered skirt that looks like a holiday dream dress if you crochet it in a cheerful bright red like this one.

4. Cut out skirt dress on Favourite Patterns

VIEW IN GALLERYCut out skirt dress

T-shirt dresses with little sleeve that cover your shoulders are a great option for holiday parties because they look a little less summery, even if you’re still creating floral lacy patterns and using cut outs. You could make this dress more winter appropriate by coordinating a coloured pair of tights that will show through the cut out with a cut blazer or cardigan in the same colour to make sure your arms stay warm.

5. Crocheted sheath dress from WonkyZebra

VIEW IN GALLERYCrocheted sheath dress

Are you always paranoid about how your midsection looks during the holidays because it’s such a food centered time of year? We’re huge snackers, especially when we’re surrounded by delicious baked goods that we only get to enjoy once a year, so we find that a belt or cinch sitting high on our waist creates a slimming illusion, even if we’re subtly loosening the belt as we go so we can eat just one more helping of dessert!

6. Christmas Tree Gown by Amber Schaaf

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas Tree Gown

Once you’ve finished crocheting yourself a holiday dress, why not crochet one for your daughter or niece too? There are countless adorable patterns out there for little girls’ Christmas dresses that will be a blast for them to wear and a lot of fun for you to make too. We love this design because of the adorable layered skirt that resembles a Christmas tree, particularly if you look at the little star on the chest!

7. Christmas Pudding dress by Aradhna Shukla

VIEW IN GALLERYChristmas Pudding dress

Have you ever called your baby by a cute food nickname when you get carried away with affectionate pet names? Well, we’re not just being complimentary this time when we saw your baby will look like a cute little Christmas pudding in this dress! This funny little pattern is actually design to temporarily transform your little one into a cute Christmas dessert for the party.

8. Chic Tunic Dress by Sparkly Dandelion Inc.


We’re big fans of tunic style dresses because you can, in fact, wear them as dresses but you can also throw them over thick leggings and tights or pants to make sure you stay warm. This particular design has a lovely, clean edging and we’re big fans of where the belt cinches it in the middle. We also really enjoy that the shoulders are covered by a little t-shirt sleeve, just in case it’s chilly the day of your holiday party. This makes it easier to layer sleeves under.

9. Bergamot Crochet Lace Dress by Doris Chan

VIEW IN GALLERYBergamot Crochet Lace Dress

Perhaps you already have a long sleeved winter maxi dress that you’re planning to wear, but you’d like to glam it up a little bit by adding a crocheted over layer? Then try this adorable pattern with a cute fringey sleeve! We like the idea of doing it in a classic Christmas colour, like red or green or possibly a variegation that includes both, if you really feel like getting into the holiday spirit.

10. Missoni Inspired Shift Dress by Yoko Hatta

VIEW IN GALLERYMissoni Inspired Shift Dress

Maybe you’re the kind of cheerful winter person who believes that the best way to get through the dark days and cold weather in the winter is to dress brightly as though it’s still sunny and warm out? Then we think you’ll love this missoni inspired dress pattern for the holidays! You could adjust the pattern to make it out of more traditional colours and just enjoy the visuals, or you could simply choose whatever colours you please and wear them proudly!

11. Juliet Dress by Woman’s Day


Remember a few options ago when we were talking about vintage patterns? Well, here’s another one for your consideration! Something about a pretty scalloped edge and bell sleeves just screams holiday party to us, especially if you choose Christmas colours for your wool. We also can’t get over how gorgeous the poofed shoulder and cinched waist are.

Have you crocheted yourself beautiful holiday dresses before and you have patterns that you’d also recommend to others on top of these ones? Share your delightful creations with us below!