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15 Fun Tips for Decorating Your Home with Green

There’s just something so invigorating about the world looking sunny and new again. In particular, the colours that start popping up all over around this time of year make us feel ready to take on the world. Until the flowers are in full bloom in a month or two, however, right now we’re mostly just enjoying the colour green! This year, the bright, friendly look of fresh greens has got us thinking about how great green would look in a home decor scheme, which is convenient because we’re actually looking to give several rooms in our house a bright facelift.

Just in case you’re feeling intrigued by the idea of incorporating the colour green when you’re putting together your latest decor scheme too, here are 15 fun and totally spring-like decor ideas and suggestions for you to check out!

1. Olive green seating


Have you ever walked into a room and immediately found your eye drawn to a particular piece in the decor scheme because it stands out so well as a contrast colour? We’ve always been huge fans of adding contrast pieces like this to a room, but recently we’ve found ourselves particularly fond of the idea of making that contrast piece a big one rather than something smaller and more insignificant in the room. That’s why we thought this idea from Green Virals for adding an eye catching olive green couch to a room that doesn’t have many other green elements so intriguing!

2. Bright green feature curtains


Are you enamoured with the idea of adding pops of green to a room but you’re not quite ready to commit that standout colour to such a big and important piece yet, since you often change your mind about things and redecorate whenever you please? Then perhaps you’d prefer to keep the pops of green to smaller pieces instead! We love the way Mellanie Design made it happen with bright curtains.

3. Varied green glass tiles


Is your addition to a room a little more related to its actual construction because you’re actually doing a renovation? Well, have you ever thought about incorporating your bright contrasting colour right into the way the room looks itself, rather than just using decorative pieces? If not, we absolutely think you should take a look at how The Fox & She added shades of green using little green square shaped wall tiles to make a nice bathroom sink backsplash across the wall.

4. Earthy green pillows with contrast plants


Perhaps the whole reason you like the idea of decorating with green is that you’ve always loved having lots of greenery in your home? Then maybe it’s time to consider contrasting your potted greenery with some small green pieces around the room that will really make the plants pop when you look across the room! We love the way The Hollow Road achieved the effect using bright green throw pillows.

5. Leafy green wall papered statement wall


Are you actually just so in love with the colour green that you want the whole focus of the room to be that colour in some iteration? Then we have a feeling you’re going to appreciate the way Italian Bark used visually textured green wallpaper to really make their favourite colour the focal point, despite that one contrasting coloured wall being the only green thing in the whole room!

6. Kelly green tables and seating areas


Is the style of your home actually a little more modern and filled with personality so you’re not one to shy away from brightly coloured pieces that really stand out and steal most of the attention in the room? Well, the kitchen might not immediately seem like a place for a lot of decor since it’s really a room of function, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have an awesome scheme of its own for follow along with the rest of your home! Check out how Home Decor Ideas incorporated green into the room by choosing a bright kelly green table with matching chairs.

7. Happy lime green walls with matching bedding


Were you a pretty huge fan of the idea of making a bright green statement wall in the room you’re overhauling but you actually love the colour so much that you’d prefer to have at least one more thing in the room that’s green as well, just to tie the whole thing together? Then perhaps you’d prefer a decor combination like this one from Etika Projects! They draw the green shade further into the room by choosing a bright green bed spread that matches the colourful wall.

8. Emerald green and teal walls with light furniture


If we’re being honest, the idea of painting bright green walls is probably our very favourite idea on this whole list, but just because you’re making a bold colour choice with green doesn’t mean you have to go with classic shades like lime or kelly green. We’re actually completely obsessed with the way Inspiration by Colour darkened their room up just a little, but not too much, using an absolutely stunning shade of teal! We think the choice to make the trims and window frames green as well, rather than contrasting them in white, gives the room a really satisfying colour saturation.

9. Trending green colour palettes for good contrast


Have we peaked your interest with a few of the ideas we’ve outlined so far but you’re just not sure which one is the one for you yet because you’re still trying to decide which contrast colours to pair your green primary elements with? Then we think you might appreciate this awesome colour charting resource outlined on Decorating by Donna! They guide you through which colours are particularly trending this year, which ones go best with which shades of green, and how to make visually pleasing combinations out of them.

10. Pretty sage green with darker green accents


If you’re going to commit to the green thing, would you prefer to keep both your primary colour and at least one of your contrast colours green? Then perhaps you’d rather work with a couple different shades at once so you get some variation while still keeping it in the green family! The way that Flipiy worked with a light sage green and some darker green accents is the perfect example of what we mean.

11. Tips for decorating with olive green


We know we showed you some specifically olive green options in the begging of this post, but what if that’s the shade that took your heart right off the bat and, even though we’ve shown you some other neat ideas since, you’re still thinking about how much you really want to work with olive green? In that case, we have a feeling you’ll find this list of tips from Heart Work for making olive green look the best it possibly can in your home very helpful indeed.

12. 1970s inspired pea green schemes


Green might be trending pretty hard in home decor right now, but the last time it was quite so popular was probably back in the 1970s! If we’re being honest, the way that certain shades of green hearken back to vintage styles is probably why we enjoy the idea of decorating with it so much. Just in case you like 70s inspired green home decor as much as we do, if not more, here are some pea green inspirations outlined for you on Trendir.

13. Perfect pear green


Are you quite fond of the idea of having an entire page dedicated to using a specific shade of green like we showed you above because it makes a great resource to consult as you go through your decor process, but 1970s inspired pea green isn’t really the shade you had in mind? Then perhaps you’d prefer something a little lighter and brighter instead! We had a blast scrolling through how Freshome made different decor choices based entirely on their love for pear green.

14. Bold greens and bold patterns


Have you actually been scrolling through our list thinking about how, even though you can appreciate the other green decor ideas we’ve shown you so far, there just aren’t any that are quite green enough for you? Then perhaps you’re actually the perfect person to try out something like this entirely green idea featured on Amaze Designs! They’ve outlined how to combine green walls and green furniture in the same place in a very stylishly committed and yet somehow not overwhelming way.

15. Flowers as a green accent


Now that you’ve scrolled through this entire list, have you perhaps decided that you’re not quite ready to commit walls, paint jobs, or entire furniture pieces to your love for green just yet, but you still want a simple, more subtle way to incorporate your favourite shade? Then we’d suggest turning to something as simple as flowers! Check out how Dig This Design used leaf heavy potted plants to add some bright, cheerful pops of green to their home for spring.