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Simply Adorable: DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to DIY weddings, there are thousands of awesome little details you can add to your décor scheme that look even better than usual when you make them yourself. Whether you do an overhaul of the entire wedding’s aesthetic and really get creative making everything on your own by hand, or whether you simply pick and choose a few things to make by hand so you really feel involved with the whole wedding process, you’ll feel incredibly accomplished when you’re done! Personally, the wedding detail we think would be the most fun to make ourselves is a small but significant one: the wedding cake topper!

Check out these 15 creative and absolutely adorable DIY wedding cake toppers that are sure to attract all the guests’ attention on the big day!

1. Painted clothespin cake toppers


Have you ever seen old fashioned wooden clothespins with the rounded tops and thought about how much they look like little people dolls? Well, you’re not alone in that! Wedding Collectibles thought they did too, so they painted on some outfits and faces to make a cute little bride and groom to set right on top of the cake.

2. Silhouette cake toppers


Have you always loved Old Hollywood style glamour and been quite taken with romantic silhouettes? Then that’s the perfect thing to make for the top of your wedding cake! We love the idea of using thick quality card that you’ve traced and outline onto and carefully cut around, then gluing the image to a base, but you can also buy or at least detail inspiration from CreativeButterflyXOX if you’re having trouble.

3. Flat clothespin wedding cake topper


Did you quite enjoy the clothespin cake topper idea but the only clothespins you’ve been able to find are the regular flat kind your mom used to hang clothes on the line when you were a kid? Well don’t worry, those work just as well! Avanti Morocha shows you how they painted an adorable little bride and groom onto the wood from a side view so they look like they’re kissing and then embellished them with a veil and wedding dress skirt.

4. Kissing paper doves


Are you intrigued by the idea of making sweet, simple cake toppers from decorative paper but you’re not sure you’re ready for the nuanced details of cutting out an entire silhouette? In that case, try these adorable little floral kissing doves on toothpicks! Moments Collect Dust shows you just how easy it can be while still being so cute.

5. Pine cone bride and groom


Is your wedding themed in a much more natural way, perhaps taking place in the winter and harnessing a bit of the outdoors in the décor? In that case, we have a feeling you’re going to love these funny little pin cone cake toppers from Wedding Decoration 101! We love the way they’ve dressed them up to make them look like a bride and groom.

6. Cute bride and groom sketches


Are you an artist or cartoonist looking for a way to put your skills to good use in your décor without makin things look too kitschy and silly on the big day? Then perhaps the cake topper is the perfect place to do it! Take a look at this cutely illustrated bride and groom set from The Sweetest Occasion.

7. Just Married bunting topper


Perhaps you’re an avid scrapbooker with lots of skills in paper detailing and cut outs? Then you’ve definitely got what it takes to make this adorable “Just Married” paper bunting cake topper by Wall Wedding! We love the way they added ribbons to the edges near each “post” to really make it look celebratory.

8. Lovely robots topper


Are you good at working with clay and doing painted details, but you and your partner are also techies? Then perhaps you’d rather make these adorable little robots who are very clearly in love! If you make them from modeling clay and let them dry they’ll become a keepsake when the wedding is done. If you’re an experienced baker, however, then you could try making them from fondant instead! Check them out a little better on One Wed.

9. Love birds on a carved tree


Here’s another idea that would work in either clay or fondant covered rice crispy treat but is a little more on the natural side than robots as far as aesthetics and décor schemes go. We simply can’t get over these cute little love doves on a tree carved with initials. Take a look for yourself on Wedding Wire!

10. Embellished puppy doll toppers


Do your skills actually lie in sewing, hand stitching, and working with fabric or soft materials but you’re not sure how that translates into making cake toppers? Well, lucky for all of us, Bark Post is here to show you exactly how it actually can! These little hand sewn wedding dog dolls are one of our very favourite things on this list.

11. Polaroid and wire cake toppers


Are you a nostalgic person who loves nothing more than photographs and memories, so you try to use those in any crafting or DIY project you can? Then we’ve definitely found the best cake topper for you! Something Borrowed shows you how they chose awesome printed Polaroid photos and twisted a delicate little stand out of jewelry wire to create an adorable cake topper that guests won’t be able to help looking at.

12. Superhero clothespin toppers


Okay, so we know we actually kind of showed you this idea already, but there’s just one little difference in this design featured on One Wed that we think is so funny that it’s worth showing again! They’ve made themselves a vintage clothespin bride and groom set but instead of painting a pain suit on the groom, they’ve altered the design so he’s wearing a super hero logo under his suit! This design is perfect for a couple of comic book lovers.

13. Feathered doves in spruce

We’ve already shown you one dove design, but it was rather simple and made of paper and we know some people like getting a little more hands on and creative with the materials they use, even if they’re sticking with the same concept as another design. That’s why we loved this idea from Paint Yourself A Smile for creating a dove themed cake topper complete with feathers and branches, just like you might see out in the wild.

14. Clay swans topper


We’ve shown you a couple of wedding cake topper ideas made from clay, but are you still torn about which concept to use even though you’ve decided that’s the technique you want to use? In that case, here’s an alternative design for you! We love the way The Perfect DIY created these lovely little swans because we like how their heads bending towards each other creates a pretty heart shape.

15. Mr. and Mrs. cake top bunting


Did we catch your attention with the paper bunting idea but you’d like something a little more sweet and concise than the whole phrase “Just Married”? In that case, try this “Mr. & Mrs.” design instead! We love the way Cake Décor Wiki stamped each adorable bunting flag individually.