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15 DIY Projects Made from Clay

In our house, any material that allows us to make something with our hands from scratch becomes an instant hit. Lately, the supply of choice has been clay! There’s just something so fun about being able to mould any shape we please that makes us enjoy using it more than most things. We love like how it can be smoothed, stamped, painted, and plenty of other things! That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for awesome clay DIY projects that we can try.

Just in case you love the idea of learning how to make new things from clay just as much as we do, if not more, here are 15 of the very best concepts, designs, and tutorials hat we’ve come across so far in our search!

1. Watercolour painted clay plant markers


Are you the kind of green thumbed DIY enthusiast who loves growing plants and herbs all over your home but you’re still a bit of a beginner when it comes to the herbs so you’re looking for a sure fire way to make sure you can identify them all? Then we think you might find this awesome tutorial for making clay plant markers and giving them a coating of watercolour inspired paint very intriguing indeed! Get a better look at how it’s done on Homemade Ginger.

2. Clay egg carton for jewelry


Have you worked hard to make yourself a home that has a sort of handmade chic to its details, filled with things that are expertly upcycled and carefully handmade? Then we think you might get a kick out of this project from Fall for DIY that looks like both! Check out their tutorial to see how this egg carton shaped clay jewelry holder is made in just a few steps.

3. DIY mini vase magnets


Did we really catch your attention with the idea of making something related to plants but you don’t need any markers because you don’t currently have any real herbs and you’re looking for a faux substitute that won’t wilt when you’re very busy with work? Well, if you also like to hang notes on your fridge then this tutorial from Oh So Pretty that teaches you how to make adorable miniature vase magnets might be right up your alley.

4.  Oven baked clay hanging planters


If you’re going to make some kind of clay project related to plants, would you rather make an actual, full sized planter that you can really put your favourite, luscious green plants in? Well, if hanging planters have ever been your thing, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Bonnie Christine made these hanging planters from clay and white rope.

5. Hand painted china inspired polymer clay coasters


Do you love the idea of making something that’s both decorative and useful but you’ve never been one for growing plants so you need an alternative? Well, if you’re a fan of hand painting small details, which we really are, then we think you simply must take a look at the way The Lovely Drawer not only made coasters from clay but carefully painted them to look just like real china.

6. DIY faux glazed pots


If you’ve ever done a proper pottery class before, then you’re probably already familiar with that lovely colour a finished project takes on once it has been fired and glazed. Of course, that’s pretty difficult to do properly at home without a kiln, so we were pretty pleased when we came across this tutorial from Fall for DIY that shows you how to use the right paint colour and just the right dotting technique to fake the look of the real thing very accurately indeed.

7. Hand painted clay pendant lamp


If you’re going to make something that is both functional and decorative from clay, would you rather make it something a little more permanent or pivotal to your room, like a statement? Well, if you’re up for a bit more of a challenge than some of what you’ve seen so far, then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Brit + Co. made these fantastic hand painted clay pendant lamps!

8. Clay circle garland


Has your personal sense of style and decor always had a slightly minimalist aesthetic to it so, if you’re going to make any kind of clay decor, you’d like it to follow those lines? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Poppytalk made this sleek, nice looking garland fro, thin black string and simple white clay circles.

9.  DIY torn clay bowls


Has one of your favourite parts of working with clay always been how you can make it look either sleek, smooth, and very finished around the edges, or more rough and textured, depending on the look you’re going for? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at the way Makery made these pretty jewelry bowls that are purposely finished around the edges to make them look as though they were torn.

10. Hand moulded clay wind chimes


Have you ever seen lovely terra cotta wind chimes in stores and admired their shape and finish? Well, we thought you might find it interesting to know that you can actually make something similar at home using clay! We adore the way Design Sponge made these bell shaped, layered dried clay wind chimes in surprisingly few simple steps.

11. Clay and driftwood spoons


Are you still thinking about what we said in our description of an upcycled chic and handmade home, but you’re really aiming to make as many parts of your home and belongings as possible from scratch whenever you can? Well, if you like the look of driftwood just as much as you like working with clay, then you just might be the perfect person to give these clay and driftwood spoons outlined step by step on All For DIY a try!

12. Painted clay leaf napkin rings


Are you actually quite confident in your clay sculpting skills so you’d really like to make something that you can show off to guests? Then perhaps this lovely leaf shaped napkin ring project outlined step by step on Sugar and Cloth might do the trick for you! We love the way they painted theirs metallic gold but we think they’d look pretty in other colours too.

13. Painted clay ring dishes


We’ve mentioned a number of different jewelry dish ideas by this point but what if you were looking for one that was a little simpler in shape but involved more hand painting? Then DO What’s Next definitely has the right tutorial for you! Check out how they moulded their bowls carefully and then painted the inside of each, added contrasting polka dots, and lined the top rim in gold.

14. Moon phases wall mobile


Were you actually a huge fan of the idea of making a decor piece featuring simple white circles because you liked how clean and sleek they looked but you can’t help thinking you’d like something with a little more theme or character? Then we have a feeling you might prefer this beautiful wall hanging by The Merry Thought that features the different phases of the moon!

15. DIY clay and rope pot


Just in case your decor scheme is actually a little bit closer to being nautical than just handmade, here’s a lovely piece that would suit that scheme perfectly, among others! All For DIY teaches you step by step how to make a clay fruit bowl with sides made higher by spiralled rope held in place by contrasting coloured thread.

Have you made other stunning things from clay that you really enjoyed the process of but that you still have proudly on display? Tell us all about what you created and how you did it or link us to photos of your finished work in the comments section!